Empowering the Faithful: Confirmation and Women Guild Admission Service in Northern Togo


As part of the mission works in French speaking mission fields of Northern Togo, the Bishop on the Niger Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen Nwokolo today presided over Confirmation and Women Guild Admission Service at Kara.

The service which started at 10:30am (11:30am +1GMT) witnessed a great turnout of Children, Youths and Adults in attendance as 84 persons were confirmed and 36 Women were admitted into Women’s Guild.

In his sermon taken from Galatians 5:16-26, the Bishop charged all present especially the admission and confirmation candidates to shun every work of the flesh and live as people reborn of God through the transformative work of the Holy Spirit.

The candidates openly resolved and committed themselves to living for Christ and the Bishop prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit and the Grace of steadfastness in walking with God all the days of their lives.

The Bishop’s wife Dr. Mrs Elsie Nwokolo, advised the women to live in purity, uphold the institution of marriage and use their admission to evangelize to other women in their villages and settlements.

The Holy Communion service also witnessed hymns, praises and worship songs in french and other native Togolese languages.

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