St. Paul’s Church Celebrates a Decade of Joy: Reflections on the 10th Year Anniversary in Akodessewa, Lomé, Togo


It was an atmosphere of praise and joy today at St Paul’s Church Akodessewa Lomé Togo as the Church marked their 10th year anniversary.

The Bishop in his sermon taken from Revelation 3:1-13 admonished the Church members to live in the consciousness that God knows all the works of men hence they are to uphold the good works and shun every evil work or spiritual weakness.

Continuing the Bishop challenged them to vigorously pursue evangelization and Church planting all over the Togo territory and beyond and never be like the church in Sardis which claimed to be alive but dead in reality.

The service witnessed the cutting of the 10th year anniversary cake, thanksgiving by zones in the Church, high praises and Choir rendition.

The resident Priest Rev Emeka Chikelue in his speech expressed the boundless joy of the Church at the presence of the Bishop and Wife for the landmark celebration and their unrelenting commitment to the Mission work in Togo.

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