ANGLICAN CHILDREN MINISTREY (ACM) GERNAL STATE MENT ACM the journey so far: Around 1958, a group of Anglicans Boys started gathering by the street corner. These boys were serving apprenticeship as traders. The action of the group was misunderstood by their masters and the group emerged the time determined to make it, led by Mr. Andew Izuagba. They were gathering at No.3 Ogalonye Street Onitsha. The group was then know as Anglican Store boys Association (ASBA). FROM ASBA TO APA Due to the growing need for all to join the organization, that now comprises both male and female. The leader in 1972 during one of their meeting at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Nnewichi Nnewi, supervised by Rev. S.A Akunwa. The name Anglican store Boys Association was changed to Anglican Praying Association (APA). This time boys and girls, men and women have joined. In 1989, through the instrumentality of the then Bishop on the Niger, The Most Rev. Dr. J.A Onyemelukwe and the initiative of now Ven. T.I Umeh as APA National President. The Anglican Praying Association (APA) pave way for the Anglican children Ministry (ACM) and then the motto “Watch and pray” of APA was changed to “Catch them young for Christ” as the new motto for ACM. As the ministry continues to evolve, its dynamism becomes obvious and in response to that, the Leaders created units, zones, Archdeaconries and departments for effective leadership and management. WHAT ACM DO/ ACTIVITIES The Activities of ACM includes –
  • Daily prayer at branches
  • Combined prayer/outreach in units, zones and Archdeaconries
  • Saturdays fellowship
  • Sunday Service/meetings in units, zones and Archdeaconries
  • General set-Apart every January.
  • Children/Students camp –thuesdays after Easter
  • ACM week Activities in May
  • Diocesan Conference in August
  • Executive meeting/ Diocesan General meeting in June and November
All the activities of ACM was directed towards ensuring the Spiritual, Social, Physical and Mental development of the child. LOCATION OF ACM OFFICE Diosece on the Niger Anglican Children Ministry Diocesan Secretariat Ozalla Road Onitsha Phone: 08068478707 ORGANOGRAM Bishop on the Niger Chaplain ACM Diocesan Leader
Unit and Zone Leader Unit/Zone Co-ordinators Archdeaconries Archdeaconries POLICIES
  • The upbringing of children and young people in the fear of God.
  • Helping children and young people to become real and genie Christians as well as disciplined citizens.
  • Instructing children and the young people in the Anglican faith.
  • Guiding them to learn to study the word of God and to pray everyday
  • In several other receptacle ways to help them to deepen their spiritual life through worship.