Renewed Devotion: Confirmation and Admissions Service in Southern Togo


The Bishop on the Niger Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen Nwokolo in continuation of the Mission trip to Togo today Friday April 19th presided over the Confirmation and Admissions service of the Southern part of the Togo.

The Holy Communion service which started at 11:30am (12:30+1GMT) and was held at St Paul’s Church Akodessewa Lomé Togo witnessed the Confirmation of 82 Persons, Admission of 21 women into Women’s Guild, 9 Girls into Girl’s Guild and 5 Men into Men’s Christian Fellowship haven confessed their devotion to God and Commitment to the Church.

The Bishop in his sermon taken from Mathew 16:24-27 charged them to keep to the vows of devotion to God made as the Cross which they have taken up for the sake of Christ and live in faithfulness to God.

The service filled with God’s presence was marked with praises to God in different African languages.

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