All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha was established in 1949 by Archbishop Cecil John Patterson – Bishop on the Niger. Before then, Christ Church, Onitsha was used as the Cathedral of the Diocese. All Saints’ Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop on the Niger who is also the Dean of the Cathedral. It is situated at 3 Ozalla Road (now All Saints’ Cathedral Road), Onitsha, Anambra State. All Saints’ Cathedral is now the Mother Church of Diocese on the Niger. It is where most important Church functions in the Diocese are celebrated, namely Consecration, ordination, collation, Diocesan Homage, Knighthood Investiture, etc. All Saints’ Cathedral is God’s house par excellence where to His glory, the best in art, in wood, in stone and architecture had gone in and conjures an aura of God’s presence with His people.

  2. The Cathedral comprises the following offices:
  3. Dean
  4. Provost / Sub-Dean / Cathedral Administrator
  5. Team ministers
  6. Sub-Dean’s warden
  7. People’s warden
  8. The Vergers
  9. The Cathedral Committee
  2. To raise a spiritually vibrant church through well-articulated programmes
  3. To raise mature disciples of Christ who will exercise their gifts both in the church and mission fields

We exist to proclaim the gospel of Christ to inhabitants of the City of Onitsha from all works of life; sharing God’s love with them; helping them to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and discipling them to maturity.

  2. To fashion vibrant outreach programmes to facilitate the great commission
  3. To raise a vibrant Church through a vibrant pulpit and prayer ministry
  4. To grow spiritually mature disciples of Christ through prayers, Counselling, seminars, conferences, Bible studies and other Bible based programmes.
  5. To raise a caring and sharing congregation through teaching on giving and actual help initiatives like scholarships, grants and care for widows
  6. To tackle emotional problems through a growing Counseling ministry.
  1. MOTTO: LUX FIAT (Show The Light)

The History of All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha is synonymous with the Niger Mission Expedition and the planting of Christianity in Igboland and the adjacent territories. The missionaries were led by Samuel Adjai Crowther who started preaching the gospel in Igboland from Onitsha on 27th July 1857.

During this period, the first Igbo Christian mission station (Christ Church, Onitsha) was born. Christ Church served the function of a Cathedral but was not called a Cathedral. Great functions of Church and state were held in it, for instance, the Coronation Service of King George VI in 1937. Consequently, Christ Church was the mother Church of what became known as the Diocese on the Niger.

The vision and initiative to build a Cathedral in Onitsha was that of Rev. Joseph Sydney Hill (Commissary to the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop Designate of the newly constituted Diocese of Western Equatorial Africa). Rev. Joseph Hill was consecrated on 29th January 1893 in England, the year he succeeded Bishop Crowther.

Unfortunately, Bishop Hill and his wife were tragically struck by a sudden illness which resulted in the death of Bishop Hill on 5th January 1894, and his wife on the following day, 6th January 1894.

With the death of Bishop Hill, everything about the proposed Cathedral was suspended. The caged structure of his proposed Cathedral was abandoned in Lagos. His friends and relations later deposited the caged structure at Christ Church, Onitsha.

Rev. Herbert Tugwell who was recalled from Nigeria and consecrated on 4th March 1894 succeeded Bishop Hill, but time was not ripe for the building of the Cathedral, the long episcopacy of Rev. Tugwell notwithstanding.  

The next Bishop, Bertram Lasbery resolved in 1939 to concretize the vision to build a Cathedral in Onitsha. At the Synod of the Diocese on the Niger in 1939 at Christ Church, Onitsha, Ven. Victor Umunna moved a motion calling for a modern and befitting Cathedral in Onitsha. Bishop Alphonsus Chukwuma Onyeabo, Assistant Bishop on the Niger (and the first Igbo man to become a Bishop) seconded this motion and also made a donation of 250 Pounds towards the project. According to records, Bishop Onyeabo was the Second donor to this lofty project. The first donor was a friend of Bishop Sidney Hill, a clergyman, Rev. Sheldon, who gave in 1893 an undisclosed amount to support the work of his friend to build a Cathedral in Onitsha. Bishop Onyeabor was consecrated Bishop in the historic and awe-inspiring St. Paul’s Cathedral, London in June 1937.

So at God’s own time, there was Divine direction for action to begin. The President of the Synod (Rt. Rev. B. Lasbery) made a special appeal for gifts of any size from all and sundry to ensure universal participation. At that Synod and at the instance of the President, B. J. S. Watkins (the then Principal of Awka College) explained the importance of a Cathedral in a Diocese. A committee was constituted to go into details and produce a progress report on or before the subsequent Synod. Rt. Rev. L. C. Vining, Assistant Bishop on the Niger, became Secretary of the Appeals Committee.

Bishop Cecil John Patterson was consecrated in 1942 and on 6th November, 1945, succeeded the retired Rt. Rev. B. Lasbery. In 1949, Bishop Patterson translated the dreams of Bishop Hill and commenced the building of All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha and finished nearly half of it by 1967.


The Foundation Stone of this great Cathedral was laid on Wednesday, 9th November, 1949, by His Excellency Sir John Stewart Macpherson (KCMG), Governor General of Nigeria accompanied by Lady Macpherson after blessings by Rt. Rev. C. J. Patterson (Bishop on the Niger). An impressive crowd attended the service and included 5,000 students drawn from Onitsha and environs. The massed choir, organized by the Rev. D.F.C. Hawkins (Principal of St. Paul’s College, Awka) and Miss Nelly I. Ejindu (Principal of St. Monica’s College, Ogbunike), was made up of Choirs from Onitsha Churches, students from St. Paul’s College Awka, St. Monica’s and D.M.G.S. Onitsha.

The Bishop on the Niger, Rt. Rev. C. J. Patterson preached, taking his text from Zech. 4:6 “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts”. He affirmed that we were setting our hands to the beginning of a great work. He said that “Cathedral of All Saints’ would stand, as a sure and steadfast witness to the things of God in Onitsha. It would proclaim God with the Cross shining 100 feet high above its massive tower. It would preach Christ crucified”.

Work began in earnest with great determination from the builders. The masons, carpenters and artisans were at their best. The faithful moved building materials like stones on foot from Abagana to the work site. Many individuals made sacrifice too great to be mentioned one by one. All concerned laboured to build a Cathedral that will stand as a sure and steadfast witness to the things of God in Onitsha. All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha has the following sections built in phases:

  1. Lady Chapel
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Transept
  4. Nave
  5. Oratory Chapel
  6. Belfry
  7. Offices and Chapter House

The Lady Chapel was the first part of the Cathedral to be built during the episcopacy of Bishop C. J. Patterson. The Architect was M. C. Richard S. Nickson, the builders – the firm of Messrs Green & Co. and the Chairman building Committee, Sir L. N. Mbanefo. The Lady Chapel was completed and dedicated to the memory of the blessed Virgin Mary (hence, the name “Lady Chapel”), on 10th May 1952 by Bishop A. M. Gelsthorpe, Bishop of Sudan (in the presence of the Lieutenant Governor of Eastern Nigeria, Sir Clement Pleass and all the Bishops in the Province of West Africa).

The structure is mainly of stone and concrete; moulded blocks were not used. It was a deliberate policy of Bishop Patterson to use, as much as possible, local materials in the construction. The stones were from Abagana Quarry, while the metal gates were made by the students of G.T.C. Enugu. The gallery railings were made by Awka blacksmiths and the wooden doors by the Awka Carvers. The Altar Table, the rails and the entire furniture here were made by Costain W. A. Ltd. The carved wooden Screen used as a makeshift Vestry for robing from Oji River Leprosy Mission Home was made by Awka Carvers and framed for the purpose by Timothy Anene. There are 8 metal gates donated by the following:

  1. Eleanor Brodies Mends
  2. Rev. & Mrs. A. N. Ekpunobi
  3. Eunice Nnoruka
  4. Janet Ifeyinwa Romaine
  5. Christopher Tagbo Onyekwelu
  6. Chukwudum
  7. Ufuma Church Women
  8. Mathias Ugoji

The design and construction of the Lady Chapel is unique in many ways. It is designed for the tropics. The high walls are of concrete louvres while the ground floor is open with mainly metal gates to allow easy flow of air and possibly eliminate the use of fans. The Tower at the East-End has a great cross and Spire visible from a distance and this gives the edifice its sacredness and this Spire also acts as lightening conductor. There is a window that opens into a chamber of the tower which is supposed to house a powerful amplifier or loud speaker to amplify the chimes of the Church bell

Just immediately after the Lady Chapel is the Sanctuary, High Altar (the Chancel). This part of the Cathedral is seen as the most beautiful part of the Cathedral. Inside the Chapel facing the East, the louvres are coloured glasses reflecting the seven colours of the Rainbow – this is the symbol of God’s covenant. As one enters the Cathedral from the Western door at midday, one gets amazed at the rainbow effect the stained glass has on the Altar of the Lady Chapel. This has earned the Altar the name, Rainbow Altar. Fixed to the wall are the following:

  1. Star         –         Star of the East
  2. Crown      –         Crown of Glory
  3. Cross on which the Holy Dove is mounted
  4. Serpent at the tail or base of the cross

The Altar Table at this Lady Chapel carries Crown of thorns in front and stars at the ends. The Railings have ecclesiastical emblems. On the right, is the Bishop’s Seat with a provision for the Diocesan Crest on the wall. The Armbone on the left serves as Lectern and that on the right as the Pulpit.

At the packed dedication service, the Bishop of Sudan preached an inspiring Sermon on the uses and duties of a Cathedral. His text was drawn from Genesis 28:17 “This is none other than the House of God; this is the gate of Heaven”. Mr. (later Prof.) Wilberforce Echezona’s new TE DEUM (new tune) was sung on this moving occasion. An appreciative address was read to the Architect, Mr. Richard S. Nickson.

In 1957, there was a Centenary Service in the Lady Chapel to mark 100 years of the Gospel on the Banks of the Niger, what is popularly known as CMS Anniversary. The following eminent personalities were there at the Centenary Service:

  • Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal, representing the Queen of England
  • Sir James Robertson, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria
  • The Rt. Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Premier of Eastern Nigeria
  • Sir Kenneth and Lady Grubb, Chairman of CMS London
  • Rev. Canon Max Warren, General Secretary CMS London who preached the sermon.
  • Rev. W. J. Wood, General Secretary of the Methodist Church
  • J. L Stanton representing commercial interest
  • Dr. Sybil Batley, First Medical Superintendent of Iyi-Enu Hospital

With the completion of the Lady Chapel with its beautiful spiraling staircase, the Lady Chapel soon assumed most of the functions of the full Cathedral, giving a glimpse and a foretaste of the complete Edifice.

On 18th December, 1961, it hosted the Diaconate Ordination of the following:

  1. Ven J.P.C. Okeke of Awka-Etiti
  2. Rev. Obianwu of Onitsha
  3. Rev. Chukwuka of Nkwelle Ezunaka
  4. Rev. Onwuama of Onitsha – Olona
  5. Rev. Godson D. Ofoche of Osile Ogbunike

At this juncture, we shall make room for some special groups and organizations, friends of the Cathedral and Sanctuary Guild peculiar to the Cathedral instituted by Bishop Patterson


One such group is Friends of the Cathedral. The inaugural meeting of the Friends of the Cathedral was held in November 1959.

But who are the Friends?

At that meeting, the Bishop Rt. Rev. C.J. Patterson, clarified that this society was not another organization for fund raising for the building of the Cathedral, though it might be while the building was going on, but Friends could make some contributions to the building fund.

The body was made up of all who desired the well being of the Cathedral and the expansion of its spiritual work. Because of its many functions, maintenance of a Cathedral is expensive and so Friends were expected to help the Cathedral through gifts in kind or cash. Membership of the Friends means identifying with the Cathedral wherever one lives in or outside Nigeria. It is noteworthy that the situation is still the same today, though it does appear that with the consecration of a completed Cathedral, membership has thinned down. Friends meet every 1st November – All Saints’ Day – after a service and are currently planning strategies for Membership drive in parish churches.

The Princess Royal (Sister of King George VI and Aunt of Queen Elizabeth II) who, after her visit on November 17th 1957, when the Special Centenary Thanksgiving Service was held in the Cathedral, developed a great interest in the Cathedral, and had donated 2 Alms dishes – ancient and modern – to the Cathedral, consented to become the first Friend on the roll.

Friends carried on their duties under the able and admirable leadership of Mr. David Eluemuno Ogbogu and Samuel Onochie Ogoazi – once a renowned Principal of D.M.G.S. The mantle of Chairmanship then fell on Mr. J.C. Okolo. Later on, Dr. Sir G. C. Nwebube became the Chairman with Sir Victor Obidike as the Secretary. Presently, there is a plan to revive the Association.


This is another Group peculiar to the Cathedral. During the Episcopacy of Bishop C.J. Patterson some women members were admitted into what was called “The Sanctuary Guild” – different from Women’s Guild found in other churches of the Diocese.

Only members of the Sanctuary Guild were allowed to enter, clean and decorate the chancel (Holy of Holies). The Sanctuary Guild does not exist as a separate entity now.


Architects      –         Mr. Richard Nickson

Builders         –         Mr. Hargraves

Chairman       –         Sir L N Mbanefo

The previous contractors had been overseas — based and who repatriated their profits. This time, Bishop Patterson thought of a Contractor who is local, and who would retain whatever profits he made in the country, he therefore employed the services of a Building Engineer Mr. Hargraves who recruited local labour in the execution of this sector in the building of the Cathedral. The intersecting metal archs in the bay were built by Hargraves

3.5a.    THE ALTAR TABLE: The carving in front of the Altar table depicts Jesus with His cross and the people hailing the Saviour. The carving was by Mr. Rowland Ndefo an Art teacher in D.M.G.S. The table was made by the workmen of Hargraves.

As the story of this Cathedral is told, efforts of individuals or groups who sacrificed to see this dream come true must continue to feature. Mr. Nickson had placed order for the metal structure for the intersecting arches in the nave (that would link with the Nave) with a British Firm. By the time the order was ready for shipment, the Diocese had no money to pay for this. Bishop Patterson appealed to his friends in UK for help, and one of them volunteered to pay for it. This person sold his property to redeem this pledge and decided to remain anonymous.

The Transept Sanctuary was dedicated on Saturday 9th January, 1965 by the Most Rev. Dr. A. M. Ramsay, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Very notable in the service were Bishop Laslie Newbiggin, Bishop of the Church of South India, Madrass, Archbishop Nikodim, the Metropolitan of Leningrad, Russia, Eastern Orthodox Church. On Sunday, 10th January 1965 the Archbishop celebrated the Holy Eucharist to complete the dedication and the blessing of the Holy Table.


The Architects were Messrs. Nickson & Co; Builders: Costain W.A. Ltd; Chairman Building Committee: Sir L. N. Mbanefo. The special liturgical features of this segment of the Cathedral are (a) Crucifixion (b) Madonna and Child both in stained glasses on the North and South of the Sanctuary. This area was dedicated on 28th September, 1960 by Most Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  • RT. REV. LUCIUS M. UZODIKE (1969 – 1975)

With the outbreak of war in Nigeria, the work on the construction of the Cathedral was suspended. It was during the episcopacy of Bishop Lucius M Uzodike (1969 – 1975).

With the war ended, a lot of damage and ruin were done to the Cathedral. Not unexpectedly, the war consequences of looting, damages to pews and glass panes affected the Cathedral, but fortunately the actual structure of the Cathedral stood intact.

Rev. Canon S. O. Ugwuanyi (1970 -71), the Cathedral Administrative Head, was the first to gather the shreds from the ruins and few pews seen and to see to the immediate rehabilitation of the Cathedral. He got on very well with the entire Cathedral congregation.

There was a moratorium on the money in the Bank by the Nigerian Government. The Bishop had to face the serious problem of restructuring the damage. His problem was made more difficult by the fact that what happened to the money the Church owned then also applied to individuals whose Biafran Currency was made not to be a legal tender anymore. However, fortunately, according to Sir Louis Mbanefo’s (the Chancellor and Chairman of the Building Committee) report in 1971, the sum of £500 Cathedral fund not “contaminated” i.e. not operated during the war was “salvaged”.

So construction commenced. The Lady Chapel was gradually repaired. The High Altar Table was replaced. North and South Windows were replaced. Befitting Clergy pews were designed by the Architect and new Pews donated.

A curious thing happened during the war – the Altar Table at the Transept was destroyed but not the Carvings. This was taken to Dolcino in Port Harcourt after the war, who made another Table and fitted the carvings. This present Altar Table rebuilt, was donated by the family of Edward Francis Wilkinson in his memory, who was a missionary here in Niger Diocese.

During this period (i.e. after the war), Mr. Richard Nickson came out to Nigeria to have a firsthand knowledge of the extent of damage done to the Cathedral. He modified the original design of the Transept and bays by putting in the perforated walls and the eight carved doors donated by the following people:

  1. Amb. Albert I. Osakwe
  2. In memory of Rev. H. V. Ugwunze
  3. Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Egwu
  4. Mr. & Mrs. E. I. Taylor
  5. Mrs. Flora Azikiwe
  6. Dr. & Mrs. W. C. Eze
  7. Sir Louis & Lady E. Mbanefo
  8. Bishop L. M. & Mrs. F. Uzodike

In 1971, Bishop Uzodike could not conveniently continue the work on the Cathedral from where Bishop C. J. Patterson stopped because of the enormity of repairs on damaged properties of the Diocese which included churches and hospitals, particularly Iyi-Enu Hospital.

Bishop Uzodike, however, posted Rev. Isaiah Chukwuesoghmem Agbaim to All Saints’ Cathedral. Rev. Agbaim met the ruins and was also deeply involved in the rehabilitation of the Cathedral.

At the restoration ceremony on 7th April, 1972, Bishop Uzodike made an appeal to all Christians far and near for funds / contributions to continue the work of restoring the Cathedral. In attendance was the immediate past Bishop on the Niger, Bishop C. J. Patterson in the company of another missionary Rev. Canon G. O. Barnard. Major repairs were completed in three years. In 1972, Rev. Agbaim was made Canon-in Residence and in 1974 installed the Provost of the Cathedral – a post he held till he retired in December 1992 (after the consecration of the Cathedral in November 1992). Bishop Uzodike also posted Rev. Amos Egwuekwe Daniel Mgbemene to the Cathedral as Canon in Residence and Administrative Secretary of the Diocese on the Niger.

Bishop L. M. Uzodike retired in 1974 and was succeeded by Bishop J. A. Onyemelukwe.

First, let us meet Sir Louis Mbanefo and Rev. A. E. D. Mgbemene


Also worthy of note and record, is the tremendous in-put of Sir Louis Mbanefo, a pillar in the service of the Cathedral and the Church, a most versatile and talented personality, completely devoted to the services of the Diocese on the Niger and in the words of E. O. Enemuo, (the greatest and most influential Education Secretary the Diocese ever had), “was never a man of half measures – He always struck the deciding note and was a man of great moral courage”.

Sir Louis as Chancellor in 1946, was the Chairman of the Cathedral Building Committee from its inception, and saw through the post-war restoration of the Cathedral. In 1972, he brought out Mr. Nickson – the Architect, to help solve the problem of rainwater in the Cathedral. His death on March 28th 1977 was a great loss to the Cathedral and indeed to the entire Diocese. But we shall for ever thank God for the life of this great son of the Diocese on the Niger – a Cathedral builder with an outstanding initiative, wisdom and towering intelligence”.


Bishop Uzodike posted Rev. Amos Egwuekwe Daniel Mgbemene to the Cathedral as Canon In Residence and Administrative Secretary of the Diocese on the Niger. A word on REV. CANON A. E. D MGBEMENE whose tenure as Administrative Secretary and a host of other key positions gave an academic lift to this Diocese. The best we can say of him is taken from Bishop Onyemelukwe’s announcement of the former’s retirement at Oraukwu synod, “The next is the Rev. Canon Sir A.E.D Mgbemene who has also given many years to the Diocese as School Master, Principal, Administrative Secretary of the Diocese, Canon Superior of the Order of Knights of St. Christopher and Canon Residentiary of All Saints’ Cathedral”. Even till now, it has not been easy to try and find a number of hands who can cover the diversified responsibilities so ably carried out by Canon Sir A. E. D Mgbemene, with the support of his wife, Lady Josephine”. Lady Josephine Mgbemene retired as Chief Supervising Principal, State Education Commission, Onitsha Zone.

The Cathedral congregation shall ever remember with nostalgia his action-packed sermons delivered in Queens English, which we always looked forward to and which were not easy to come by. Nor shall we forget how A. E. D. instantly changed tunes he did not approve of even from the chancel – when he was officiating. He was for set tunes.


With the consecration and enthronement of Rt. Rev. Dr. J. A. Onyemelukwe in 1975 as the Bishop on the Niger, he chose among others, two visible directions. He did proclaim – “ woe betide me if I do not preach the gospel”. He also declared that All Saints’ Cathedral would be completed in our lifetime and a task that must be done. He spent the years between 1975 – 1985 to mobilize for funds, mobilize manpower, and modify the architectural drawing of the Cathedral for greater congregational seating. Donations came from many people including Women from Christ Church, Onitsha, among them were: Mrs. Grace Agbasimalo (DMA), Mrs. Dora Pedro, Mrs. Jemima Anazonwu, Mrs. Eunice Nnoruka. In the period too, he occupied himself with the completion of the repairs and replacements, as well as in the erection of the Chapter House and the Cathedral Administrative block.


The two complexes adjoining the Lady Chapel were the first construction work towards completing the Cathedral in our lifetime embarked by the Rt. Rev. Dr. J. A. Onyemelukwe. The Architect of the complexes was Nickson & Co.; Builder: Danson Construction Co. and Chairman: Justice Obi Okoye / Dr. G. S. C. Nzegwu.

7.1a.    The Administrative Complex: This is located on the North Western side and has the following facilities:

  1. Bishop’s Office
  2. Provost’s office (with adjoining office for secretary)
  3. Curates’ office
  4. Choir Robing Room
  5. Library

7.1b.   The Chapter House: This is located on the North Eastern side and built in memory of Sir Louis Mbanefo. It has the following facilities:

  1. The Room for the Chapter meetings
  2. An office
  3. Kitchen
  4. Conveniences

The Chapter House is where the members of the Chapter meet. According to chapter 1 of the statutes of the Cathedral of All Saints’ (1974), Cathedral Chapter is the governing body of the Cathedral. The membership was made up of the Bishop who normally presided at all Chapter meetings, the Provost, the Archdeacons, Canon Resident and all the Honourary Canons of the Cathedral and representative from the Cathedral Committee and the Archdeaconries. It is at the Chapter meetings that the Budget and the running of the Cathedral are discussed. It is the body that looks after the Cathedral, particularly to ensure that worship in the Cathedral is what it should be.

However, over the years, several modifications and adjustments in the Administration of the Cathedral have been carried out and now a Cathedral Committee is running the Cathedral similar to the Parochial Church Committee (PCC) in other Parishes / Churches.

The Chapter House and the offices were built in readiness to be consecrated in May 1982 by the Most Rev. Robert Runcie, the Archbishop of Canterbury when he visited Nigeria that year. At the same occasion, the plaque in memory of Rt. Rev. B. Lasbery, Bishop on the Niger (1922 – 1945) was unveiled by the Archbishop of the Province of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), The Most Rev. Olufosoye. In attendance were the Governor, Deputy Governor, Speaker of the House, Chief Judge, Commissioners and top Government functionaries.


When it had appeared to the Rt. Rev. J. A. Onyemelukwe, Bishop on the Niger, that there was a twilight in the tunnel, the Diocesan, like a good General modified his stand and declared that the Cathedral must be completed in 1992, the dedication of which would be a climax in the celebration of the 135 years of the coming of Christianity in our Land.

In 1985, after a lull of more than 10 years the “Operation complete the Cathedral in our life time” was launched under a new chairman of the Building Committee – Dr. G. S. C. Nzegwu. At the 1986 synod, the Bishop had remarked that though everybody was anxious to see the Cathedral completed there were no funds. A contribution of one Naira per adult was adopted in the hope that this would cover the cost but this did not yield much. The committee received new drawings from the Architect and other local research Consultants, and consultant engineers and planners later engaged. The seating accommodation was increased to 3,500 excluding the Lady Chapel, the overall length of the Cathedral was reduced. The returns trickled in but on the face of the carving out of 5 new Dioceses: Owerri (1959), Enugu (1969), Aba (1972), Asaba (1977) and Awka (1987), feasibility of completion was farfetched. The Cathedral project therefore featured in every synod. The escalating cost of materials made nonsense of the one Naira levy per member.

The history of the Cathedral traced so far shows clearly that all the bits and pieces were executed through funds following appeals. Now that the task of completing the Cathedral was agitating everybody’s mind, it was clear that the trickling funds would not do the job. It therefore became necessary to fix a target date and this was done in 1989 at St. Mary’s, Uruagu, Nnewi.

The slogan changed to “Finish the Cathedral in 1992”, tied with the celebration of 135th Anniversary of the C.M.S in Nigeria. There was a shift in strategy for raising funds, from appeals to launchings. Several launchings were organized culminating in a Grand Launching for 5 Million Naira (April 1990). According to the Bishop, there was a new commitment from all the sons and daughters, friends, and friendly Dioceses, men of goodwill, Anglicans home and abroad, to complete the Cathedral in 1992.

Money came in even from retired missionaries, which included Bishop C. J. Patterson N1,000 and Dr. Elizabeth Edmunds of lyl-Enu N50. His Grace, Most Rev. L. A. Adetiloye, the Primate and Metropolitan Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, was in attendance to give the Diocese spiritual support and a donation of Ten Thousand Naira.

In order to meet the target of completing the Cathedral in 1992, a committee called “Task Force” was constituted and at their first meeting, a smaller group – The Strike Force – was appointed – headed by the “able and indefatigable Dr. Sir Tim Menakaya. Prior to this, another special “task force” was set up to work out the modalities for the completion – THE PRAESIDIUM – led by late Ambassador A.I. Osakwe – the highest single donor at the time, with Canon A. E. D Mgbemena – Canon Superior as secretary. The Praesidium broke off into several sub-committees. It was the relentless effort of the Strike Force that led to the successful completion of the Cathedral. Churches and Districts were also visited in the attempt to raise funds. A list of members of the strike force will be found in the Appendix.

The first launching was chaired by the Igwe HRH M. N. Ugochukwu (Abilikete Umunze), who was the Chief Launcher and highest donor. Other donors included Louis Mbanefo and R. O. Nkwocha, etc.


One substantive financial donor to the completion work on the Cathedral was G. M. O Group of Companies. Unfortunately before completion and consecration of the Cathedral, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Group of Companies, Chief Sir Godwin Ekejiuba Chikeluba died in April 1990. His company built the Bell Tower (Belfry) of the Cathedral in memory of the slain Sir G. E Chikeluba. The Bishop on the Niger Rt. Rev. Dr. J.A. Onyemelukwe, laid the foundation stone of the Bell-Tower on Saturday 1st November 1991.Barr. Chike Ofodile and Mrs. Josephine Ofodile donated the metal doors at the Western entrance of the Nave and entrances on both sides of the Nave.

In recent times, Cathedral donors include, Sir & Lady G U. Okeke (GUO), Sir & Lady Dan Chukwudozie (Dozzy), Sir & Lady Ralph Ekpe, Dr. Sir & Lady Nath Okafor, Engr. & Mrs. Onuora Nnabugwu, Mr. & Mrs. Joel Nebo, Mr. & Mrs. Chukwubunna Ezebube (GON), Mr. & Mrs. Malison Ukatu, Sir & Lady S. I. Iwuoha, Sir & Lady G. N. Iheaku, Chief Sir & Lady Dan Okafor (Danco), H.R.H. lgwe Leonard Eze (lgwe Abba), H.R.H. lgwe Dr N. I Esimai, H.R.H lgwe Emeka Ugwuru, Dr Sir & Lady Ezeka Okafor, Prince Dr Sir & Lady Emeka Eze, Sir Okey & Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo, Mr. & Mrs. Uche Apakama, Mr. & Mrs. Orji Udemezue, Mr. & Mrs. Eddy Okpalaibekwe, Engr. & Mrs. Obi Onuselogu, Dr Sir & Lady E. C. Agbasimelo, Pharm. Chris Ukachukwu, Dr & Mrs. Gab Menakaya, Sir & Lady Tochukwu Anuniru, Hon Justice Chike Ofodile (Onowu Onitsha) and Dame Josephine Ofodile, Mr. & Mrs. Nnaemeka Omaliko, Sir & Lady Ik Ubachukwu, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Azubogu, Dr. & Mrs. Dan C. D. Anyiam, Chief & Mrs. Benjamin Udeozor, Barr. Dubem Mbanefo, Justice O. Onwuamaegbu and Lady Bessie Onwuamaegbu.

Others include, Sir & Lady Ik Otubelu, Sir & Lady Joe Atuchukwu, Mr. & Mrs. Chika Aghasili, Hon Justice Ijem Onwuamaegbu, Hon. Justice Chinwe Amaechi, Hon Justice Cecilia Uzoewulu, Hon. Justice Onochie Anyachebelu, Sir & Lady Goddy Nweke, Mr. & Mrs. Obison Ilonzo, Mr. & Mrs. Uchenna Okpalaezeokoli, Sir & Lady Emma Onwura (Ochendo), Dr. Sir & Lady Davy Osoka, Dr. & Mrs. Law Onyekwe, Dr. & Barr Mrs. Albert Okonkwo, Dr. Sir & Lady Ik Okonkwo, Dr Sir & Lady B. C. Uzochukwu, Dr Sir & Lady Emma Anyaegbunam, Sir & Lady Joe llonze, Sir & Lady Ndubuisi Onyekwelu, Bar Andy Obianwu and Mr. Paul Ojekwe Sir & Lady Onochie Ikegwuani; Sir & Lady Emeka Obicheta.

Others include Sir & Lady Emma Nwankwo, Sir & Dr Lady Eugene Obi-Okoye, Sir Chris Ayolugbe, Mr. & Mrs. Chineme Iheaku, Sir & Lady Obiora lgwedibia, Sir & Lady Ossy Nebolisa JP, Dr Sir & Lady N. I Ochuba, Chief Sir & Lady E. N. Maduekwe (Odu Oba), Mr. & Mrs. Chidi Emesiani, Sir & Lady Osondu Nnabugwu, Sir & Lady Damian Onyekachi, Mr. Kenneth Igbokwe, Chief & Lolo Chukwudi Ilo-Okoye, Sir & Lady Onyechi Ifezue, Sir & Lady Louis Obi Ikebudu, Mr. Chika Okonkwo, Sir & Lady Charles Okeke.

Others also include, Dr. Sir & Lady A. C. Ofoche, Dr. Caleb Nwudo-Odenigbo, Chief Sir & Prof Lady Obiora Nzewi (Ike Awka-Etiti), Dr Sir & Lady Ossy Anyachebelu, Mr. & Mrs. Iyke Ejelue, Dr Sir & Barr. Lady Chigozie Abiakam, Prof. Sir & Prof. Lady Okay Ikpeze, Dr. Sir Emeka & Lady Pat Iloghalu, Sir & Lady Eugene Anoliefo, Sir & Lady Okey Okoli, Dr Sir & Lady Uche Nwokolo, Sir & Lady Rob Nnoli, Comrade & Mrs. Willy Anika, Sir & Lady Emeka Nwose, Mr. & Mrs. Chidi Mbanefo, Mr. & Mrs. Ruskin Obi, Mr. & Mrs. Chinwendu Ejeh, Sir & Lady Ogo Ikeme, Mr. Alex Okenwa, Barr. Sir Ben & Barr. Lady Amaka Uzuegbu and many others too numerous to mention. A detailed list of recent Cathedral donors is compiled in the Cathedral office.


The Nave could be said to be the main bowl of the Cathedral. The handlers were Messrs Midland Engineering Company Ltd, the drawing having been modified by Late Architect Ifejika. The Chairman, building Committee was Dr. Engr. Sir Gibson S. C. Nzegwu.

At this Nave, the floor area and the Gallery have seating accommodation for 1,500 worshippers. There is the Crypt which has the following facilities.

  1. A Hall – in the hall – the Hall of Honour, would be found names of all those who have made significant donation to the building of the Cathedral.
  2. Office and Archives
  3. Store
  4. Conveniences for both male and female

At the Western Gate, there are flight of steps and a ramp. These are made in such a way that even the handicapped can find his way into the Cathedral. Very imposing and conspicuously visible on the top wall of the Great Western Gate are stained glasses depicting “God’s Hand Raised in Blessing”


This is located at the left hand side as one enters the Cathedral from the Western Gate. This Chapel is to remain open 24 hours. As the name implies, a worshipper could join there and bare his mind to the Lord in prayers and meditation.


This is located at the extreme right as one enters the Cathedral from the Western Gate and a little detached. It is warped and tall giving it an architectural character not easily found elsewhere. The Belfry carries a Big Bell specially made for the Cathedral by a British firm. The Bell alone cost £45,000. The Belfry and the Bell were paid for by G.M.O. Group of Companies in memory of Chief Sir G. C. Chikeluba. The foundation stone of the Belfry was laid on Saturday. 1st November 1991, and the remaining part of the same was completed in November 1992. One can behold the beauty of the Bell Tower standing high in the sky.


The completed Cathedral was on 1st November 1992, dedicated for worship by the Archbishop of Nigeria, His Grace, The Most Rev. Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye assisted by the Rt. Rev. Dr. J. A. Onyemelukwe and other Bishops of the Church of Nigeria. The completion of the Cathedral was at the Historic year the Anglican Communion, Church of Nigeria was celebrating the 135 years of the coming of Christianity in Onitsha. The dedication on November 1, 1992 was the high water-mark of this celebration. This day was a great day in the history of the Diocese on the Niger. The whole Diocese went agog, and in jubilation sang like the Israelites returning to Jerusalem from captivity “the Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad” (Psalm 126:3) in the colourful ceremony.

At the heart-warming service, the Niger Diocesan Choirs, co-ordinated by Sir F. M. Obianyo, Diocesan Music Director, were at their best to sing unto God with undiminished praises.

Today, as envisioned by Archbishop C. J. Patterson in 1949, All Saints’ Cathedral stands as a sure and steadfast witness of the things of God in Onitsha (and indeed Nigeria) proclaiming God with the Cross shining 100 feet high above its massive tower, and preaching Christ crucified. According to Chief S. I. Bosah in his book “Good work of the History and Culture of Onitsha”, while praising the work of Niger mission in the areas of Church buildings as well as schools, wrote “But above all, the monumental work of evangelization which was successfully executed in Onitsha – the building of All Saints’ Cathedral. It’s unique architectural design and its huge size combine to make the edifice a living witness to the great and successful work done by pioneers in Gods’ vineyard in Igboland”.

Presently, worshipping in the Cathedral is a thing to desire. Praise and worship are modern ways through which we worship, honour and serve God. We are also proud of our liturgical heritage. (See Appendix XXIII)


Rev. Canon J. A. Onyemelukwe, the first Archdeacon of Awka Archdeaconry and the then Principal of Trinity Theological College, Umuahia was consecrated Bishop on February 23, 1975 at All Saints’ Cathedral, Egbu. He succeeded Bishop L. M. Uzodike who retired in 1974. Bishop Onyemelukwe had a considered long Episcopate on the Diocese on the Niger 1975 – 2000 (25 years).

In his demonstration that no one who serves God in his Church is ignored, Bishop Onyemelukwe constituted the Council of Laity and the Knighthood of St. Christopher in 1978, these later spread to other Dioceses in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). He introduced Niger Diocesan Merit Award (DMA) in 1995. He embarked on building Seminaries and Convents, convinced that our children should have the best in education. They included Bishop Crowther Seminary Awka, Holy Innocents Juniorate Convent Nkpor, St. Christopher’s Junior Seminary 3-3 and many other such institutions.

In healthcare areas, Iyi-Enu Hospital devastated by Civil war was reactivated. Other medical institutions were erected and they included Niger Diocesan Hospitals at Umunze, Nnewi, Umueri, Umumbo, St. Luke’s Okpoko and rural health centres at Aguleri-Otu and Omor.

On evangelism, Bishop Onyemelukwe opened up Ayamelum, Ogbaru and Mbamili for mission. He also facilitated the creation of Awka and Nnewi Dioceses in 1987 and 1995 respectively. More Archdeaconries – Nnobi, Amichi, Ihiala, Ogidi and Oyi were created in 1992 with corresponding parishes.

At the inception of office, Bishop Onyemelukwe regarded the completion of the building of All Saints’ Cathedral from where Bishop C. J. Patterson left it, as a “task that must be done”. He courageously and frontally faced the work and completed the Cathedral. The Cathedral was dedicated on November 1, 1992 by the Most Rev. Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye, Archbishop and Primate of Nigeria.

The Most Rev. J. A. Onyemelukwe was elected Archbishop of Province II before his retirement in 1998 and Dean, Church of Nigeria also in 1998.

The Archbishop’s wife, Mrs. Beatrice O. Onyemelukwe (Nnedioramma) was very supportive in the work of the ministry. She introduced the Women’s Guild and Mothers’ Union Uniforms as well as Mary Sumner Uniform to stop unnecessary expensive dress competition at Women’s church meetings and conferences. Other Dioceses are now imitating her examples. She initiated and carried on the Mary Sumner project (now Sharon House) till their retirement. She also helped to establish the Cathedral Women Conference.


Something must here be said of the tenure of the Very Rev. I. C. Agbaim – a most outstanding, thorough and astute Administrator that the Cathedral has had. He insisted on order and due procedure in carrying out projects and was meticulous about spending which in some quarters was seen as being tight-fisted. So much was achieved in his time – a few examples only can be cited in this report. For instance, several buildings – the Provost’s New House/Lodge, Clergy quarters and other staff quarters were constructed. In 1981 and 1983, Sir C. C. Onuorah was elected Chairman of the Building Committee and was assisted by Sir Ernest Taylor. A Provost’s office and ancillary offices were also constructed at that time.

Under him, the women were at their best – the harvest and bazaar sales were successfully executed without unhealthy rivalry and rancour. The harvest and bazaar sales have been overtaken by the current cash harvest. The Very Rev. I. C. Agbaim reported in 1974, that the women “organized Work sales to replace a carved door in the Lady Chapel destroyed by termites in the civil war and 8 members donated N400, cost of the 8 carved doors of the transept. We note here that prior to and at the beginning of the Provost’s tenure “Sale of Work” – was the women’s means of raising funds for the Cathedral – not bazaar sales.

It was also during the tenure of the Very Rev. I. C. Agbaim as Provost that through a motion by Sir C. C. Onuorah on 2nd March 1992, the Cathedral Account was separated from the Diocesan Account. Sir C. C. Onuorah became the first treasurer of the Cathedral.

Someone has aptly described Agbaim’s tenure as “The classical Era of All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha because it paraded wonderful men in classical learning as the Provost himself; The Canon in Residence, Canon A.E.D. Mgbemene and the Rev. Canon Hezekiah D. O. Chiwuzie”. The principal officers at that time were Sir N. O. Ekpunobi (Provost’s Warden), succeeded by Sir. Ralph Ekpeh, His Royal Highness lgwe Sir. Dr. W. C. Eze (People’s Warden) succeeded by Sir Chris Onuora in 1988. The Very Rev. l. C. Agbaim revolutionized our style of harvest thanksgiving from the quiet but dull occasion to a real joyous celebration. He encouraged active participation and fellowship which was achieved through family prayers in groups, consolations and other innovative ideas.

In 1990, under his administration, 25 plots of land (13.10 hectares) were purchased in Trans Nkisi termed “Land across the Nkisi” for mission expansion. Unfortunately, the land is no longer in existence and no more in the record of All Saints’ Cathedral. He also supervised the erection of St. Christopher’s Anglican Church at Obeledu.

The Very Rev. I. C. Agbaim, in 1983, introduced Men’s Group meetings and Women’s Groups meetings: Groups 1 – 4 for both men‘s and women’s group which were later increased by his successors. He started the Cathedral Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF) in 1973.

The Very Rev. I. C. Agbaim, Provost of the Cathedral, retired in December 1992, shortly after the consecration of the Cathedral. His successor was Rev. Canon Dr. George Okeke from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


Rev. Canon Dr. G. E. Okeke was designated the Cathedral Administrator and Canon theologian by Bishop Onyemelukwe. Rev. Canon Dr. Okeke had a very short-lived term as he fell sick and could not continue the work. However, he improved on governance and accountability by publishing weekly accounts of the Cathedral. He established the use of class register for easy identification of members of the Cathedral. He had started pitching the stone of the Perimeter wall and pedestrian walkway which was completed by his successor, Rev. Canon Dr. David Okeke.


Rev. Canon Dr. David C. Okeke, former Vicar of St. Mark’s Omagba, in 1995 succeeded Rev. Canon Dr. George E. Okeke. He was in 1995 installed the Provost of the Cathedral by Bishop Onyemelukwe. The Very Rev. Dr. David Okeke invigorated Wednesday Bible Class and provided the Cathedral with ultra modern male and female conveniences. He encouraged visitation. It was during his tenure that the Brigade stand was built. He instituted Prayer and Spirituality which was headed by Dame Julie Anah. He was appointed the Supervisor of the Provincial Education Commission and was succeeded by Ven. Sam Chukuka.

  1. THE RT. REV. KEN SANDY EDOZIE OKEKE (2000 – 2010)

His Grace, The Most Rev. Dr. Jonathan Arinzechukwu Onyemelukwe retired on 30th May 2000 from the See of the Niger. Ven. Ken Sandy Edozie Okeke was elected and consecrated Bishop on the Niger on Sunday, 30th July 2000 (Feast of St. Thomas) at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Ake, Abeokuta by His Grace, The Most Rev. Peter Akinola, Archbishop and Primate of Nigeria. His enthronement at All Saints’ took place on 4th August 2000. He inherited a completed and consecrated Cathedral but his vision went further than structures. Bishop Ken is committed to mission, evangelism and church planting. One can count a number of steps taken as proof but that strictly belongs to a Diocesan report.

There is greater awareness for every Christian to witness according to the injunction of the Great Commission. For Bishop Ken, and indeed, for every Christian worth its salt, the take-off point and indeed the sine qua non is complete surrender to Christ as Lord and personal Saviour. Thank God that this news is permeating all the nooks and crannies of this Diocese.

It was at the instance of Bishop Ken, that the Pulpit and Lectern were relocated to their present position in the Cathedral. The erection of Archbishop Patterson Auditorium Complex also received his approval and blessing. The idea and desire to build the Auditorium was sustained and kept alive during the period of his episcopacy.

With the death of Hon. Justice Sir Edmund Uzodike, the last Chancellor of the Diocese on the Niger in the Episcopacy of His Grace, the Most Rev. Dr. J.A Onyemelukwe ,the retired Bishop on the Niger; the seat of the Chancellor became vacant. Bishop Ken, who is also the Dean of the Cathedral, appointed Prof Sir Austin Ilochi Okafor (SAN), the Chancellor of the Diocese on the Niger.

The Bishop’s wife, Dr Mrs. Ngozi Okeke (Nneobioma) was very supportive in the work of the Women’s Ministry. Nneobioma made a great input in the Women’s wing of the Cathedral. She invigorated the women who now turn up for meetings and other activities.

Bishop Ken appointed Ven. Sam Chukuka from Enugu Diocese Archdeacon-in-charge of the Cathedral. Bishop Ken Sandy Okeke retired in 2010.


In January 2001, Ven. Sam Chukuka from Enugu Diocese was appointed “Archdeacon in Charge” of the Cathedral by the Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke. He met the Cathedral Congregation in very low spiritual ebb but with his appointment, a remarkable Revival and Re-awakening, came to the Cathedral. The Pentecostal vigour, though criticized by the orthodox members, filtered into our worship, and has indeed been found a necessary ingredient to keep the Cathedral alive.

Today, we thank God that with some modifications, the Cathedral has benefitted from this introduction and lots of Youths who could have been “lost” in this Diocese, have been attracted back through groups as the Young Anglican Crusaders (Y.A.C), Anglican Boys Association (A.B.A) and the like. One fundamental in-put by Ven. S.C. Chukuka is the introduction of Systematic, in-depth, expository Bible study on Wednesdays. The study of the use of the word of God that leads to Christian maturity is focal and mandatory for all Christians.

It is also from Ven. Chukuka’s regime that the Cathedral financial records were computerized. The former class dues were exchanged for Tithing – the basic contribution of members and proof of membership in this Cathedral. From January 2007, tithing is being adopted in the entire Diocese. The recording and storage of the information were done by Barr. Sir  Josiah Nduka. He also introduced Cash harvest in the Cathedral. Many Churches in the Diocese have now replaced bazaar Sales with Cash Harvest.He improved on the way Cathedral welcomes new members with the introduction of welcome song, registering and talking to them after service. It is noteworthy that during his time, the Cathedral built a modern Priest house at Igbariam Farm Settlement which was commissioned by Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke.

The Archdeacon-in Charge put life in our Evensong by assigning groups and church organizations to conduct Evensongs on Sundays. The sinking of borehole in the Cathedral compound and installation of 110 KVA Generator are among his accomplishments in the Cathedral. He saw to the beautification of the Cathedral compound and outskirts with flowers, concrete walkways (at Awka Road side) and Squares (for relaxation or small group meetings) with concrete chairs (built by Rev. Ossai).

With the approval of Bishop Ken, he relocated the position of the pulpit and Lectern ( a new design) in the Cathedral. He changed the Pews in the transept Sanctuary to single specially designed Chairs and desks, and created a location with special seats for Clergy wives at the Southern side of the Cathedral. All these were donated by the Cathedral members and names tagged on each furniture.

  1. The Archbishop C. J. Patterson International Auditorium Complex

The Archbishop C. J. Patterson International Auditorium Complex was conceived by Ven. Sam C. Chukuka, who was then the Archdeacon in-charge of All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha. Ven. Chukuka initiated, nurtured, and pursued the idea and vision to build the international auditorium, propelled by the desire to build a unique arena in the South East of Nigeria, where international conference as well as major religious, State and National events of international standard could be held. He invited some Architects from Enugu (Plummage Consultants) who searched the Internet and drew the architectural design. The Cathedral Committee bought the idea and got an encouraging approval from the then Bishop – The Rt. Rev. Ken S. Okeke who said “I wish I can press a button and see this International Auditorium in existence as in this Architectural drawing”.

The location of the Archbishop C. J. Patterson International Auditorium Complex was previously occupied by a bungalow, which housed the Archbishop Patterson Ecumenical Youth & Conference Centre constructed during the episcopacy of Rt. Rev. L. M. Uzodike. For record purposes, the planning/erection of Archbishop Patterson Youth & Conference Centre was done by Mr.  I.R. E. Iweka, Civil Engineer, Union Construction Company Onitsha & executed by Umenyiora, Esq (B.Arch MNIA, ARIBA), of Umenyiora & Associates, Chartered Architects, Enugu. The Rt. Rev L. M Uzodike project committee was set up on 24th January, 1973 with Sir Louis N. Mbanefo (Chancellor of the Diocese) as Chairman and Rev. Canon Sir A.E.D. Mgbemena (Diocesan Administrative Secretary) as Project Secretary. Members of the building committee constituted on 8th June 1977 were

  1. E. O. Enemuo Esq (who replaced the late Chairman & Chancellor—Sir Louis Mbanefo)
  2. Ven. P.O. Egolum
  3. Ven. C. A. Mbanu
  4. Mr. J. O. S Philips
  5. Mr. N. O. Ekpunobi
  6. C. I. Odumodu (Miss)
  7. Canon HDO Chiwuzie
  8. Canon M. S. C. Anikwenwa
  9. Mr. W. I. Amobi
  10. M. E. O. Uwakwe
  11. Canon A. E. D Mgbemene (Sec).

With the permission of the then Bishop, the following persons were included Mr. H.C. Anerobi, Rev. M.C.S. Bever, Barr F. M. Obianyo, Barr B. Erinne, Mrs. Sophia Onwuegbuna and Mrs. Sussanah Dillibe.

The Archbishop Patterson Ecumenical Youth & Conference Centre was completed, dedicated and formally opened on 29th April 1978 by the Most Rev. C. J. Patterson (former Archbishop of West Africa & Bishop on the Niger), in company of Mr. Justice Adetokumbo Ademola (Chief Justice of the Federation then) and Professor Kenneth Dike of Harvard University (native of Awka).

The siting of the present Archbishop C.J. Patterson International Auditorium Complex raised a lot of dust. Opposition came from good spirited individuals who felt that an old ‘youth hall’ in the proposed site might be erased and the name of C.J Patterson which it reflects might be forgotten. By the grace of God the initial Challenges were amicably surmounted.

With the blessing of the Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke, then Bishop on The Niger, the Youth & Conference Centre was demolished on the 10th of October, 2002, and a Building Committee was constituted to undertake the construction of the new Auditorium. Ven Sam Chukuka appointed a 13-man Building Committee with Pharm. Uche Apakama as the Chairman. The Committee swung into action based on the Architectural design for the auditorium. Work was still in progress when Ven. Sam Chukuka was consecrated Bishop of Isuikwuato – Umunneochi Diocese in 2005 and he left All Saints’ Cathedral. During his time, the foundation, great beams and columns, vibrated concrete decking and fortifications were completed. To the glory of God, the Auditorium was completed and dedicated by Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen C. Nwokolo, Bishop on the Niger, on Saturday, 30th April, 2016. The gigantic Auditorium Complex which took 14 years to be completed is indeed the first of its kind for International Conferences in this part of the Country.

Ven. S. C. Chukuka was consecrated the Bishop of a new Missionary Diocese (on 13th March 2005 at Abuja) – Diocese of Isikwuato/Umunneochi, carved out from Umuahia Diocese – AND TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!


The Ven. Owen Nwokolo, formerly of Oyi Archdeaconry, took over the administration and ministry of the Cathedral since the elevation of Ven. S. C. Chukuka in 2005. He has maintained a stable stance while gradually introducing some new dimensions. Ven. Owen Nwokolo’s first in-put was the beautification of the Cathedral Compound with street light and the purchase of a brand new Coaster Bus for the Cathedral. These had remained our pride since then. His next in-put was the installation of a Digital Pipe Organ in the Cathedral and leading the Cathedral into Home movie industry for evangelical purposes. The energetic Ven. Owen Nwokolo vigorously faced the building of the Archbishop C. J. Patterson Auditorium Complex. He organized the first fund raising ceremony and the foundation stone laying ceremony. The Rt. Rev Ken S. E. Okeke, Bishop on the Niger laid the foundation stone of the Auditorium Complex on Sunday September 24, 2006. The Archbishop Emeritus, His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. J. A. Onyemelukwe was in attendance with the then Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Dame Virgy Etiaba. The successful ceremony was witnessed by a massive crowd of people. The Cathedral used the opportunity afforded by the Foundation Stone laying ceremony to source for funds to roof the Auditorium. The Cathedral members were at their best on that day. A huge sum of 21 Million Naira was donated with Chief Sir G. U. Okeke as the highest donor. Ven. Owen Nwokolo, on 20th August, reconstituted and enlarged the Auditorium Building Committee with Pharm. Uche Apakama still the Chairman. Work progressed from blockworks to the level of the installation of the steel beams for the roof by OUCEN Engineering, high quality Oven baked Aluminum roof by Best Aluminum and Aluminum glass windows by Glory Aluminum. The construction work was supervised by Engr. Rowland Omemgboji from inception till after the roofing stage.

Ven. Owen Nwokolo led a team of Clergy in All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha, to formulate the Vision and Mission Statements and goals of the Cathedral. He also instituted the Cathedral Victory Hour, Covenant Sunday and Youth Service.

  1. Extension And Elevation of Administrative Offices and Chapter house to Storey Buildings

In 2010, Ven. Owen Nwokolo, Sub-Dean, got the approval of the Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke to add one floor to the Administrative Complex on the Northwestern side and the Chapter House on the North Eastern side and the ground floors extended.

Chairman: Prof. Sir Okay Ikpeze (See Appendix for members of Cathedral Renovation Committee)

Architect: Arc. Sir Emma Ndefo

Contractor: Sir O. O. Ikegwuani for Administrative offices. Chapter House was done by direct labour under the supervision of Sir. A. A. Onyeji

The Administrative Complex now has the following facilities:


  1. Bishop’s Sacristy
  2. Sub-Dean’s Office (with adjoining office for Secretary)
  3. Chancellor’s Office
  4. Registrar’s Office
  5. Conference Room
  6. Clergy Offices (4)
  7. Coffee Room
  8. Conveniences


  1. Women’s Ministry Office
  2. Welcome team Office
  3. Choir Robing Room
  4. Cashier’s Office
  5. Bookshop
  6. Sexton’s offices
  7. General Office
  8. Communication’s Office
  9. Conveniences

The Chapter house now has the following facilities


  1. Clergy’s offices (2)
  2. Land Office
  3. EFAC National Office
  4. Conveniences


  1. The room for the Chapter meeting
  2. An office
  3. Storerooms (2)
  4. Health Post
  5. Tape Office
  6. Conveniences

The elevated Chapter House was commissioned by Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke on 21st September, 2010 and he also commissioned the elevated and extended Administrative Complex on 8th January, 2011.

Ven. Owen also embarked on renovation of the leaking roofs of the tower at the East end of the Lady Chapel, Central Tower, Nave and Oratory Chapel. The roofs were replaced with Aluminum sheets with water channels to conduct water off the roofs. The Oratory Chapel was also equipped with pews (donated by Cathedral Knights and Lady Knights).

The Sub-Dean, Ven. Owen Nwokolo also renovated and expanded the gate house at the Northern side of the Cathedral to be self contained with conveniences. He widened the Northern, Southern and Western entrances into the Cathedral with kerbs on both sides of the roads. He labeled different facilities in the Cathedral for proper identification during the General Synod. Ven. Nwokolo successfully hosted the General Synod Church of Nigeria in 2005 and Diocesan Synod in 2007.

Ven. Emma Ekpunobi succeeded Ven. Owen Nwokolo when the later was elevated Bishop on the Niger.


All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha hosted the 3rd session of the 7th Synod under the Theme: “The mission of the church at a time like this” in June 1979. The Most Rev. Dr. J. A. Onyemelukwe was the President of that Synod.

All Saints’ Cathedral successfully hosted Church of Nigeria Synod in 2005 during the Episcopacy of the Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke. His Grace, the Most Rev. Jasper Akinola was the President of the Synod.

The Second time of hosting the Diocesan Synod was in the year 2007 (7th – 10th June 2007: the 1st session of the 27th Synod) under the Theme – “Examine Yourselves…” (2 Cor. 13: 5). The Rt. Rev Ken S. E. Okeke, the Bishop on the Niger was the President of the Synod.


The Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke retired in 2010 as the Bishop on the Niger. Ven. Owen Nwokolo from All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha was consecrated as the Bishop on the Niger on Sunday, 9th January 2011 at All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha by His Grace, the Most Rev. Peter Akinola, Archbishop and Primate of Nigeria. It was a historic event because not only that it was the first time a Bishop was consecrated and enthroned at All Saints’ Cathedral, it was also the first time a bishop was consecrated in his home Diocese.

Bishop Owen’s ministry is significant. He was ordained Deacon and a Priest in All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha, collated Canon and Archdeacon in All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha, served as Sub-Dean of All Saints’ Cathedral and consecrated and enthroned in All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha.

Bishop Owen played a major role in the completion of the C. J. Patterson International Auditorium Complex. He appointed Ven. Dr. Emma Ekpunobi (former Vicar of Christ Church, Onitsha), the Sub-dean of the Cathedral and on 26th June 2011, installed him the Provost of the Cathedral.

Bishop Owen supported the recent renovation in the Cathedral (which include the replacement of the ceilings and painting of the Cathedral) in preparation for the Consecration of four Bishops in the Cathedral on 3rd June, 2018. The Bishops are Bishop Prosper Afam Amah, Bishop Wisdom Budu Ihunwo, Bishop Godwin Anyigor Awoke and Bishop Solomon Olusola Akanbi.

The Bishop’s wife, Dr. Mrs. Elsie Nonyelum Nwokolo (Mama Niger) is supportive of the Ministry.


Ven. Dr. Emma Ekpunobi was designated the Sub-Dean of the Cathedral and on 26th June 2011, installed the Provost – a post he held till he retired in 2014. Ven. Emma Ekpunobi continued the dedicated work of the construction of the Auditorium Complex and achieved several milestones: the specially designed foreign doors, sanitary and electrical works commenced and were substantially done. The main Auditorium was ceiled and all the three halls were tiled. Drainages were constructed. The Very Rev. Dr. Emma Ekpunobi completed the basement hall known as the Holy Innocents’ Chapel (used for Children’s Service) and fully equipped with functional Split Unit Air Conditioners. The Chapel was commissioned on 30th October, 2011 by Bishop Owen Nwokolo. In 2013, the banking Hall now housing Akuchukwu Microfinance Bank was completed and put into use.

He equipped the new Cathedral Administrative offices with modern office furniture and air conditioners. He bought 100 KVA Generator and sunk a borehole. It was during his tenure that Cathedral Men’s Christian Fellowship tiled the Lady Chapel and Sanctuary and also the Transept Altar under the leadership of Dr. Emman Oyeka. Also, new pews at the northern gate of the Cathedral covering the Choir Stand and some padded pews were built. People donated to support the project. Major donors were Sir Okey and Dr, Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo – N500,000, Anonymous – N50,000, Mr. & Mrs. Ebuka Ekwufolu – N50,000 among others,

The Very Rev. Dr. Emma Ekpunobi opened the Library at the Cathedral Administrative block, improved the spiritual life of the people and embarked on Mission work.


Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu succeeded the Very Rev. Dr. Emma Ekpunobi in 2014. He was designated the Sub-Dean of the Cathedral and was installed on 26th January, 2014. Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu is the present Sub-Dean of the Cathedral. It was during his tenure that the Archbishop C. J. Patterson Auditorium Complex was completed and dedicated.


From inception, Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu envisioned the completion of the Auditorium as a priority project and he set to work. He mobilized funds and within one year, completed the Executive Chamber and three halls (Presidential, Royal and Classic Halls – each with 300 seating capacity) and Executive Conference Chamber in the Auditorium Complex. At the instance of Bishop Owen Nwokolo, a major modification was done in the structure of the main bowl of the auditorium and another level not previously in the drawing was included, designed and constructed by E-Squared Engineering Services for 1,000 seating capacity. The final works included modification of the front staircase, the construction of the two site external stair wells, specially designed Iron handrails, marble tiles in the main bowl (of 2,000 seating capacity), POP Ceilings, etc. In addition, a dedicated transformer was installed to power the auditorium, and quality Italian marble slabs were installed in the entrance foyer, staircases and other major thorough fares in the complex. Interlocking and landscaping works commenced and progressed simultaneously and effectively.

With the desire to complete the Auditorium Complex comprehensibly, a second fund raising ceremony was organized and the Building Committee was enlarged and more persons with technical know-how were added to meet the deadline for the dedication of the Auditorium with Pharm. Uche Apakama still the Chairman Building Committee. The second fund raising ceremony was hosted by Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen C. Nwokolo, Bishop on the Niger and chaired by HRM Igwe Sir Ralph Ekpeh (Igwe of Enugwu-Ukwu and Eze Nri). The planning Committee was chaired by Chief Sir G. U. Okeke and co-chaired by Prince Dr. Sir Emeka Eze and Sir Okey Agbasimalo with Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo as Secretary. The Cathedral spent ove N200 Million to complete the Auditorium.

The Archbishop C. J. Patterson International Auditorium Complex was dedicated on Saturday, 30th April, 2016 by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen C. Nwokolo, Bishop on the Niger, in the presence of many dignitaries from far and near. The Chairmen Dedication Committee were Chief Sir G. U. Okeke and Sir Okey Agbasimalo and Masters of Ceremony were Prince Dr. Sir Emeka Eze and Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo. The Auditorium Complex is now in use for conferences, weddings, etc. with a supermarket and eatery in operation. It also has standard LED Television for indoor and outdoor use which serves the Cathedral and Diocese in major events.


In 2014, the Cathedral acquired a 60-room Students’ hostel of five Bungalows in a secured two and half Plots of Land at Nsugbe. Also, 2 plots of land at 3-3 for bottled water factory. Cathedral received an anonymous donation of N5 Million to begin the Project which is now at the decking level.

In 2015, Cathedral acquired (a) 30 plots of land at Nkwelle for Church planting (b) 40 Plots of land at different locations at Nkwelle and (c) 100 plots of land (Cathedral Estate) for Cathedral members and other Anglicans to have personal plots of land. A borehole has been sunk in the Estate with overhead tank. Members are being encouraged to develop their property.

In 2016, Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu instituted Cathedral Life Membership Award to Cathedral members who have been active in the Cathedral for more than 15 to 20 years; and have attained the age of 80 years. The Cathedral Life Membership Award would be every 3 years. The first batch recipients received the Award on Sunday 2nd October, 2016 at 10:00am Service. (See Appendices XXI and XXII)

In 2017, Cathedral Knights and Lady Knights under the leadership of Pharm. Sir Chris Ukachukwu interlocked the Car Park beside the Cathedral Administrative Complex which was dedicated by His Lordship, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen C. Nwokolo on 16th August 2017. They blazed the trail for other organization in the Cathedral to pick up Projects. Morning Prayer under the Leadership of Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi embarked on building 4 blocks of flat (a storeyed building) still under construction.

Cathedral Men’s Christian Fellowship (MCF) under the leadership of Sir Nworah Etele embarked on building the Cathedral Secretariat Extension (2 Storeyed building) still under construction.

Others Projects in the Cathedral during his time are:

  1. The Junior Staff Quarters of 16 flats  (3 Storeyed building)
  2. Twin Duplex of Senior Staff Quarters built with special donations: (i) Foundation rods donated by Sir Eugene and Dr. Lady May Obi Okoye (ii) 400 blocks for ground floor work (iii) N500,000 from Sir Nath and Lady Ify Okafor (iv) N500,000 from Sir Daniel Chukwudozie (Dozzy) (v) Equipment worth N300,000 from Chief Paul Okonkwo (Pokobros) and many other donations.
  3. The Ultra Modern Children’s Park with facilities. Pharm. Uche & Dr. Akunne Apakama donated 20 trips of Sharp sand for the Children’s Park.

The Primate of all Nigeria, the Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh (CON) on 23rd September, 2017 dedicated the Junior Staff Quarters, the Twin Duplex and the Children’s Park and laid the Foundation stone of the Cathedral Staff Block of flats (by Morning Prayer) and Cathedral Secretariat Extension (See Appendix XLII)

  • The Secretariat Gate was remodeled with a new gate donated by Sir & Lady Alex Okenwa.
  • The Cathedral Pedestrian walkway was tiled. The project Chairman, Mr. Walter Onyema (Walik) paid for all the labour.

Furthermore, , during the time of Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu:

  1. Cathedral bought carriage truck (Dina) for carrying loads and LED Screen television for the Cathedral and Auditorium use.
  2. Hummer bus was donated by the family of Sir G. N. Iheaku
  3. The overhead tank at the back of the Diocesan Secretariat was sponsored by Mr. Ebelechukwu Chukwukelu.
  4. Three boreholes were sunk. The one serving the Auditorium was sponsored by Mr. Joel Okoli; the one serving the Junior Staff Quarters was sponsored by Hon. Chuba Enwezor and the third one is serving the Cathedral.
  5. Three generating sets for the Auditorium were acquired – 100 KVA donated by Sir Dan Chukwudozie (Dozzy); 500KVA from Anambra State Governor, His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano and 350KVA bought with Cathedral Fund.
  6. 100 KVA Generating Set was also bought with Cathedral fund for Cathedral use.
  7. Three overhead tanks were built – one for the auditorium, one for the new Staff Quarters and one at the back of the Cathedral.
  8. A new Pipe Organ was donated by Prince Engr. Arthur Eze (while the former Cathedral Pipe Organ was given to Basilica of St. Andrew, Onitsha).

The new Pipe Organ was dedicated on Sunday 15th April, 2018 at 10:00am Service. The donor Prince Arthur Eze at the dedication Service donated N5 Million to the Cathedral Choir, N5 Million to Cathedral Women Ministry through Nkwa Group, N20 Million for the immediate repairs in the Cathedral (e.g. painting the Cathedral), N10 Million from which everyone that attended that 10am service received N10,000. He pledged N100 Million for overall repairs in the Cathedral.

The Sub-Dean of the Cathedral, Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu added:

  1. More prayer Ministries to improve Spiritual lives of the people e,g, Word Feast, Business Breakthrough, Cathedral Elders’ Fellowship, Jesus Ante natal, etc.
  2. Cathedral Laity Professional Forum (See Appendix XIX)
  3. Altar Boys (See Appendix XXXIX)
  4. 5:30am Service at Knights Abbey and 6:00am Service at General Hospital Onitsha
  5. Cathedral Service Groups (See Appendix XXIX)
  6. A lot of innovations in Children’s Service (See 19.6)
  7. Online Worship with All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha (Facebook: All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha)
  8. Cathedral Cooperative Society (See 19.7n)

He improved Cathedral Welfare (See Cathedral Welfare Ministry 19.7o). It was also during the time of Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu that Ozalla Road was renamed “All Saints’ Cathedral Road” (Courtesy of Mr. Maxwell Olisa). The Master Plan of the Cathedral (for proper positioning of buildings and roads) was produced by Arc. Dubem Olisa at the instance of Bishop Owen Nwokolo. He also drew the plan for all the new Buildings in the Cathedral.

Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu, on Sunday, 25th February 2018 presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo as “Cathedral Committee Secretary Emeritus” in grateful appreciation of her valuable contributions to the Cathedral as the Committee Secretary for ten consecutive years. (See Appendix XVIII for other Cathedral Emeritus Recipients)


(NB: This list is not written in order of year of Service)

The following Bishops and Clergy and their wives served in All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha in different years. It is not written in order of year of service.

  1. Most Rev. C. J. Patterson
  2. Rev Canon Burne
  3. Rev Canon D. F. C. Hawkins
  4. Rev. M. S. Beaver
  5. Rev John Goodchild
  6. Rt. Rev. L. N. Uzodike
  7. Rev. B. C. Nwankiti & Mrs. Dorathy Nwankiti
  8. Rev. Gideon N. Otubelu & Mrs. Lucy Otubelu
  9. Most Rev. J. A. Onyemelukwe & Mrs. Beatrice Onyemelukwe
  10. Rev. M.S.C. Anikwenwa & Mrs. Blessing Anikwenwa
  11. Rev. R.N.C. Nwosu & Mrs. Felicia Nwosu
  12. Rt. Rev. Ken S.E. Okeke & Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Okeke (Nneobioma)
  13. Rev. G.I.N. Okpala
  14. Rt. Rev. S. C. A. Chukuka & Mrs. Uzoamaka Cecilia Chukuka
  15. Rev. Akinyele Very
  16. Very Rev I. C. Agbaim – 1st Provost & Mrs. Grace Agbaim
  17. Very Rev. Dr D. C. Okeke & Dr. Mrs. S. U. N. Okeke
  18. Rev. J.P.C. Okeke & Mrs. Ifeoma Okeke
  19. Rev. M. C. Echendu & Mrs. Rose Echendu
  20. Rev. S. O. Ugwuanyi
  21. Rev. A. C. Ezeigwe & Mrs. Joy Ezeigwe
  22. Ven. S. O. Okafor & Mrs. Edith Okafor
  23. Ven. Owen C. Nwokolo – 1st Sub-Dean  
  24. Rev. Canon T. U. Mbanugo & Mrs. Chinwe Mbanugo
  25. Rev. A. I. lbe & Mrs. Sylvia Ibe
  26. Rev. I. Okpalaocha
  27. Rev. Canon Ekwenchi
  28. Rev. Canon A.E.D. Mgbemena & Mrs. Josephine Mgbemena
  29. Rev. Canon George Okeke – 1st Cathedral Administrator & Mrs. Lois Okeke
  30. Rev. Canon H. O. D. Chiwuzie & Mrs. Elsie Chiwuzie
  31. Rev. Canon I. I. Nwose & Mrs. Ngozi Nwose
  32. Rev. Dave Udo-Ezika & Mrs. Tonia Udo-Ezika
  33. Rev. Canon A. C. Mbakwe & Mrs. Aliee Mbakwe
  34. Rev. N.C. Muonyelu & Mrs. Debora Monyelu
  35. Rev. Canon Israel F.O. Odita & Dr. Amala Odita
  36. Rev. John Achebe & Mrs. Lucy Achebe
  37. Rev. E. Okoye
  38. Rev. S.O. Emelummadu
  39. Rev. Lucas Mbah
  40. Rev. S.I. Ike & Mrs. Blessing Ike
  41. Rev. W.C. Ossai
  42. Rev. Dr. George Onugha
  43. Rev. C.Ezeibe
  44. Rev. I. I. Ugolo & Mrs. Comfort Ugolo
  45. Rev. Maduakolam & Mrs. Nonye Maduakolam
  46. Rev. Gab Nwabuobi & Mrs. Ngozi Nwabuobi
  47. Rev. Johnny Amaizu & Mrs. Christy Amaizu
  48. Rev. Chris Onyeche & Mrs. Ethel Onyeche
  49. Rev. Leo Onuwuzuligbo & Mrs. Elizabeth Onwuzuligbo
  50. Rev. Dr. I.E.Okeke & Mrs. Telesita Okeke
  51. Rev. Rufus Ezenwaka & Mrs. Amaka Ezenwaka
  52. Rev. Nicholas Okeke
  53. Rev. Princewill Ireoba & Mrs. Oge Ireoba
  54. Rev. Gideon A. Uzomechina
  55. Rev. Charles Oraelosi & Mrs. Amara Oraelosi
  56. Rev. Edison Okoroigwe & Mrs. Florence Okoroigwe
  57. Rev. Engr. Johnny Anyachebelu & Dr. Lady Chiazo Anyachebelu
  58. Rev. Samuel Ezewudo & Mrs. Ndidi Ezewudo
  59. Ven. Emma Mbanugo & Lady Chinwe Mbanugo
  60. Very Rev. Emma Ekpunobi & Prof. Chinwe Dolly Ekpunobi
  61. Rev. Ikechukwu Okwuosa & Mrs. Uche Okwuosa
  62. Rev. Chibueze Abone & Mrs. Helen Chioma Abone
  63. Rev. Dr. Eric Anozie & Mrs. Amaka Anozie
  64. Rev. Nnanyelugo Enemuo & Mrs. Anuli Enemuo
  65. Rev. Edozie Ejeckam & Mrs. Nneka Ejekam
  66. Rev. Canon Mike Okoh & Mrs. Blessing Okoh
  67. Rev. Canon Dr. Samuel Uzodimma & Mrs. Nkiru Uzodimma
  68. Rev. Johnson Iwuamaeze & Mrs, Chinonye Iwuamaeze
  69. Rev. Dr. Chukwudinma Akabogu & Barr. Chiagozie Akabuogu


  1. Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen C. Nwokolo    –         Bishop / Dean
  2. Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu            –         Sub-Dean
  3. Rev. Canon Dr. Emma Ezeugo
  4. Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi
  5. Rev. Dr. Chinedu Nnatuanya      –         Bishop’s Clerical Secretary
  6. Rev. Arc. Chibueze Orji
  7. Rev. Izuchukwu Ezeabata

The History of the All Saint’s Cathedral Onitsha will not be said to be complete without the mention of names of some of her early worshipers and members.

The All Saints Cathedral from its early beginning was viewed rightly or wrongly as the Cathedral for the elites, professionals and prominent members of the society. Such elites, professionals and prominent members in the society in those early days seemed to have chosen the Cathedral as their only church to permanently worship in and belong to in Onitsha metropolis. They always attended and decorated the front and middle pews of the Cathedral with their dignified presence.

Some of such early worshippers included: Hon. Justice Sir. Louis N. Mbanefo, Chancellor of the Diocese and Chief Justice Of Eastern Nigeria; Mr. & Mrs. E.O. Enemo Diocesan Education Secretary; a tutor in D.M.G.S. Onitsha, Rt. Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Mrs. Flora Azikiwe; Retired Ambassadors – Albert I. Osakwe; Barrister L.O.V Anionwu; Barrister C.C. Mojekwu, Registrar Diocese On The Niger and His Wife, Mrs. Ifeoma Mojekwu; Mr. & Mrs. S.N. Ezenwa From Awka; Mr. Timothy Anene, & Mrs. Hope Anene (Obosi), Dr. & Mrs. David Ekwulugo (Obosi); Dr. W. W. C. Echezona; Mr. Okagbue; Mr. Samuel Echezona; Dr. Emeka Mbanefo.

Others include: Sir & Lady Nathan Ekpunobi, Pharmacist – Nkenobi Chemists Onitsha; Justice T. C. Umezinwa Chancellor, Diocese On The Niger (1977), and Mrs. Lucy Umezinwa; Justice O. Onwuamegbu Chancellor, Diocese on the Niger (1986-1989) & Mrs. Bessy Onwuamegbu (Ogalanya Nwanyi); Mr. J.Q.S Philips (Education Secretary and tutor at DMGS) and Dr. (Mrs.) Ann Philips (Medical Superintendent, Iyi-Enu Hospital); Barrister Sir G.E.N. Onyekwuluje (Diocesan Registrar) and Mrs. Onyekwuluje; Dr. P. C. Odeluga and Mrs. Chinwe Odeluga; Mr. Alex I. Agwuna (Niger Chemist),: Hon. Justice Emma Araka (sidesman, Chief Judge, Anambra State); Mr. O. C. Nnaochie (Cathedral Auctioneer); Mr. Dabrinze (sidesman); Mr. Kenneth Okorokwo; Engr. Dr. G.S. Nzegwu & Mrs. Nzegwu.

Others also include: Dr. Sir Tim. N. Menakaya; Mr. Arnold Nwafia (Sidesman), Barrister Chike Ofodile SAN, (Attorney General of Nigeria, the Onowu Of Onitsha) and Mrs. Josephine Ofodile; Sir & Lady C.C. Onuorah (Sidesman) and Lady Flora Onuorah; Rev. M. S. Beaver (Diocesan Missioner, Pastor and Organist); Sir Willie E. Mojekwu (Registrar) & Lady Edith Mojekwu; Sir Ralph Ekpe (Provost Warden, Igwe Enugwu-Ukwu and Umunri) & Lady Dorah Ekpeh; Sir Albert Diji; Chief Barr. F.M Obianyo (Legal Secretary and Diocesan Music Director) and Lady Vicky Obianyo; Sir B. C.O lfeagwu (Sidesman); Mr. Dan & Mrs. Winnie Erinne; Mr. Obi Uzoma Okoye; Mr. Samuel Ezeugbana; Dr Sir Joe llonze’ Dr. Emma and Mrs. Beatrice Emekekwue (Okasiagbala); Mrs. Flora Omoh; Mrs. Uchenna Anah; Mr. Joel and Mrs. Dorah Ezeukwu, Dr. Sir Ezeka Okafor and Lady Eunice Okafor; Mrs. Christy Egbuna, Mr. Onyechi Nwakalor (sidesman), Mrs. Angy Emesiani; Sir Ernest Uwakwe (Diocesan Accountant) and Lady Rose Uwakwe; Mr. Dennis Ashara (Diocesan Cashier) and Mrs. Clara Ashara, Mrs. Nwakakwa, Dame Uche Amobi, Mrs. Christy Anyachebelu, Major R. O. N. Nnaji, Mr. & Mrs. Innocent Anieto, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Emordi and others.

Others include: Engr. Sir and Lady Pamela Ndubuisi Onyekwelu; Chief Sir Dr. Godwin & Lady Pat Okeke; Sir Okey & Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo; Sir Onochie & Lady Dr. Uju Ikegwuani; Prof. Okay & Prof. Lady Ogugua Ikpeze; Dr. Sir & Dr. Lady Ngozi Okonkwo; Mrs. Patience Egbuna; Dr. Sir A. C. & Lady Lois Ofoche; Barr. Oraegbunam & Lady Ifeoma Anieto, Rev. Canon Johnny & Lady Chiazor Anyachebelu; Prince Dr. Sir Emeka Eze; Sir Chris & lady Ify Ukachukwu, Barr. Sir & Lady Andy Obianwu; Ven. & Mrs. Obed Uzoechina; Sir Felix & Lady Ify Okeke, Dr Eddy & Lady Joy Emegakor; Engr. Sir IK & Lady Nkechi Otubelu; Barr Sir Obiora & Prof. Uche Nzewi; Dr. Sir Caleb & Lady Florence Nwudo-Odenigbo; Dr. Sir Nduka & Lady Gozie Ochuba; Hon. Sir Chuba & Lady Ifeanyi Oranusi; Barr. Sir Tagbo & Lady Anieto, Dr. Sir Albert & Barr. Lady Joy Okonkwo; Dr. & Lady Rose Ifezulike; Sir Christian & Lady Ogoo Mbachi; Dr. Sir & Lady Emman Oyeka; Barr. & Mrs. Ifeanyi Enemuo, Mr. Sunday Etele, Ven. Dr. & Dr. Mrs. Obed Uzoechina, Chief Sir A. A. & Lady Stella Onyeji, Prof. Humphrey & Constance Oguagbaka.

Other also include: Barr. Sir Ben & Barr. Lady Amaka Uzuegbu; Dame Barr. Chinwe Ilondu; Justice Onochie & Lady Uzoma Anyachebelu; Justice Ijem Onwuamaegbu; Justice Obidigwe & Lady Esther Obidigwe; Dr. Osy & Lady Chinwe Anyachebelu;  Sir Ralph & Lady Ngozi Ezenwosu; Sir Eugene & Dr. Lady May Obiokoye; Sir & Lady Ndubuisi Udemezue; Sir Chika & Lady Ebere Aghasili; Sir & Lady Obiora Oranu; Mr. & Mrs. Okeke Oguno; Mr. & Mrs. Christian Emelumadu, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Anyabolu; Sir Nworah & Lady Anuli Etele; Sir & Lady Ebenezer Akaborgu; Mr. Paul Ojekwe; Sir Okezie & Lady Uju Ekpeh; Sir Onyechi & Lady Amaka Ifezue; Dr. Sir Nath and Lady Ify Okafor; Sir Bonny & lady  Nkiru Chiedu; Dr. Sir  Emman & His Worship Ngozi Oyeka; Justice Chinwe Amaechi; Justice Cecilia Uzoewulu; Justice Gloria Anulude; Justice Ngozi Umeh; Sir & Lady Okey Nwagbo; Sir Jerry & Lady Claris Onyeagbara; Engr. & Mrs. Christy Okoye, Sir Emeka & Dr. Lady Jessie Obicheta and so many others


In the main, these tally with what obtains in other churches in the Diocese, but a few new areas have been added.


The choir occupies a central position in the multifarious functions and events that go on in this Cathedral and in the Diocese at large – At every occasion, ordination, consecration services, collation and Installation, music festivals among others, singing takes a prime position and this justifies its special mention in this write-up.

During Bishop Patterson’s Episcopacy, the Cathedral Choir was formed from boys selected from Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha. A few from Primary Schools – Ifeanyi Ikemefuna and Ndubuisi Onyekwelu from Central School Onitsha and Obiora Ezenwa from All Saints’ Cathedral Primary School, Onitsha. The foundation organist and Choirmaster was late Dr. W. C. Echezona – a world acknowledged musician.

Strangely enough, women were only allowed to robe and process with their male counterparts, after the war, following appeals to the Chancellor and the Diocesan by Barrister F. M. Obianyo. Foundation female choristers include Mrs. Justina Eze, Mrs. Patience Egbuna, Mrs. Clara Menakaya, Mrs. Josephine Mgbemene, Mrs Julie Anah, Mrs. Agelina Emesianike, Lady Gloria C. Nzegwu (Nee Mbanugo), and Mrs. Claribel Obianwu. A few others joined later.

Throughout the life of the Cathedral choir, several persons have assisted both as organists and choirmasters because of the enormity of the work involved in a Cathedral the centre of all Diocesan events as earlier mentioned. Currently, a band led by Obiora Anyichie, is part of the choir, quite apart from the A. Y. F Pilgrims Band.

Lists of organists, choirmasters, various lieutenants and organigram and other paraphernalia are provided in the Appendix. (See Appendix XII)

Today, Dr. Lady Ngozi Okonkwo is the music Director while Mr. Reuben Akonobi is the Choirmaster. Other lieutenants are listed in the Appendix and their functions specified.

Cathedral Choir launched and bought a brand new Coaster bus with support from the Cathedral Committee.

The Cathedral choir under Dr. Lady Ngozi Okonkwo can be said to be pulling her weight and actually performing excellently especially at special occasions. The Music Director is doing a good job and we look forward to greater heights and consistency on the part of choristers.


The Cathedral Guild of Sidespersons formerly Guild of Sides Men originated from Guildford Cathedral London. Guildford Diocese is one of the link Dioceses of the Diocese on the Niger. During the tenure of Ven. S. C. A. Chukuka, the Archdeacon in Charge of Cathedral, he changed the name to “Welcome Team” when he admitted women (for the first time) into the new body. Ven. Owen Nwokolo later changed the name to “Sidespersons”. He appointed Engr. Sir Ndubuisi Onyekwelu as the Coordinator of Sidespersons when persons who had not been sidepersons for the first time were elected People’s Warden and Subdean’s Warden by majority vote. His deputies were Sir Victor Ndu and Lady Maureen Nkemena (See Appendices XXXIII to XXXVI for more on Sidespersons)


This consists of Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild, Girls’ Guild and Girls Brigade.

19.3a. Achievements

  • Mrs. Grace Agbaim (1975 – 1992), created three Women’s Groups which she later increased to five. She encouraged active participation and fellowship in groups which was achieved through family prayers in groups, bazaar sales in groups, group visitations to members who are bereaved or celebrating God’s blessings, etc.
  • During the regime of Rev. Canon Dr. George Okeke (1992 – 1993), the wife, Mrs. Lois Okeke as leader of the women, built up a Kitchenette for the Cathedral.
  • Dr. Mrs. S. U. N. Okeke (1995 – 2000), wife of the Provost, Very Rev. Dr. David Okeke, started the Cathedral Women’s Conference and was responsible for the purchase of the two plots of land at Nsugbe proposed for the Women’s Hostel Project. She introduced Women’s Groups Uniform for Harvest – White and Scarf (Group colour) and women’s Prayer and Spirituality session. All Saints’ Cathedral women gave her the name “Kpakpando” at her first Diocesan Women Conference as Provost’s wife which was held at St. Thomas Church, Oraukwu.
  • Mrs. Uzo Chukuka (2001 – 2005), wife of the Archdeacon-in Charge, Ven. Sam Chukuka bought the First Cathedral Women Ministry Bus. Unfortunately, the bus had an accident and was written off. Traced the plot of land at Nsugbe, surveyed and did the Architectural design of the building. She coordinated women to participate fully in the hosting of Diocesan Women Conference in 2002.
  • Pharm. Dr. Mrs. Elsie Nnonyelum Nwokolo (2005 – 2011) commenced work on the three-storeyed hostel (now residential building) Project at Nsugbe, completed the blockwork, roofed the house, plastered the first and second floor, paid for the installation of the windows and rented the first floor. The Chairman of the building Committee was Lady Pat Okeke (See Appendix XXXII). The Hostel was done by the Contractor, Engr. Chinedu Ibeabuchi with Committee members supervising. The women embarked on evangelism to missionary areas. Highlight was attending Harvest Thanksgiving at Elemchere, an Island on the River Niger. Pharm. Elsie Nwokolo bought Evangelism bus for Cathedral Women Ministry, established Women Ministry Office and the Cathedral Canteen.
  • Prof. Chinwe Ekpunobi (2011 – 2014), wife of the Provost of the Cathedral, the Very Rev. Dr. Emma Ekpunobi completed and dedicated the hostel building project at Nsugbe in 2013 to the glory of God and tenants have packed into the hostel. We thank God for this giant stride in the history of the Cathedral Women. The women renovated with Aluminum roof and furnished Mrs. Ugo Ofodile’s house renovated with Aluminium roof by the Cathedral. The house was dedicated by the Provost in a well attended dedication service in Ugo’s compound. The women also donated the first Chandelier at the Transept Sanctuary.
  • Engr. Mrs. Chizoba Uzochukwu (2014 – date), the incumbent President of All Saints’ Cathedral Women Ministry, during her time in 2014, provided bore-hole for the Hostel and the hostel s well managed. In 2015, the women ministry bought 10 plots of land at Nkwelle. In 2016, they sunk another borehole and built an overhead station to help supply water to the building at Nsugbe. This 2018, the Cathedral Women are embarking on fencing of the plots of land at Nkwelle and hosting of the Diocesan Women Conference. The Women carried out evangelism to the market and talked to women selling on Sunday and encouraged them to accept Jesus Christ and honour God in their lives. The Women joined their counterparts in the Diocese on outreaches, mission and other Diocesan events. For instance, they went on outreach to Iyi-Enu Hospital where they preached to the patients, prayed for them and gave them gifts. During the mothering Sunday celebrations, they visited many Schools, hospitals and homes with mothering Sunday songs and gifts. Cathedral Women presented to all the widows in the Cathedral, a bag of rice each and tin of Vegetable oil as Christmas gifts in 2015. In 2016, Women Ministry waxed a record, “Jesus My Ebenezer” Vol. I and Vol. II in 2017 both sponsored by Chief Sir Dan Chukwudozie. In 2018, the Cathedral Committee approved that the women ministry be assisted in respect of Christmas gifts to widows. All the widows in the Cathedral were given a bag of rice each. Sir Dan and Lady Ada Chukwudozie (Dozzy) donate N10 Million Naira to the Cathedral Women during Mothering Sunday Service.

19.3b. Present Cathedral Clergy wives

  1. Pharm. Dr. (Mrs.) Elsie N. Nwokolo       –         Bishop’s / Dean’s wife
  2. Engr. (Mrs.) Chizoba Uzochukwu          –         Sub-Dean’s wife
  3. Dr. (Mrs.) Nneka Ezeugo
  4. Mrs. Ifunanya Akonobi
  5. Mrs. Adaeze Nnatuanya
  6. Mrs. Chika Orji
  7. Mrs. Nnenna Ezeabata


The vision is to equip young women to build godly homes to the glory of God. The fellowship is made up of married women below the age of 40. They meet on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month by 5pm in the Oratory Chapel (now Conference room).

The Young Wives’ fellowship of All Saints’ cathedral vision kicked off through a group of women that normally come together to sing unto the Lord and they were known as the choral group in the year 2001. It was rebranded by Mummy Uzo Chukuka, the Archdeacon-in-charge’s wife to take a new shape by naming them Young Wives Fellowship, All Saints’ Cathedral in the year 2002. After this rebranding a leader was appointed to take up the mantle in the person of Lady Chinwe Dibiaezue and was assisted by Lady Ogoo Mbachi with members; Lady Njide Onyekwelu, Lady Oluchi Ugwummadu, Lady Amaka Ifezue, Princess Orji, Lady Chichi Anaka among others. Their Coordinators were Mummy Ugolo and Mummy Ezenwaka respectively.

With the desire to reach out to more members and equally enlighten Young Women to build godly homes, the Bishop’s wife, Dr. Mrs. Elsie Nwokolo (Mama Niger) threw more strength and weight to Young Wives Fellowship, All Saints’ cathedral by re-building their wall from the year 2006 till date.

Below are the past executives from 2006 – March 2016

Lady Ogoo Mbachi              –         Leader

Lady Ifeyinwa Ukachukwu    –         Asst. Leader

Mrs. Chioma Okenwa           –         Prayer Co-ordinator

Lady Ebele Aghasili              –         Treasurer

Mrs. Obiamaka Okeke          –         Provost

Mrs. Uche Igbokwe             –         Events

Mrs. Nkoli Okafor               –         Asst. Events

Their Coordinators include – Dr. Amala Odita, Mrs. Ezinne Anieto, Mrs Okwuosa, Mrs. Enemuo, Mrs. Oko and Mrs. Nkiru Uzodimma.

The Present Leaders:

Mrs. Ifeyinwa Okonkwo       –         Leader

Lady Adaeze Okpalaezeokoli –         Asst. Leader

Mrs. Ebele Unachukwu         –         Secretary

Mrs. Chisom Anieto             –         Asst. Secretary

Mrs. Oby Obimma              –         Welfare

Mrs. Ekene Egbutu              –         Asst. Welfare

Mrs. Uchenna Enechukwu     –         Event Coordinator

Mrs. Chidimma Udemezue    –         P.R.O.

Mrs. Precious Nduba            –         Financial Secretary

Mrs. Obiamaka Okeke          –         Treasurer

Mrs. Ifeoma Ikechukwu       –         Prayer Co-ordinator

Mrs. Ifunanya Akonobi         –         Young wives’ Coordinator


We give God the glory for rebuilding homes, issue are being settled by God both physically and spiritually and we are happy that through that, we are raising Godly children and homes that will make heaven at last. The Cathedral Young wives fellowship organizes yearly programmes known as Couple’s Banquet. This programmes is designed for married couples and it is where issues relating to family lives are being handled and by the grace of God solutions abound. It normally comes on first Sunday in July at the Archbishop C. J. Patterson Auditorium main bowl, All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha. Topics like: Understanding your spouse; Trust: the foundation for a healthy marriage by Ven. Israel Odita and Prof. Ben Osisioma respectively.


This is specially designed to meet the special needs of widows in the church. The forum offers opportunity for empowerment and successful widowhood. It was introduced by Mrs. Uzoamaka Chukuka (wife of the Archdeacon-in-charge) who appointed Mrs. Eunice Oby Eruchalu the first Coordinator of the Widows’ Fellowship.


Mrs. Grace Agbaim, the wife of the Very Rev I. C. Agbaim introduced this in 1983. Along the line, the number rose from 5 to 8. They meet on the last Monday of every month.

Engr. Mrs. Chizoba Uzochukwu gave names to Women Groups 1 – 8 viz: Abigail, Anna, Dorcas, Esther, Eunice, St. Mary, Ruth, Deborah. She later increased the number to ten as shown below with their leaders.


During the time of Mrs. Grace Agbaim (Provost’s wife)

  1. Group 1    –         Mrs. Beatrice Emekekwue
  2. Group 2    –         Mrs. Elizabeth Nneka Nwakakwa / Dame Joe Ofodile
  3. Group 3    –         Mrs. Patience Egbuna

She later increased the groups to five groups (1995 – 1997 / 1997 – 2000)

  1. Group 1    –         Mrs. Beatrice Emekekwue / Barr. Chigozie Abiakam (Hope Group)
  2. Group 2    –         Mrs. Eunice Okeke-Oguno (Love Group)
  3. Group 3    –         HRH Dorah Ekpeh / Lady Pat Okeke (Faith Group)
  4. Group 4    –         Prof. Lady Ogugua Ikpeze / Lady Ngozi Okonkwo (Peace Group)
  5. Group 5    –         Lady Patience Nwokolo / Lady Nkechi Otubelu (Joy Group)

Mrs. Uzo Chukuka increased the groups to Six. She fixed the number of Women in a group at 70 and requested the leaders to submit the extra names which she used to form group 6. (2000 – 2003 / 2003 – 2007)

  1. Group 1    –         Lady Ngozi Chira / Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo
  2. Group 2    –         Barr. Chigozie Abiakam / Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani
  3. Group 3    –         Dr. Helen Madueke
  4. Group 4    –         Mrs. Uche Maduka
  5. Group 5    –         Lady Deborah Ekpeh
  6. Group 6    –         Lady Patience Nwokolo

Dr. Mrs. Elsie Nwokolo reshuffled and increased the groups to Eight. She later gave the groups names and appointed new leaders. (2007 – 2010)

  1. Group 1    –         Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo
  2. Group 2    –         Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani
  3. Group 3    –         Lady Helen Madueke / Mrs. Oby Eruchalu DMA
  4. Group 4    –         Mrs. Uche Maduka
  5. Group 5    –         Lady Joy Mbah
  6. Group 6    –         Lady Joy Ulasi / Lady Uju Ezenekwe
  7. Group 7    –         Mrs. Nwanneka Oyeka
  8. Group 8    –         Lady Chi Nwokolo / Josephine Igbonwa / Dr. Chiazo Anyachebelu /

                        Lady Uche Okafor / Lady Ada Nweke

Prof. Chinwe Ekpunobi (Provost’s wife) gave continued with new groups and the names, thus;

(2010 – 2013 / 2013 – 2016)

  1. Abigail      –         Lady Joy Emegakor / Lady Oby Okeke
  2. Anna        –         Lady Uju Ezenekwe / Lady Ijeoma Udeozor
  3. Dorcas     –         Lady Hope Okonkwo
  4. Esther      –         Lady Ify Ejelue
  5. Eunice      –         Mrs. Oby Obiano
  6. St. Mary   –         Lady Ify Okafor / Mrs. Amaka Nwakeze
  7. Ruth        –         Lady Ada Nweke / Lady Claris Onyeagbaram
  8. Deborah   –         Lady Felly Ijezie / Lady Nonye Udeokpala

19.3g. PRESENT WOMEN’S GROUP LEADERS (2016 to date)

Engr. Mrs. Chizoba Uzochukwu (Sub-dean’s wife) reshuffled and increased the groups to Ten (2016 – date). She renamed the groups, thus:

  1. Divine Love         –         Mrs. Njide Okonkwo
  2. Favoured            –         Mrs. Ijeoma Emenike
  3. Gracious             –         Mrs. Uche Igbokwe
  4. Joyful                –         Lady Ebere Aghasili
  5. Noble                –         Lady Ugonwa Aghasili
  6. Overcomers        –         Mrs. Lizette Ezenekwe
  7. Precious             –         Mrs. Anulika Etele
  8. Ruby                 –         Mrs. Chinyere Ejike-Umeh
  9. Victorious           –         Mrs. Chinyere Nwankwo
  10. Virtuous             –         Lady Nkiru Obijiofor

Cathedral Women Ministry Secretaries

  1. Mrs. Patience Egbuna
    1. Lady Nkechi U. Otubelu (Asst. Secretary – Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo)
    1. Mrs. Grace Ezennabuike
    1. Lady Jessie Obicheta
    1. Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani
    1. Lady Hope Okonkwo

Women’s Guild Coordinators (initially by Clergy wives)

  1. Mrs Ngozi Kanu
    1. Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo

Mother’s Union Coordinators (Initially by Clergy Wiives)

  1. Mrs. Janet Enwezor

Prayer and Spirituality Coordinators

  1. Dame Julie Anah
  2. Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani
  3. Mrs. Edith Okeke

Action and outreach Coordinators

  1. Lady D. Ekpeh (HRH)
  2. Mrs. Obiageli Eruchalu DMA
  3. Mrs. Christiana Okpagu


Cathedral Girls’ Guild was inaugurated during the regime of Mrs. S.U.N. Okeke. The first G.G. Leader was Adazion Anazodo who was succeeded by Chinyere Okonkwo. They produced through their lessons in Home Management such items for sale as beads, custard, and soap. They have won several quiz competitions.

  1. Leader                         –         Blessing Anene
  2. Assist. Leader               –         Ijeoma Anyanwu
  3. Secretary                     –         Nwafor Ogechukwu
  4. Asst. Secretary              –         Okonkwo Goodness
  5. Treasurer                     –         Obi Chinyere
  6. Financial Secretary         –         Ezeigwe Ogochukwu



Mrs. Chizoba Uzochukwu      –         Sub-Dean’s Wife

Dr. (Mrs.) Nneka Ezeugo

Mrs. Ifunanya Akonobi

Mrs. Chika Orji

Mrs. Adaeze Nnatuanya

Mrs. Nnenna Ezeabata

Mrs. Ngozi Ahaneku (Ordinand’s Wife)

Mrs. Chinelo Nnabuike (Ordinand’s Wife)


Ruby             –         Mrs. Chinyere Ejike-Umeh

Favoured       –         Mrs. Ijeoma Emenike

Victorious       –         Mrs. Chinyere Nwankwo

Virtuous         –         Lady Nkiru Obijiofor

Divine Love    –         Mrs. Njideka Okonkwo

Overcomers    –         Mrs. Lizette Ezenekwe

Noble            –         Lady Ugonwa Aghasili

Precious         –         Mrs. Anuli Etele

Joyful            –         Lady Ebele Aghasili

Gracious        –         Mrs. Uche Igbokwe


Women’s Secretary    –         Lady Hope Okonkwo

Asst. Secretary          –         Mrs. Rose Umeh

Treasurer                –         Lady Joy Emegoakor

Financial Secretary    –         Mrs. Nkechi Okoloji

Asst. Fin. Secretary    –         Mrs. Ngozi Kanu


Prayer & Spirituality                       –         Mrs. Edith Okeke

Action And Outreach                      –         Mrs. Christy Okpagu

Fin. And Central Services                –         Barr. Chinwe Ilondu

Training Co-Ordinator                    –         Lady Nkechi Otubelu

Marketing                                    –         Lady Patty Nnoli

Young Wives                                –         Mrs. Ifeyinwa Okonkwo

Event (Diocese)                            –         Lady Njide Onyekwelu

Event (Cathedral)                          –         Mrs. Joy Uche Okpala

Welfare                                       –         Lady Ifeanyi Oranusi

Widow’s Fellowship                       –         Mrs. Oby Eruchalu

Publicity Secretary                         –         Lady Udeozor Ijeoma

Publicity Secretary                         –         Mrs. Azuka Nwokedi

Publicity Secretary                         –         Lady Amaka Ifezue

Legal                                          –         Justice Dame Ijem Onwuamaegbu

Women’s Guild Secretary                –         Mrs. Phina Agulefo

Women’s Guild Financial Secretary   –         Mrs. Oby Nnabugwu

Mothers’ Union Secretary                –         Mrs. Oby Obiano

Mothers’ Union Financial Secretary   –         Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani

Health And Welfare                       –         Mrs. Ngozi Okoli


All Saints’ Cathedral hosted the 2002 Diocesan Women Conference with the theme “Looking unto Jesus” Heb. 12: 2. Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Okeke (Nneobioma) was the President of the Conference. Mrs. Uzoamaka Chukuka, the wife of Ven. Sam Chukuka, Archdeacon-in-Charge of the Cathedral. It was the first time the Cathedral hosted Diocesan Women Conference.

The second time of hosting is this year, 2018. The Conference will be holding from Thursday, 5th to Sunday, 8th July 2018. The theme of the Conference is “Take your Cross daily and follow me” Luke 9:23 (NKJV). Dr. Mrs. Elsie Nonyelum Nwokolo (mama Niger) would be the President of the Conference.


The planning Committee is made up of members broken up into several Sub-Committees. The Chairman of the Planning Committee is Barr. Sir Ben Uzuegbu and Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo as Secretary. Below are members of the Planning Committee

Barr. Sir Ben Uzuegbu                   –         Chairman

Sir Felix Okeke                             –         1st Vice Chairman

Sir Ben Udeozor                           –         2nd Vice Chairman

Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo             –         Secretary

Nonso Stanley Anene                     –         Asst. Secretary

Chief Dr. Sir G.U. Okeke                 –         Chief Facilitator

Dr. Sir Emeka Eze                         –         Facilitator

Sir Okey Agbasimalo                     –         Facilitator

Sir Daniel Chukwudozie                  –         Chief Motivator

Hon. Barr. Sir Dr. Chuba Oranusi      –         Motivator

Hon. Azuka Enemo                       –         Motivator

Hon. Chugbo Enwezor                   –         Motivator



Prince Dr. Sir Emeka Eze                –         Leader

Sir Victor Oranu                            –         Asst

Chief Sir G. U. Okeke                     –         Facilitator

Sir Okey Agbasimalo                     –         Facilitator

Chief Sir Dan Chukwudozie             –         Chief Motivator

Hon. Barr. Sir Chugbo Enwezor        –         Motivator

Hon. Barr. Sir Chuba Oranusi           –         Motivator

Sir Nwora Etele

Sir Osondu Nnabugwu

Sir Damian Onyekachi

Sir Chijioke Dike

Sir Amamchukwu Okafor

Sir Chris Ukachukwu

Sir Chika Aghasili

Sir Ben Udeozor

Sir Felix Okeke

Mr. Chineme Iheaku

Pharm. Uche Apakama

Justice Onochie Anyachebelu

Dr. Ossy Anyachebelu

Dr. Emegakor

Sir Eugene Obi-Okoye

Sir Maduekwe (Odu Oba)

Sir Chukwubunna Ezebube

Sir Ndubuisi Onyekwelu

Mr. Walter Onyema

Mr. Onyedika Obiesie

Mr. Okwuchukwu Eziuzo

Mr. Okey Nebo

Mr. Henry Osuigwe

Mr. Ikenna Umeh

Robinson Eze


Lady Felly Ijezie                           –         Leader

Lady Ada Chukwudozie                  –         Asst.

Lady Edna Okafor

Lady Pat Okeke

Dame Dr. Vivian Onwuekwe

Dame Barr. Chinwe Ilondu

Barr. Lady Amaka Uzuegbu

Lady Chinwe Mbanugo

Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo

Lady Njide Nebeolisa

Lady Gloria Etele

HRH Maureen Eze

Justice Ijem Onwuamaegbu

Justice Gloria Anulude

Hon. Justice Ngozi Oyeka

Justice Chinwe Amaechi

Dr. Akunne Apakama

Dr. Lady Ify Obiegbu

Lady Joy Emegakor

Dr. Lady May Obi-Okoye

Lady Chinwe Anyachebelu

Lady Oby Nnabugwu

Mrs. lfeyinwa Okonkwo


Sir Felix Okeke                   –         Leader

Mr. Uzoma Ezeji        –         Asst.

Mr. Ken Okeke

Sir Onochie Ikegwuani

Sir Damian Onyekachi

Mr. Chris Okwonna

Dr. Emegakor

Mr. Obinna Igwemba

Mrs. Njide Okonkwo

Ars. Ijeoma Emenike

Mrs. Uche Igbokwe

Mrs. Chinyere Nwankwo

Mrs. Chinyere Ejike – Umeh

Lady Nkiru Obijiofor

Mrs. Anuli Etele

Lady Ebele Aghasili

Lady Ugonwa Aghasili

Mrs. Ezenekwe Lizette


Lady Uju Dike                    –         Leader

Mr. Arinze Nnabugwu                    –         Asst.

Lady Chinekwu Onyekachi

Mrs. Ebere Eze

Mrs. Chika Okoli

His Worship Oby Erinne

Sir Ndubuisi Udemezue

Mrs. Chioma Obi

Mr. Chris Alinta

Mrs. Ngozi Ohanugo

Mrs. Nkiru Achu

His Worship Erusiaku Okwudili

His Worship Amaka Okoye

Barr. J.R Nduka

Lady Fidel Ngenegbo

Dr. Onyeka Eyisi

Barr. Edward lbegbu

Lady Patience Madu

Lady Angela Obijiaku

Mr. lfeanyi Ofoche


Dr. Sir Chuba Oranusi                    –         Leader

Dr. Sir Nduka Ochuba                    –         Asst.

Rev. Barr. Emma Ezeugo

Engr. Mrs. Chizoba Uzochukwu

Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani

Lady Amaka Ifezue

Barr. Sunday Udemezue

Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo

Lady Phina Agulefo

Sir Oseloka Ofor

Lady Hope Okonkwo

Mrs. Chinyere Ejike – Umeh

Mrs. Lizette Ezenekwe

Mr. Nonso Anene


Prof. Law Onyekwe             –         Leader

Pharm. Chinedu Nwankwo    –         Asst

Dr. Emeka Iloghalu

Dr. Obinna Okafor

Lady Pat Iloghalu

Mrs. Ngozi Okoli

Com. WIlly Anika

Dr. Osoka Davy Ukegbu

Dr. Eddy Emegakor


Rev. Barr. Emma Ezeugo      –         Leader

All Clergy Wives

Mrs. Edith Okeke

Mrs. Christy Okpagu

Mrs. Ngozi Kanu

Mrs. Nkechi Okoloji

Sir Victor Oranu

Bro. Sam Itodo

Mrs. Joy Okwonna

Mrs. Josephine


Lady Ify Ukachukwu            –         Leader

Mrs. Chioma Onuselogu        –         Asst.

Lady Oby Okeke

Mrs. Oluchi Onyema

Lady Oluchi Ugwumadu

Mrs. lfeyinwa Okonkwo


Mrs. Joy Uche – Okpala – Leader

Lady Njide Onyekwelu -Asst.

Lady Ada Nweke

Lady Njide Nebeolisa

Mrs. Phina Agulefo

Mrs. Okpalanekeizu


Dr. Mrs. Nneka Ezeugo         –         Leader

Mrs. Uche lgbokwe              –         Asst.

Engr. Mrs. Chizoba Uzochukwu

Mrs. Ifunanya Akonobi

Mrs. Adaeze Nnatuanya

Mrs. Chika Odi

Mrs. Ezeabata

Barr. Lady Joy Okonkwo

Lady Pat Nnoli

Lady Chinelo Oranu

Mrs. Nude Okonkwo

Mrs. Onyedika Nzekwesi

Mrs. Nneka Uzondu

Mrs. Amaka Nwakaeze

Mrs. Ify Odife

Lady Uzoma Anyachebel

Lady Chinwe Dibiaezue

Lady Azuka Nwaose

Mrs. Daisy Johnson

Mrs. Oby Obiano


Sir Obiora Onuselogu           –         Leader

Lady Ogoo Onyekwe           –         Asst.

Engr. Mrs. Chizoba Uzochukwu

Dr. Mrs. Nneka Ezeugo

Mrs. Ifunanya Akonobi

Mrs. Adaeze Nnatuanya

Mrs. Chika Orji

Mrs. Ezeabata

Mrs. Anuli Etele

Mrs. Blessing Ejiogu

Mrs. Ugonwa Aghasili

Mr. Ikenna Obidike

Mrs. Ekene Egbutu

Lady Maureen Nkemena

Lady Ijeoma Udeozor

Lady Pat Nnoli


Dr. Lady Ngozi Okonkwo      –         Leader

Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi           –         Asst.

Rev. Dr. Chukwudinma Akabuogu

Mr. Okoye Chikelo

Sir Ifeanyl Ezeugo

Mr. Reuben Akonobi

Mr. Uche Oforji

Mr. Chinazo Okonkwo

Mrs. Chiamaka Chinweze

Miss Obioma Okonkwo


Mr. Uche Okeru                  –         Leader

Sir Obi Anyaora                  –         Asst.

Engr. Humphrey Nwokoye

Engr. Sir A. A. Onyeji

Mr. Sam Emerebe

Mr. Mfon Ekanem

Mr. lkenna Okwudili

Sir Emeka Nwaose

Mr. lnnocent Nwokolo

Sir Alex Okenwa

Engr. Ken Chinweze

Arc. Dubem Olisa


Lady Ogoo Mbachi     –         Leader

Lady Ada Ezeokoli     –         Asst

Lady Ebere Aghasili

Mrs. Ada Okpalaezeokoli

Mrs. Chika Orji

Mrs. lfunanyà Akonobi

Mrs. Nchedo Aghasili

Mrs. Uche Amaefuna

Mrs. Ethel Obiutom

Miss Chinyere Obi

Miss. ljeoma Anyanwu

Mr. Emeka Ezechukwu

Mr. Uche Udegbunam

Mr. Emeka Okoloigwe

Mr. Nonso Anene


Sir Sunday Okonkwo           –         Leader

Sir Victor Ndu                     –         Asst.

Barr. Andy Obianwu

Capt. Udoka Okonkwo

Mr. Emeka Adimora

Mr. Chris Okonkwo

Sir Onochie Ikegwuani

Ekwevi Kenechi Paul

Emeka Adimora

Omokhudu Imosione Daniel

Agummadu Tochukwu

Mrs. llodigwe Onyinyechi

Osita Nwokolo

Ebeako Chukwuma


Sir Emma Okpagu     –         Leader

Mr. Avusioke            –         Asst.

Ikechukwu Ogbu

Engr. Okey Okeke

Okeke Kenedy Onyebuchi

Ejike Chijioke

Jerry Nwani

Ani Chinedu

Ikenna Okwudili Esq

Ojukwu Onyenwe

Oulo Kenechukwu

Mr. Chinedum Njoku

Ikenna Esmai

Samson Anyanwu

James Iro Udensi


Mr. Emeka Okeru                –         Leader

Mr. Emeka Okenwa             –         Asst.

Engr. Mrs. Chizoba Uzochukwu

Dr. Mrs. Nneka Ezeugo

Mrs. lfunanya Akonobi

Mrs. Adaeze Nnatuanya

Mrs. Chika Orji

Mrs. Ezeabata

Mr. Chinedu Onwuemeli

Mr. Frank Ezeobieri

Mr. Emeka Okoroigwe

Mr. Emeka Ezechukwu

Mr. Uche Udegbunam

Mrs. Rose Umeh

Mrs. Azuka Nwokedi

Miss Ijeoma Aguiyi

Miss Uche Aguiyi

Miss Ijeoma Olisa

Mrs. Uzoamaka Okeke

Mrs. Chinelo Adimorah

Mr. Uche Okafor

Mr. Uche Ofoegbu

Miss Anene Blessing

Miss Lovelyn Isiani


Sir Ndubuisi Onyekwelu                 –         Leader

Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo             –         Asst. & Secretary

Rev. Arc. Chibueze Orji

Prof. Sir Okey Ikpeze

Prof. Humphrey Oguagbaka

Engr. Sir A. A. Onyeji

Dr. Archibald Ofoche

Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani

Dr. Lady Jessie Obicheta

Lady Nkechi Otubelu


Sir Ogoo Ikeme                  –         Leader

Capt. Udoka Okonkwo         –         Asst.

Mrs. Ngozi Njoku

Mrs. Adaeze Nnatuanya

Mrs. Ezeabata


Sir Chika Aghasili       –         Leader

Mrs. Oby Obiano       –         Asst.

Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi

Engr. Mrs. Chizoba

Sir Obiora Oranu

Lady Njide Nebolisa


Men’s Groups are very powerful and very much united like families and they carry on a lot of selfless activities even outside formal Cathedral assignments. They have a central and coordinating body named, Cathedral Men’s Christian Fellowship (M.C.F.).

This Fellowship has given men in the Cathedral a big forum to fellowship and support the work of God in the Cathedral. Their pioneer Chairman was Sir A. A. Onyeji. Others were Sir IK Nweje, Dr. Sir Emman Oyeka. Present Chairman is Sir Nworah Etele. During the tenure of the Provost, the Very Rev. Prof. Emma Ekpunobi, the Cathedral MCF tiled the Lady Chapel and Sanctuary under the leadership of Dr. Emman Oyeka. In 2017, the MCF led by Sir Nworah Etele embarked on building a two storeyed building as another Cathedral Secretariat. The Primate laid the foundation stone of the project during his visit to the Diocese.


  1. Sir Nworah Etele            –         Chairman
  2. Sir Ogoo Ikeme             –         1st Vice Chairman
  3. Chijioke Igbokwe           –         2nd Vice Chairman
  4. Chigozie Ezeanochie       –         Secretary
  5. Phillips Ukadike             –         Assist. Secretary
  6. Mfon Ekanem                –         Financial Secretary
  7. Emeka Okeru                –         Treasurer
  8. Nwachukwu Onyekwelu  –         PRO I
  9. Chijioke Ejike                –         PRO II
  10. Arinze Nwafor               –         Welfare Officer I
  11. Kenneth Anyabolu          –         Welfare Officer II
  12. Ikechukwukadibia Emebo –         Provost 1
  13. Chidozie Divine Obidike   –         Provost 2
  14. Dr. Sir Emman Onyeka    –         Ex Officio


The Very Rev I. C. Agbaim constituted Men’s Groups I – 4 on 26th August, 1984. Later Groups 5 to 8 were added. They meet every Monday either in the Cathedral premises or in members’ homes.



  1. Engr. Onwuegbusi
  2. Sir C. C. Onuorah
  3. Engr. John Anyachebelu
  4. Sir Ndu Onyekwelu
  5. Sir Emma Okpagu
  6. Sir Ike Ubachukwu


  1. Alex Ikhu-Omoregbe (1984 – 2002)
  2. Sir Reuben Mba (2002 – 2010)
  3. Sir Chris Okwonna (2010 – 2018)


  1. Mr. A. O. Ibekwe
  2. Mr. D. O. Okolo
  3. Sir Ralph Ezenwosu
  4. Sir A. A. Onyeji
  5. Sir Emma Nwankwo


  1. Mr. John C. S. Kong-Doomabey (1984 – 1990)
  2. S. B. Agbasimelo (1990 – 1996)
  3. Prof. H. C. Oguagbaka (1996 – 2010)
  4. Barr. Sir Ben Uzuegbu (2010 – 2015)


  1. Ephraim Nwokedi (1994 – 1997)
  2. Iyke Ejimbe (1997 – 1999)
  3. Chris Bosa (1999 – 2002)
  4. S. M. Okonkwo (2003 – 2007)
  5. Uche Okeru (2007 – 2011)
  6. Barr. Ikenna Okwudili (2011 – 2017)


  1. Mfon Ekanem (2003 – 2013)


  1. Dr. Sylvia Ezieruo (Pioneer Chairman: 2003 – 2006)
  2. Sir IK Ejelue (2006 – 2012)


  1. Olisa Maxwell (2009 – 2017)


  1. Group 1 :  Sir O. O. Ikegwuani
  2. Group 2 :  Mr. Okey Ezeokeke (2018 – date)
  3. Group 3 :  Sir Felix Okeke
  4. Group 4 :  Evang. Sir Felix Emegakor (2015 – date)
  5. Group 5 :  Sir Damian Onyekachi (2017 – date)
  6. Group 6 :  Mr. Ken Okeke (2013 – date)
  7. Group 7 :  Mr. Uzoma Ezeji (2012 – date)
  8. Group 8 :  Mr. Obinna Igwemba (2017 – date)


The Cathedral A. Y. F. started here in 1973 during the tenure of the Very Rev I. C. Agbaim. Some past Leaders are:

  • Tunde Martins                         –         1974-1975.
  • Humphrey Ezeika                     –         1975-1976.
  • Sir Ralph Ezenwosu                  –         1977- 1988
  • Mr. Humphrey Osuchukwu         –         1989 – 1993

Assisted by Innocent Udeokpalla

  • Late Mr. Walter lgwemba served as a Secretary for a long time.
  • Mrs. Beatrice Emekekwue
  • Mr Emenike Mozoba.
  • Mr. Afamefula Ngwu (Asst.)

Past Leaders (2013 – 2016):

  1. Bro. Afam Ngwu             –         Leader
  2. Sis Anuli Udemezue        –         Secretary
  3. Sis Ifeyinwa Achonye      –         Sisters’ Coordinator
  4. Bro. Uche Okpalanta      –         Provost
  5. Bro. Chinedu Ani            –         Evangelism Leader
  6. Bro. Emeka Okenwa       –         Treasurer
  7. Bro. Arinze Oraegbunam –         Brothers Forum leader

Present Leaders (2016 – date)

  1. Bro Chinedu Ani             –         Leader
  2. Bro. Francis Igweze        –         Asst. Leader
  3. Bro. Arinze Oraegbunam –         Secretary
  4. Sis. Evelyn Offia            –         Asst. Secretary
  5. Bro. Emma Joshua         –         Evangelism leader
  6. Bro. Emeka Okenwa       –         Treasurer
  7. Sis. Blessing Udeoha       –         Sisters’ Coordinator
  8. Bro. Emeka Emesianike   –         Provost I
  9. Bro. Uche Okparanta      –         Provost II
  10. Sis Ngozi Obianyo          –         Financial Secretary

First Chaplain – Rev G. I. N. Okpala (JP) (Now Bishop of Nnewi and Archbishop of Province of Niger)


  1. 1985 – released the first All Saints’ Cathedral Almanac
  2. 1986 – introduced the Bulletin “Cathedral Link” designed to link different arms of the Cathedral
  3. 1996-came first at the Diocesan A. Y F Music Festival under the able leadership of Mr. Uche Okeru.
  4. Bought the first bus ‘608’ Mercedez Benz used by the Cathedral.

Activities as divided into Departments:

  1. Evangelism
  2. Welfare/Caring
  3. Sports
  4. Works

The A.Y.F. of the Cathedral has been a lively fellowship. Their Football team has been active and lively. A.Y.F. organizes programs for the Youths. They also participate in Diocesan Programs. They are working to meet an average target of 200 youths.


Youth Service was started by then Ven. Owen Nwokolo. The 1.00 pm Sunday Worship or the youths is growing in attractiveness. Some call it “Youth Aglow”. Members of the youth band are improving in their performance. The Aglow Drama Group presented an informative and entertaining drama in the Cathedral Victory Night and in many Cathedral program. All Youth Organizations take turn in the Youth Service. This has increased attendance, vibrancy and youth involvement in the Church


The Cathedral Anglican Boys Association (A.B.A.) now Anglican Boys Fellowship (A. B. F.) was inaugurated on 20th Oct. 2002 with Mr. Obi Dike as the founding leader. The Senior Friends were also dedicated on the same day. Membership is open to unmarried young men of about 15 years and above. They meet every Tuesday by 5.00 pm for Bible study and every Friday for general meeting, one hour with God / fasting and Prayer. They have been known for witnessing and sanitation work on Saturdays. One of their past leaders was Bro. Chekwube Anieto. Present leader is Bro. Uche Udegbunam.


The Cathedral Brigade was registered in 1992 as the first Onitsha Cadet Company. They were made up of grown ups hence the name ”Officer Cadet”. Presently the Cathedral Brigade is Organized as Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade. Present leader Boys’ Brigade is Capt. Udoka Okonkwo and Leader Girls’ Brigade is Mrs. Ngozi Njoku.


  • The Young Anglican Crusaders (Y A C) was inaugurated in All Saints’ Cathedral in the year 2001 by the then Ven. Sam C. Chukuka. The following are the aims of The Young Anglican Crusaders:
  • Winning the souls of the youth within the Cathedral
  • To encourage the young Anglicans who are already believers.
  • To give the young ones an opportunity to interact and worship freely, though with strict supervision.
  • To help young Anglicans discover their purpose, talents, and help them fulfill their destinies.

The following -people served as leaders in various capacities from the inauguration to date:

IK. Chukuka (Co-ordinator)            –         2001 – 2002

Amara Chukuka (Co-ordinator)        –         2002 – 2003

Godswill Nkwazema (Gen. Sec.)      –         2002 – 2004

Bar Rapulu Nduka (President)         –         2003 – 2004

God’swill Nkwazema (President)      –         2004 – 2005

Samuel Odoh (President)               –         2005 – 2006

Chizua Nwabugwu (President)         –         2006 – 2008

Kosy Ejibendu (President)              –         2008 – 2009

Emmanuel Joshua (President)         –         2009 – 2010

Ibekwe Nonso (President)              –         2010 – 2011

Ndubuisi Ejibendu (President)                   –         2011 – 2013

Uju Ogbodo                                –         2013 – 2017

Omanyichukwu Basil (President)      –         2017 – date

Others are as follows:


Iyke Chukuka           –         Coordinator

Nkwazema Godswill   –         Secretary

Chimere Chukuka      –         Music Secretary

Nwannebuife Anieto   –         Music Secretary

Ogonna Onyeji         –         Pilot / Prayer Secretary

Chinelo Otubelu        –         Pilot / Prayer Secretary

Arinze Okpagu          –         Creativity Secretary

Chekwube Anieto      –         Drama Secretary

Nwando Okonkwo     –         Satellite Secretary

2002 – 2003

Amara Chukuka        –         Coordinator

Nkwazema Godwill    –         Secretary

Chimere Chukuka      –         Music Secretary

Amara Obiokoye       –         Drama Secretary

Ogonna Onyeji         –         Pilot / Prayer Secretary

Arinze Okpagu          –         Creativity Secretary

Nwando Okonkwo     –         Satellite Secretary


Rapuluchukwu Nduka –         Coordinator

Chimere Chukuka      –         Assist Coordinator

Chiamaka Okonkwo   –         Secretary

Nkwazema Godswill   –         Financial Secretary

Binyelum Onyekwe    –         Treasurer

Nwannebuife Anieto   –         Music Secretary

Ifeanyi Asugo           –         Drama Secretary

Onyinye Agbasimalo  –         Satellite Secretary

Ekene Kanu             –         Pilot Secretary

Nonso Kanu             –         Pilot / Prayer Secretary


Nkwazema Godswill   –         President

Samuel Odoh           –         Vice President

Onyinye Agbasimalo  –         Satellite Secretary / Coordinator

Chiamaka Okonkwo

Uche Uzochukwu


Emmanuel Joshua     –         President

Agbasimalo Arinze     –         Vice President

Ibekwe Nonso          –         General Secretary

Ndubuisi Ejibendu      –         Ushering Leader

Henrietta Morah        –         Assist Ushering Leader

Ileke Praise              –         Creativity Secretary


Ibekwe Nonso          –         President

Ejibendu Ndubuisi     –         Vice President

Chinenye Enemchukwu –      General Secretary

Nworah Lynda          –         Treasurer

Ukamaka Emelummadu –      Prayer Secretary

2011 – 2012

Ndubuisi Ejibendu      –         President

Uche Uzochukwu      –         Vice President

Ukamaka Emelummadu –      General  Secretary

Chinenye Enemchukwu –      Music Secretary

Ifeoma Okeke          –         Prayer Secretary

Queen Agulefo          –         Drama Secretary

Byron Agbasimalo     –         Coordinator

2013 – 2016

Uche Ogbodo           –         President

Ndubuisi Ejibendu      –         Vice President

Ukamaka Emelummadu –      General Secretary

Since its inauguration, the Young Anglican Crusaders, All Saints’ Cathedral has been impacting the lives of young people within and outside the cathedral through their television programs, seminars, magazines and outreaches. In the year, 2008 built the notice board at Choir entrance (Southern side of the Church and in the year 2009, built the notice board at the Western door of the Cathedral. Members of the Young Anglican Crusaders meet every Saturday. They have only few active members and currently plans are being made to re-activate the group.


The then Sub-Dean, Ven Owen Nwokolo, inaugurated the Cathedral Singles Fellowship on Sunday July 11, 2006. Their leaders were dedicated the same day. Mr. lkechukwu Ezeaku was their first Leader. Their motto is “Ablaze in His Glory”. The fellowship is made up of about 150 members who are above the age of 18 years. Many of the members wedded and left the fellowship. They held their 2014 Drama/Praise Night. They hosted different choral and drama groups who ministered in songs and drama presentations. It was well attended. In 2014, the fellowship recorded many testimonies and numerical increase. They meet every Monday at 5pm and Fridays for prayer hour. They hold an annual event which comprises Drama, Praise Night, Ladies and Gents’ Day celebration.


Children’s Service used to hold at the Hall of Honour with Mrs. Nwakakwa, Mrs. Ezennabuike, Lady Rose Uwakwe, Lady Helen Maduekwe, Mrs. Christy Okoye, etc as the teachers. The children were taught and trained to make presentations in the Cathedral on special Sundays such as Mothering Sundays and chilldren’s harvest. On these days the children are fed with sumptuous food and drinks donated by the Cathedral congregation.

The Children Ministry of the Cathedral is effective. The children hold two major services each Sunday. About 950 children attend the 7am Service every Sunday while 250 children attend the l0am Service The 7am service is divided into children in Nursery classes, Children in Primary 1-5 and Primary 6 – Basic 3 Class. We use the Church of Nigeria Sunday School Booklet for their teaching. We have introduced the features that are seen in the main service like Sides persons, Cross bearers, People’s and Pastor’s Wardens and Children’s Choir. A clergy worships with them every Sunday and Holy Communion is held for them once in a month. Every last Sunday in the month is variety Sunday featuring activities like Quiz, Sword Drills, Drama and special Numbers. There are 20 knowledgeable, committed and dedicated Children teachers (See Appendix XL). A band set was purchased and dedicated for the Children’s worship in 2013. They are enjoying their worship in conducive atmosphere. All these have really brought high interest among the children in church participation.


This morning prayers started in February 2014 to gather Cathedral children every Saturday morning at Lady Chapel for an Hour prayer with the Cathedral Priests. This has an average attendance of 150 and the interesting part of it is that the parents do bring their children every Saturday morning except last Saturday of the month for this morning prayers. Sunday School is being held every Sunday by 4pm at the Holy Innocent Chapel and at different A.C.M. Centres. We also have daily children evening prayer called A.C.M and new centres have been created.


  1. All Saints’ Cathedral (Holy Innocent Chapel)
  2. No. 16 Niger Drive, G.R.A. (Glorious Centre)
  3. No. 12 Onwuamaegbu Crescent, G.R.A. (Praise Centre)
  4. No. 21 New Nkisi, G.R.A. Onitsha (God’s own Branch)
  5. No. 41 Niger Drive, G.R.A. Onitsha (Soldiers of Christ Branch)


We started a special fellowship for children between the classes of Basic 5 – JSS 3 every first and last Saturday of the month. The fellowship is being manned by parents led by Lady Ada Okpalaezeokoli, they are taught Anglicanism and Spirituality. The fellowship is gaining ground as many in that category turn out every 4:00pm for it, The programme was inaugurated by the Subdean, Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu.



With the approval of the Dean of the Cathedral, the Rt. Rev. Ken S. E. Okeke, the Sub-Dean, Ven. Owen C. Nwokolo inaugurated the Cathedral Victory Hour on Wednesday June 1, 2005. The Sub-Dean appointed Rev. Canon Israel Odita to co-ordinate the programme. Victory Hour is designed to create a free atmosphere for people to worship and encounter the Lord in a more personal way.

Opportunity is given in the program for exposition of the Word of God, testimonies and concerted prayers. Quality time is given to ministration in the power of the Holy Spirit so people can experience the power of God that transforms lives and also meets individual needs.

Victory Hour is open to everybody including those who are not Anglicans. It holds every

Wednesday between the hours of 7.30am and 1.00pm.


The Health Post is functional. It is effectively manned by qualified staff. They attend training programmes and Conferences. The Health Post attend to patients and handles emergencies during Fresh Manna Conference with the assistance of Anglican Doctors and Iyi-Enu Mission Hospital. The Health Post is also used as Evangelism tool as they participate in sharing of treated mosquito nets to members, checking Blood pressure free for members and Sugar level for N100 only to encourage healthy living.


The members of the Hospital Visitation Ministry go out every Sunday afternoon to visit sick persons in different hospitals and different homes within Onitsha and its environs. Since the last Synod, about 30 different hospitals and 20 homes have been visited. The teams usually share the gospel with the sick persons, pray for them and also present materials gifts to the sick persons. (See Appendix XLI for Hospital Visitation Group).


This is a monthly programme designed for pregnant women and those who have their beloved ones who are pregnant. It is done every first Monday of the month. There are testimonies of God’s blessing and answer to prayer on safe delivery.


This is a Night Vigil that takes place four times in a year (March, June, September ad December). God has used these vigils to bless many souls and add more souls to the kingdom. This program records an attendance of 3,000. The Coordinator presently is Rev. Arc. Chibueze Orji.


This is a month long programme designed for expecting mothers. It is done every July. Teachings on bible principles and medical teachings are organized by men of God and doctors. There are testimonies of God blessing couples with children.


This is a programme designed for married Men and women where issues relating to Family lives are discussed to help in building healthy family relationships.


This was put in place to carter for the need of those who newly gave their lives to Christ. It is a discipleship and follow-up session that takes place immediately after the Wednesday Victory Hour. The Diocesan follow-up study material is the tool for teaching. We also have follow-up class every Sunday in Oratory chapel by 4:00pm to accommodate those who could not partake in the Wednesday class. Sunday Coordinators are Rev. Canon Barr. Dr. Emma Ezeugo, Dr. Emeka Ikeogu and Dr. Mrs. Chika Ikeogu. (Rev. Canon Barr. Dr. Emma Ezeugo succeeded Rev. Canon Johnny Amaizu).


Volunteer workers are grouped into various departments, for smooth and effective running of the programme. The departments include: the Ushers; the Victory Voices (The Choir); the Revelation Intercessors (Deliverance Team); the Aaron and Ur (They pray for the Ministers in the Cathedral) and the Burden Bearers (They pray over the prayer requests before they are finally discarded). Testimonies abound of lives that have been touched and souls that have been won all to the Glory of God.


The Cathedral has an oversight function in the Schools within the area especially the Diocesan Schools in coordinating retreat and moral instruction. The Anglican Teachers in DMGS, Holy Cross and All Saints’ Primary School and the regular worshippers in the Cathedral have regular meetings and formed the Cathedral Area Anglican Teachers’ Association and elected officers. It is now easier to reach them with information from the Diocese.


The Word feast of All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha is a mid-week evangelistice service held every Thursday where people come together to study and share the word of God. Testimonies and miracles are experienced as the word of God is being shared. Rev. Canon Dr. Emma Ezeugo is currently the Coordinator.


The Cathedral started special prayers and Holy Communion for aged members of the Cathedral to meet their special needs and pray with them every 1st Tuesday of the month. The first fellowship was held on Monday, 21st March 2016. The programme was inaugurated by Ven Obiora Uzochukwu, the Subdean of the Cathedral. Thank God that through this ministry, more lives have been affected and the elderly people enjoy the serene and quiet atmosphere in which the Fellowship is organized for them.


The laity group in the Cathedral is being restructured to fit the Cathedral. The laity are being regrouped according to professional groups like Legal forum, Businessmen forum, Businesswomen forum, Anglican Teachers Association, Medical & Health workers forum, Engineers, Contractors and industrialists forum, Students’ forum, Civil servants forum and employee’s forum. These forums are expected to meet every 1st Wednesday of the month. The executives of the forums and plans are being made to make them strong and fulfill their purpose. (See Appendix XIX)


The Cathedral Committee has helped to form 9 Co-operative societies for its members and members are being encouraged to identify with one or more to strategically position our member to benefit in the current SME scheme of the government. The Co-operative societies are as follows:

  1. Cathedral Men’s welfare multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.
  2. Cathedral Welfare initiative multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd
  3. Young Saints farmers’ multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.
  4. Youth Aglow Initiative for training & empowerment multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd
  5. All Saints’ women Welfare multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd
  6. Young wives multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd
  7. Cathedral fish farmers multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd
  8. Cathedral widows multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd


The Cathedral is deeply involved in the welfare of the members of the Cathedral and others, a lot of money is being spent yearly to cater for the need of the less privileged in the society. Welfare for ‘Save a meal’ during lent was introduced by Rev. Canon Dr. George Okeke. On Easter Sunday, all the money saved were returned by the people and used to reach out to the less privileged. The Cathedral welfare committee in 2014 lent period shared Cathedral specially made Eight in One thick Notebooks and set of provisions each to about 500 Cathedral undergraduates and Secondary School students living in the hostel and only Eight in one thick notebooks to other Secondary School students. N50,000 each was shared to eleven Cathedral undergraduates who have difficulties in paying their School fees. In 2015, among other welfare packages, the Cathedral provided 2 Keke buses and 3 Small buses to its members in the first phase of empowerment.

In 2016, the Cathedral started a Scholarship Scheme and a special welfare to help people especially women to start small scale businesses that will help them become self sustaining. In 2017, the Cathedral embarked on helping members start up a small scale business by giving the loan. In 2018, the Cathedral embark on meeting diverse needs of the members like paying of School fees and hospital bills.

This Welfare/Charity Sub-Committee was the initiated by our retired Bishop Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke in the Diocese on the Niger.

The first Chairman of the Welfare in All Saints Cathedral was Sir Reuben Mbah.


The aims of Charity/Welfare Sub-Committee are:

  1. to see to the welfare of the members of the church that ar in need
  2. to visit the sick members pray for them with a purse of N2,000.00 for fruit/provision.
  3. to prepare cheques for condolence for members and members parent.
  4. to see the need of the widow and needy in our mist and organize christmas gifts for them.
  5. to visit the aged pray for them and give them a purse N2,000.00 for fruit/provision.
  6. motivate groups to attend burials of their member by give them award.
  7. embark in giving loan to members but this did not work out well.

Proposal for Fund Raising For Welfare/Charity Sub-Committee.

  1. Through charity box place at the entrance of doors.
  2. Hiring of welfare chairs and tables/canopy
  3. Welfare offering once in a month.
  4. Burial levy is by offering when a member dies but it was abolish by Ven. Ekpunobi

The members of the Welfare/Charity sub-committee were appointed by the P.C.C when Sir Reuben Mbah resigned. The appointed 5 members namely:

  1. Sir Alex Okenwa – Chairman
  2. Sir Emeka Nwose – Vice Chairman
  3. Mrs. Blessing Ejiogu – Secretary
  4. Mr. Uche Okeru – Member
  5. Mr. Anyo Chukwudi – Member

Every group both men / women and organization have their representative in All Saints Cathedral Welfare Charity subcommittee (See Appendix XX for members). The Subcommittee has done a lot to put smiles on faces of men and women both members and none members of the church.


The Cathedral Scholarship Programme has continued in which members are being encouraged to partner with the Cathedral to give out Scholarships of N100,000 or N50,000 for 4 years which will be given every Easter to indigent students who need it. (See Appendices XXIV to XXVI).


The outbreak of Ebola in 2015 necessitated the introduction of Communion small cups and trays in the Cathedral during Holy Communion Service. There was therefore, a need for boys (Altar Boys) to serve during the Holy Communion. The Altar Boys received training in Anglican ways and worship. They work with the Sexton to also retrieve the used cups after Holy Communion. See Appendix XXXIX for List of Cathedral Altar Boys.


The Cathedral Morning Showers of 6am – 7am has been repackaged but still maintain the traditional celebration of Holy Communion everyday with much emphasis on prayers and the word of God. The service record an average attendance of more than three hundred daily and attendance reaching up to five hundred or more on special programmes. Every Saturday is organized as “special family prayer” which happens to attract more people. We appreciate the Coordinator, Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi and all the Cathedral Clergy. The morning shower group has embarked on building of 4 flats for Cathedral Clergy which is currently at the roofing stage.


Business Breakthrough Fellowship takes place every Monday from 7am to 8am for business men and women. They commit their business into the hands of God for the week. Testimonies of God’s blessings and answered prayers abound. The first Coordinator was Rev. Canon Mike Okoh. The present Coordinator is the Sub-Dean, Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu.

  • Was founded in Britain in 1961 by Rev John Scott and other spirit-filled Christians.
  • Was inaugurated in All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha in July 1989 under the Leadership of Sir Alex Ikhu Omoregbe and assisted by Edwin Okoli. Other past leaders were Elder Edwin Okoli, Lady Elizabeth Taylor, George Uwuobi, Bro. Simon Itodo, Bro. Ndubuisi Chimezie and Mrs. Ngozi Okoli. Bro. Ik Mgbeokwere is the present leader.


  1. To ensure grassroot evangelism
  2. To promote the supreme authority of the scriptures in matters of faith and conduct through the Anglican Communion
  3. To foster fellowship and unity among evangelical Anglicans in the church in town/village and the world in large


  1. Carried the Gospel to riverine areas
  2. Proved and demonstrated necessity of mission through the E.F.A.C revival
  3. By God’s grace and the direction of the Holy Spirit, E.F.A.C. has brought a great revival in the church.

Through the EFAC, God raised many sound Christians


The Cathedral has produced quite a good number Of members of the’ Knighthood of the Order of St. Christopher. Most of the Diocesan leaders of the Order are members of All Saints’ Cathedral.

Past Presidents, Order of Knighthood of St. Christopher

  1. Sir Onyekwuluje Gibson
  2. Dr. Sir Uchenna Nwokolo
  3. Sir Ngozi Anyakora
  4. Dr. Sir Nath Okafor
  5. Dr. Sir Joe Ilonze

Present President Order of Knighthood of St. Christopher

Barr. Sir Ben Uzuegbu

Past Presidents Association of Lady Knights of St. Christopher

  1. Lady Uzoaku Onwuamaegbu – (1995 – 2002)
  2. Prof. Alice Ndu (2002 – 2005)
  3. Lady Nkiru Chiedu (2005 – 2011)
  4. Lady Felly Ijezie (2011 – 2018)

Present President Association of Lady Knights of St. Christopher

Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo

The Pioneer leader of the Cathedral Chapter of the Order of Knighthood of St. Christopher was Dr. Sir Joe Ilonze. He handed over to Dr. Sir Nduka Ochuba (2012 – 2016)


Chairman                –         Sir Chris Ukachukwu

Deputy Chairman      –         Sir Jerry Onyeagbaram

Secretary                –         Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo

Asst. Secretary         –         Dr. Lady Hope Okonkwo

Financial Secretary    –         Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani

Treasurer                 –         Lady Chinwe Anyachebelu

Activity Chairman      –         Sir Felix Okeke

P.R.O.                    –         Sir Joseph Oseloka

Welfare Officers        –         (i)   Sir Alex Okenwa

                                      (ii)  Lady Maureen Nkemena

                                      (iii) Lady Amaka Ifezue

The present Executive (2016 – date) led by Sir Chris Ukachukwu used interlocking slabs to construct the Car Park beside the Cathedral Administrative Complex. Cathedral Knights and Lady Knights blazed the trail for other organizations in the Cathedral to pick up projects.


All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha is seriously involved in the mission to make Christ known. Preaching the gospel both in the urban and in the rural areas is her major task. The Cathedral is also involved in erecting physical structures that will hasten the Lord’s work. In 1990, 25 plots of land (13.10 hectares) was purchased at Trans Nkisi Lay-out for mission expansion under the administration of the Very Rev. I. C. Agbaim. He also supervised the erection of St. Christopher’s Anglican Church at Obeledu. Men’s Group 1 and 4 also played a major role in equipping the Church. Men’s Group 4 donated the Pews, Pulpit and Lectern. Men’s Group 1 donated Keyboard and Choir robes.

In 2004, under Ven Sam Chukuka, the Cathedral started and completed a Parsonage at Christ Church lgbariam Farm settlement. She is championing with the help of her Men’s Group 5, the building of a church named All Saints’ at Omor. Under Ven Owen Nwokolo the Cathedral planted a Church at Nando. The Cathedral Mission Committee plays major roles in our missionary exploits.

Under the Very Ven. Dr. Emma Ekpunobi, the Cathedral continued the Church building at Orianyanwu with the help of Men’s Group 1. The Cathedral spent about N2 million to finance serious eye treatment of the daughter of Mrs. Esther Ukoha (Cathedral Accounting Officer) at Christian Medical College, Dellore India. Cathedral also instituted Nonso Obi Education Foundation for Nonso Obi, the only son of Late Mrs. Chinwe Obi (Cathedral Cashier) who had earlier lost her husband.

Under the Sub-Dean, Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu, the Cathedral completed the Church building at Orianyanwu. Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu also introduced in the Cathedral, Elders’ Fellowship, Prayer for the Aged, Jesus Ante-natal, beginning of the year programme with fasting, Sunday Services – 5:30am at Knights Abbey and 6:00am service at General Hospital, Onitsha.


During the time of Dr. Mrs. Nonyelum Nwokolo, the then Sub-Dean’s wife, Cathedral women visited the Island of Elemchere at the middle of River Niger for thanksgiving. They supported churches in disadvantaged areas with Bibles, Ekpere na Abu, Cash, Mary Sumner Uniform and other valuable items.

The Evangelism Team of the Men’s Christian Fellowship went on mission to Orianyanwu in the Diocese of Ogbaru. Many souls were won to the Lord Jesus Christ. The MCF followed up the mission and began a church building and parsonage which the Cathedral committee took over and spent over 6 Million naira as at 2014.

Several visits were made to the members of the Church. During the flood disaster in 2015, the MCF visitedthem and asked them what they needed at that time. The Cathedral promised to replace the Church building which was badly damaged by the flood with a more lasting structure and that was done.

Different organizations in the Cathedral take evangelism seriously in different ways, The women ministries during the Mothering Sunday week visited Schools and Motherless Babies homes and organized Market evangelism. The EFAC group of the Cathedral organized monthly outreach in the city of Onitsha and in February, they went on mission outreach to Niger West Diocese. Other Men’s and Women’s Groups went on one type of mission or the other. All the Groups visit and pray for the sick, bereaved and backsliding members. The Cathedral Mission Team assists in coordinating the efforts of the groups.


The St Mathias Day Collection is a day that is mapped out to mobilize all the Anglican churches in the Nation for special support to Missionary Dioceses in the nation. On this particular day the Churches are expected to send all the money generated in that particular Sunday for mission support. The Cathedral congregation has always participated in this with joy. Cathedral generates about N2 Million yearly.


The Diocesan Homage is a yearly programme in which the members of the Diocese are given opportunity to support the work of the Diocese and the vision of our Lord Bishop. This normally holds on Rogation Sunday at All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha. The Cathedral have always participated in this with joy. Cathedral generates about N12 Million yearly and the Diocese generates above N100 Million.


Advent Sunday is a yearly programme mapped out to support Church of Nigeria projects e.g. Church of Nigeria Secretariat. The Cathedral generates about N1 Million.


All Saints’ Primary School (once named Premier Primary School) Onitsha was founded in 1957 when the UPE in the then Eastern Region was abandoned by the government and All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha started the school as a model after the British Elementary School pattern with the Nigeria indigenous teachers to raise children who will proceed to grammar schools with classical tradition.

The school seeks to inculcate these values in the children.

  • good discipline
  • good behaviour
  • high academic standard
  • high moral education

The School is now jointly managed by the Diocese and Government since 20th December, 2013 when His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi was the Governor of Anambra State.

Substantive Heads of All Saints’ Primary School, Onitsha

  1. Mrs. Irene Nwokedi (First indigenous headteacher)
  2. Mrs. Thelma Azike
  3. Mrs. T. Osakwe
  4. Mrs. Elizabeth N. Nwakakwa
  5. Mrs. Winifred I. Erinne (now Lady)
  6. Mrs Juliet O. Moneme (diesd on duty in a motor accident)
  7. Mrs. Dorathy Nwokedi
  8. Lady Ngozi Onwuegbusi
  9. Lady Nkechi U. Otubelu
  10. Mrs. Ngozi Kanu
  11. Mrs. Dora Okoye
  12. Lady Victoria Ezeadili
  13. Mrs. Joy Ogbunuko – to date

Holy Cross Schools Onitsha started as Cathedral Nursery School, Onitsha. The pioneer Headmistress of Cathedral Nursery School was Mrs. Thelma Azike. The School later included Crèche and has now grown into Primary and Secondary Schools. The School is owned by the Diocese.

Mrs. Dora Okoye is the Headteacher of Holy Cross Nursery and Primary School while Dr. Mrs. Nkechi Omekaodimma is the Principal of Holy Cross Secondary School.

Currently All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha had purchased 40 plots of land for new Cathedral Secondary School at Nkwelle and 30 plots of land for new Primary School, also at Nkwelle.



Members of the History Sub-Committee of 2018 Diocesan Women Conference Planning Committee:

  1. Sir Ndubuisi Onyekwelu                       –         Chairman
  2. Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo                  –         Dep. Chairman & Secretary
  3. Rev. Arc. Chibueze Orji
  4. Prof. Sir Okey Ikpeze
  5. Prof. Humphrey Oguagbaka
  6. Engr. Sir A. A. Onyeji
  7. Dr. Archibald Ofoche
  8. Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani
  9. Dr. Lady Jessie Obicheta
  10. Lady Nkechi Otubelu



  1. Rt. Rev. Bertram Lasbery                              1922 – 1945
  2. Most Rev. Cecil John Patterson D.D                 1945 – 1969
  3. Rt. Rev. Lucius M. Uzodike                           1969 – 1974
  4. Most Rev. Jonathan A. Onyemelukwe D.D        1975 – 2000
  5. Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke                            2000 – 2010
  6. Rt. Rev. Owen C. Nwokolo Ph.D                     2010 – Date


  1. The Rt. Rev. A.W. Howells (D.D)

Assistant Bishop on the Niger               –         1920 – 1933

  • The Rt. Rev. T. C. John

Assistant Bishop on the Niger               –         1933 – 1936

  • The Rt. Rev. A. M. Gelsthorpe

Assistant Bishop on the Niger               –         1933 – 1938

  • The Rt. Rev. L. G. Vining

Assistant Bishop on the Niger               –         1938 – 1941

  • The Rt. Rev. C. J. Patterson

Assistant Bishop on the Niger               –         1942 – 1945

  • The Rt. Rev. A. C. Onyeabo

Assistant Bishop on the Niger               –         1937 – 1952

  • The Rt. Rev. Samuel M. Nkemena

Assistant Bishop on the Niger during Archbishop C. J. Patterson         –         1955

  • Rt. Rev. L. M. Uzodike

Assistant Bishop on the Niger               –         1961 – 1969

Bishop on the Niger                           –         1969 – 1974


  1. Sir Louis Nwachukwu Mbanefo             –         (1946 – 1977)
  2. Hon. Justice T. C. Umezinwa               –         1977
  3. Hon. Justice Obumneme Onwuamaegbu –         1986 – 1989
  4. Hon. Justice Edmund Uzodike              –         1990 – 1999
  5. Prof. Ilochi Okafor (SAN)                    –         2000 – 2010
  6. Barr. Nnamdi Ibegbu (SAN)                 –         2010 – date   


  1. Barr. Nnamdi Ibegbu (SAN)       –         The Chancellor
  2. Barr. C. T. Okeke                    –         Deputy Chancellor
  3. Barr. Ben Uzuegbu                   –         Registrar
  4. Barr. Andy Obianwu                 –         Assistant Registrar             
  5. Barr. Obiora Nzewi
  6. Barr. Tagbo Anieto
  7. Dame Barr. Chinwe Ilondu
  8. Barr. Humphrey Udechukwu


  1. Rev. Canon S. O. Ugwuanyi                 – The Cathedral Administrative Head (1970 -1971)
  2. The Very Rev. Isaiah C. Agbaim           – Provost (1971 – 1992)
  3. Rev. Canon Dr. George Okeke             – Cathedral Administrator (1992 1995)
  4. The Very Rev. Dr. David Okeke            – Provost (1995 – 2001)
  5. Ven. Sam Chukuka                            – Archdeacon in charge (2001 – 2005)
  6. Ven. Owen Nwokolo                          – Sub-dean (2005 – 2010)
  7. The Very Rev. Dr. Emma Ekpunobi       – Provost (2010 – 2014)
  8. Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu                     – Sub-dean (2014 – date)


  1. Rev. Canon Isaiah O. Agbaim     –  Canon in Residence (1972 – 1974)
  2. Rev. Canon A.E.D. Mgbemene    – Canon Residentiary of All Saints’ Cathedral and Principal Administrative Secretary of the Diocese (1974 – 1994)
  3. Rev. Canon S. O. Okafor –  Diocesan Administrative Secretary (1994 – 2005)


  1. Rt. Rev. B. C. Nwankiti
  2. Rev. Maduakolam
  3. Rt. Rev. R. N. C. Nwosu
  4. Ven. John C. Okparaocha
  5. Ven. J. P. C. Okeke
  6. Rev. M. C. Echendu
  7. Rt. Rev. M. S. C. Anikwenwa
  8. Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha
  9. Rev. S. O. Emelumadu
  10. Ven. S. I. Ibe
  11. Ven. Joel Akunazobi
  12. Ven. Arinze Uzomechina
  13. Rev. Canon Chibueze Ezeibe
  14. Rev. Canon Charles Oraelosi
  15. Ven. Samuel Ezewudo


  1. Sir Nathan Ekpunobi       –         1953 – 1976
  2. Sir Ralph O. Ekpeh         –         1986 – 2000
  3. Sir A. A. Onyeji              –         2000 – 2001
  4. Sir G. U. Okeke             –         2001 – 2002
  5. Engr. Sir Ik Otubelu        –         2002 – 2003
  6. Barr. Andy Obianwu       –         2003 – 2008
  7. Sir Chris Ukachukwu       –         2008 – 2011
  8. Sir Chuka Ezenekwe       –         2011 – 2014
  9. Sir Chika Aghasili            –         2014 – date


  1. Mr. Tim Anene                        –         1953 – 1967
  2. Dr. Walter C. Eze                     –         1982 – 1986
  3. Sir C. C. Onuorah                     –         1986 – 1994
  4. Engr. Sir Ndubuisi Onyekwelu    –         1994 – 1999
  5. Dr. Sir Emeka Eze                    –         1999 – 2000
  6. Sir Jerry Onyeagbaram             –         2001 – 2004
  7. Mr. Paul Ojekwe                      –         2004 – 2008
  8. Sir Charles Nsofor                    –         2008 – 2012
  9. Dr. Sir Emman Oyeka               –         2010 – 2013
  10. Sir Obiora Oranu                     –         2013 – date
  • Dr. Sir A. C. Ofoche was appointed in 2000 by Ven. Chukuka to assist the Wardens. Dr. Ofoche does the work from the Western door since 2000 to date.


The role of Vergers in the worship life of All Saints’ Cathedral was an important innovation introduced in the year 2001.

The first Vergers were Professor Okay Ikpeze And Dr Sir Allison A. Onyeji. The Archdeacon-in charge, Ven. Sam Chukuka appointed them with the approval of the Dean of the Cathedral, Rt. Rev. Ken Sandy Okeke. In 2006, the Sub-Dean, Ven. Owen Nwokolo appointed Mr. H. C. Oguagbaka as a third Verger. In 2007, the Subdean. Ven. Owen Nwokolo appointed Dr. Sir A. C. Ofoche as the fourth Verger with the approval of Bishop Ken Sandy Okeke to serve as Verger in the evensong as well as during Sunday morning Services. The Vergers have helped tremendously in establishing lively worship and the efficient conduct of lessons, sermons and processions in the Cathedral.


  1. Sir C. C. Onuorah           –         1992 – 1993
  2. Sir Ralph Ezenwosu        –         1993 – 1998
  3. Sir S. Okey Nwagbo       –         1998 – 2000
  4. Mrs. Eunice Okeke-Oguno         –         2001 – 2002
  5. Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani   –         2002 – 2003
  6. Sir Okezie Ekpeh            –         2003 – 2004
  7. Mr. Paul Ojekwe            –         2004 – 2008
  8. Lady Uju Ekpeh             –         2012 – 2013
  9. Lady Ifeanyi Oranusi       –         2014 – 2015
  10. Sir Ndubuisi Udemezue   –         2015 – date


Choir Masters


  1. Dr. W. W. C. Echezona
  2. Mr. Samuel Echezona
  3. Dr. Emeka Mbanefo
  4. Late Mr. Okagbue

Post War

  1. N. C. J. Chukwurah
  2. Mr.Clement Odiari
  3. Mr. Cyril Onuora-Oguno
  4. Mr. Chukwuka
  5. Dr. Sam Ojukwu
  6. Mr. Silas Nwosu
  7. Mr. Emma (Later Prof.) Oji
  8. Mr. Ibekwe
  9. Mr. C. J. Okereke
  10. Mr. Felix Okafor –  Organist
  11. Rev. MS. Beaver (Organist & Choir Master)
  12. Reuben Akonobi.
  13. Mr. Abednego Okafor –Distinguished Organist- Willingly And Admirably Plays Especially at Special Occasions
  14. Mr. Alex Madu

Some Early Choristers

  1. Mr. Christian Enwezor 1952
  2. Sir C. C. Onuorah 1953-1957
  3. Sir Albert O. Diji 1955
  4. Mr. Emma Udoye 1965
  5. Mr. Emma Okeke (Melody) 1957
  6. Mr. Basil Uzochukwu 1965
  7. Mr. Festus Madichie 1963
  8. Mr. Felix Okafor (With a break of about 10 Years after the War).
  9. Mrs. (Later Lady) Justina Eze 1970
  10. Mrs. Patie Egbuna 1970
  11. Late Mrs. Clara Menakaya 1971
  12. Mrs. Josephine Mgbemene 1971
  13. Mrs. Juliana Anah 1971
  14. Mrs. Angelina Emesianike (Angy) 1967
  15. Mr. Ifeanyi Ikemefuna 1962
  16. Obiora Ezenwa 1962
  17. Ndubuisi Onyekwelu 1962
  18. Okey and Obi Nwobi 1962
  19. Ndubuisi Obi 1976-1979

N/B: Some Of Those Listed Are Still Singing in The Choir and Are Committed Members.

Incidentally: Bishop Ken S.E. Okeke Was A Pre-War Chorister Here – 1960/63


Music Sector

Music Director          –         Dr. Lady Ngozi Okonkwo

Deputy Music Director –        Chike Uchegbu (choir)

Chief Organist/deputy Music Director- (instruments) Elochukwu Oku

Organists                 –         Felix Okafor, lfeanyi Akonobi

Choir Master            –         Reuben Akonobi



Okonkwo, Ngozi (Dr. Lady)


Akonobi, Rueben (Mr.)


Oku, Elochukwu (Mr.)

Okoye, Azubuike (Mr.)

Finapri, Lkechukwu (Mr.)


Oforji, Uche


  1. Akaborgu, Juliana (Lady)
    1. Aluu, Ogechukwu
    1. Anekpo, Chiamaka
    1. Anene, Blessing
    1. Asogwa, Reginald
    1. Egbuche, Onyeoma C. (Mrs)
    1. Ejiogu, Ogechukwu
    1. Ekanem, Unyimeabasi
    1. Emefiona, Mmesoma
    1. Emmanuel, Ngozi
    1. Eneh, Juliet
    1. Ezelisiaku, Chidinma
    1. Ezenwankwo, Appolonia
    1. Iweanya, Amarachi
    1. Obiano, Ujunwa
    1. Obiako, Charity (Mrs)
    1. Obisi, Esther
    1. Okonkwo, Goodness
    1. Okonkwo, Obioma
    1. Onwukwe, Chioma
    1. Onyeagusi, Oluoma
    1. Onyebuchi, Chianugo
    1. Orah, Love
    1. Osakwe-Ogo, Gloria (Mrs)
    1. Udoh, Comfort


  • Abana, Odinaka
    • Abasilim, Ekpereamaka (Mrs)
    • Afocha, Mmesoma
    • Agunyenwa, Chidinma
    • Akaborgu, Chinaza
    • Amobi, Adaeze
    • Anyadiegwu, Peace (Mrs)
    • Anyaoha, Chioma (Mrs)
    • Chibueze, Mercy
    • Chinweze, Chiamaka (Mrs)
    • Chukwurah, Gloria
    • Edekobi, Chinaza
    • Emenike, Ijeoma (Mrs)
    • Enemuo, Chukwudi
    • Enendu, Chiamaka
    • Ezeonyeche, Faithful
    • Ibegbunam, Chidinma
    • Njoku, Victoria (Mrs)
    • Nwudo-Odenigbo, Onyinye
    • Oboli, Chidinma
    • Odife, Lfeyinwa (Mrs)
    • Oguamalam, Favour
    • Okonkwo, Chioma
    • Okpala, Lfeyinwa
    • Okpara, Chinyere
    • Okpe, Joy
    • Olisa, Ijeoma
    • Williams, Angela


  • Adimorah, Amaka (Lady)
    • Anene, Chibuike
    • Anolue, Victor
    • Asuzu, Chidera
    • Asuzu, Princewill
    • Ebem, Thomas (Mr.)
    • Ekanem, Inyeneabasi
    • Ezejeluo, Chinemelum
    • Ezenwa, Lfeanyi
    • Ezeugo, Samuel
    • Ibezim, Chinecherem
    • Igweaka, Toonna
    • Muoghalu, Desmond
    • Ngonadi, Kenneth
    • Njoku, Jonathan (Mr.)
    • Ogechukwu, Henry
    • Ojiako, Ogochukwu
    • Ojukwu, Emeka (Mr.)
    • Okafor, John
    • Okoli, Chukwuma (Mr.)
    • Okonkwo, Chinazo
    • Okonkwo, Victor
    • Okoye, Emmanuel
    • Onu, Michael
    • Onyeagharam, Prince
    • Onyia, Chijioke
    • Onyia, Jeremiah
    • Osita, Gloria
    • Udoye, Emmanuel (Mr.)


  1. Agba, James
  2. Akonobi, Chibuzo
  3. Chukwuka, Obumneke
  4. Chukwurah, Isaac
  5. Dunu, Ugochukwu
  6. Ekeh, Joshua
  7. Ezechukwu, Emeka
  8. Ikefuna, Lawrence (Mr.)
  9. Ilechukwu, Udochukwu
  10. Imo, Ernest (Sir)
  11. Nnajekwu, Ekene
  12. Nnatah, Samuel (Mr.)
  13. Ofodum, Sylvester (Mr.)
  14. Oil, Ekene (Mr.)
  15. Oji, Samuel (Sir)
  16. Okeke, Kosisochukwu
  17. Okezie, Emeka
  18. Okoye, Chikaelo (Mr.)
  19. Olisa, Kenechukwu
  20. Onyeagusi, Ciiftord (Mr.)
  21. Osigwe, David (Mr.)
  22. Ugonwenyi, Chinedu
  23. Umehkachukwu, Chibueze


  1. Richard Scholefield Nickson – 1st Cathedral Architect 1949- 1984 (Died 16th Dec. 1984) Assisted By Mr. Robin York.
  2. David Chikwuelum Ifejika – 2nd Cathedral Architect (1985-1992). Co-operated with Richard Nickson giving him local help and advice. He took over from Nickson after his death and was responsible for the main part of the Nave and final western portion of the Cathedral.


In 1999, during the tenure of the Very Rev. Dr. D.C. Okeke as Provost, The A.Y.F of All Saints’ Cathedral attended an International Bible Conference at Owerri under the leadership of Late Mr. W. C. lgwemba, and seeing a large number of books purchased at reasonable prices, decided to create a library at the Cathedral.

So, many books were bought through Ven. S. O. Okafor and His Wife. A.Y.F members and others present also donated some books. The Ancillary Offices – now occupied by Cathedral clerical staff-was used as a library. Mrs. D.N. Ugo Ofodile was placed in charge of the library. She later on handed over to Miss Blessing Okakpu who was then substantially employed.


  1. Dr. Tim Menakaya – Chairman
  2. Sir. E. l. Anoliefo
  3. Rev. Canon Sir A. E. D Mgbemene
  4. Rev. Canon A. C. Mbakwe
  5. Mrs. Ngozi Ezedum
  6. Mr. S. K. Ezumba
  7. Chief S. N. Ulasi
  8. Chief L. C. Okeke Jp
  9. Sir I. N. Asomugha
  10. Sir. H. N. Ugwunze
  11. Dr. Sir Sam Chukwujekwu
  12. Sir Chris Nzeche
  13. Sir Tom Anamgbe
  14. Ichie C. Umejiaku
  15. Chief A. C. Okafor (Chikason)
  16. Mazi E. C. Nwankwo
  17. Barr. Ijem Onwuamegbu
  18. Chief Onwuka Ezedioramma


Members of the Cathedral Chapter consist of:

  1. The Bishop on the Niger – The Chairman
  2. The Assistant Bishop, if any
  3. The Provost
  4. The Archdeacons
  5. The Canons of the Cathedral (both residential and honorary)
  6. The Senior Assistant Priests of the Cathedral – hereafter called the Chaplain.
  7. The Chancellor of the Diocese on the Niger
  8. The Registrar of the Diocese on the Niger
  9. The Cathedral Treasurer
  10. Representatives the Cathedral Congregation
  11. Two members – Provost’s Warden and People’s Warden]
  12. Two members One Male } Elected One female
  13. Representatives of the Laity of the Diocese
  14. Two members one Male} Elected, One female
  15. Two members nominated by the Bishop


Bishop C.J. Patterson, Sir Nathan O. Ekpunobi, Mr. Tim Anene, Hon. Justice sir Louis Mbanefo, Mr. Alex I. Agwuna, Barrister C. C. Mojekwu, Dr. G. Nzegwu, Mrs. Nzegwu, Mrs. Comfort Ekpunobi, Sir C. C. Onuorah, Mrs. E.O. Enemuo, Lady B. Onwuamaegbu, W. E. Mojekwu.


  1. Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu
  2. Ven. Emma Mbanugo
  3. Rev. Canon Dr. Samuel Uzodimma
  4. Rev. Barr. Emma Ezeugo
  5. Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi
  6. Rev. Dr. Chinedu Nnatuanya
  7. Rev. Arc. Chibueze Orji
  8. Rev. Izuchukwu Ezeabata
  9. Rev. Dr. Chukwudinma Akabogu
  10. Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo        –         Secretary
  11. Sir Obiora Oranu                     –         People’s Warden
  12. Sir Chika Aghasili                     –         Sub-dean’s Warden
  13. Sir Ndubuisi Udemezue             –         Treasurer      
  14. Mr. Emeka Ezechukwu              –         Assistant Secretary
  15. Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani
  16. Sir Surv.  Obiora Onuselogu
  17. Engr. Sir Ndubuisi Onyekwelu
  18. Hon. Barr. Chuba Oranusi KSC
  19. Dr. Lady Jessie Obicheta
  20. Mrs. Christy Okpagu
  21. Mr. Maxwell Olisa


  1. Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu
  2. Rev. Canon Dr. Emmanuel Ezeugo
  3. Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi
  4. Rev. Dr. Chinedu Nnatuanya
  5. Rev. Arc. Chibueze Orji
  6. Rev. Izuchukwu Ezeabata
  7. Dr. Sir Obiora Oranu                –         People’s Warden
  8. Sir Chika Aghasili                     –         Sub-dean’s Warden
  9. Sir Ndubuisi Udemezue             –         Treasurer      
  10. Sir Obiora Onuselogu
  11. Engr. Sir Ndubuisi Onyekwelu
  12. Engr. Chikaelo Okoye
  13. Surv. Arinze Nwafor
  14. Dr. Lady Jessie Obicheta           –         Asst. Secretary
  15. Mrs. Christy Okpagu
  16. Dr. Lady Hope Okonkwo           –        
  17. Osakwe Ogo ify
  18. Mr. Emeka Ezechukwu              –         Secretary


  1. Barr. Andy Obianwu                 –         Provost’s Warden Emeritus
  2. Prince Dr. Sir Emeka Eze           –         People’s Warden Emeritus
  3. Sir Jerry Onyeagbaram             –         People’s Warden Emeritus
  4. Sir Chris Ukachukwu                –         Sub-dean’s Warden Emeritus
  5. Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo        –         Cathedral Committee Secretary Emeritus


Started in the Cathedral in 1992

  1. Chairman – Major R. Nnaji         –         1992
  2. Chairman – Sir Joseph Ilonze     –         1992 – 2000
  3. Mr. Nelson Dibiaezue                –         2000 – 2005
  4. Barr. Obiora Nzewi                   –         2005 – 2015
  5. Sir Victor Ndu                         –         2016 – date

Cathedral members who have served at the Diocesan levels

  1. Hon. Sir Chuba Oranusi (GON)   –         Diocesan President
  2. Sir Victor Ndu                          –         Diocesan Director of Protocols
  3. Mark Philip                              –         Diocesan Provost

Those who Represents Cathedral at the Diocesan Council

  1. All the Executive members
  2. Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani
  3. Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo
  4. Sir Ben Adimorah
  5. Charity Obiakor
  6. Morbike Juliet
  7. Ifeanyi Obika

Cathedral Laity Professional Forum Leaders

  1. Legal Professional forum           –         Barr. Ikenna Okwudili
  2. Medical / Health Service            –         Pharm. Chinedu Nwankwo
  3. Civil Service                            –         Mrs. Ify ofodile
  4. Teachers                               –         Mrs. Rose Umeh
  5. Teachers / Contractors             –         Engr. Chukwudo Ugu
  6. Service Providers                     –         Sir Amamchukwu Okafor
  7. Businessmen                          –         Mr. Dan Omokhudu
  8. Businesswomen                      –         Lady Ogoo Mbachi
  9. Accountants/Managers/Bankers  –         Mrs. Izuchukwu Oduche
  10. Students


  1. Sir Alex Okenwa             –         Chairman
  2. Sir Emeka Nwose           –         Vice Chairman
  3. Mrs. Blessing Ejiogu        –         Secretary
  4. Mrs. Ngozi Kanu            –         Asst. Secretary
  5. Mrs. Esther Anyaorah     –         Financial Secretary
  6. Mr. Emeka G. Okeke       –         Treasurer
  7. Anayo Chukwude
  8. Mr. Uche Okeru
  9. Mr. Emeka N. Okeke
  10. Sir Ossy Anaka
  11. Mr. Akpakama
  12. Mr. |R. F. Ifepe
  13. Mr. Chris Emelummadu
  14. Mr. Ezeimo
  15. Mr. Udoka Okonkwo
  16. Bro. Chukwuemeka Ikebuilo
  17. Mrs. Lovina Nwafor
  18. Mrs. Cecilia Nwakor
  19. Mrs. Ego Okoli
  20. Bro Victor Nweze
  21. Charity Obiakor
  22. Mrs. Oby Mokeme
  23. Mrs. Uju Uju Onuorah
  24. Mr. Chiak Ndubuisi
  25. Mrs. Edith Modebe
  26. Mrs. Imem Ekanem
  27. Lady Ifeoma Anieto
  28. Mr. Ndukaeze Nweze


  1. Pharm. Eddie Obianwu
  2. Mrs. Ugo Ofodile
  3. Dr. Sir Uchenna Nwokolo
  4. Mrs. Florence Omoh
  5. Sir B.C.O. Ifeagwu
  6. Lady Uzoaku Onwuamaegbu
  7. Lady Eunice Okafor
  8. Dr. Sir Ezeka E. Okafor (posthumous award)
  9. Dame Juliana Uchenna Annah
  10. Barr. Sir Lawrence Nnodu Ezeanochie
  11. Sir Godson N. Iheaku
  12. Madam Joy Adagu Agulefo


  1. Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani             –         Chairman
  2. Sir Obiora Oranu                     –         Asst. Chairman
  3. Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo        –         Secretary
  4. Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi
  5. Rev. Barr. Emma Ezeugo
  6. Anene Nonso                          –         Asst. Secretary
  7. Engr. Mrs. Chizoba Uzochukwu
  8. Sir Chika Aghasili
  9. Justice Ijem Onwuamaegbu
  10. Dame Dr. Vivian Onwuekwe
  11. Mr. Eugene Ogali
  12. Lady Ogoo Onyekwe
  13. Lady Nonye Udegbunam
  14. Mrs. Oby Obiano
  15. Mr. Chigozie Anochie
  16. Ijeoma Emelummadu
  17. Mrs. Ngozi Njoku
  18. Anaynwu Ijeoma
  19. Hon. Justice Gloria Anulude
  20. Lady Joy Okafor
  21. Emeka Okenwa
  22. Miss Ifunanya Obicheta
  23. Atuchukwu Ngozi
  24. Barr. Oby Chinwendu
  25. Prof. Humphrey Oguagbaka
  26. Udokamma Okonkwo
  27. Obi Ozioma C.


The Cathedral has continued to move from strength to strength and we thank God for His mercies and the Dean of the Cathedral for all his support. The Cathedral holds five Services every Sunday: 5:30am — 7am at the Chapel of Renewal, Knight Abbey, 6am — 8am at the General Hospital, Onitsha, 7am, 10am, 1pm and 5pm at the main Cathedral building. An average of about Two Thousand worshippers attends service every Sunday. We are currently embarking on Operation 1-4-4 for every member of the Cathedral to bring in 1 person every 4 months and cumulatively 4 persons by the end of the year. This will drastically increase the population of the Cathedral.

We retain the ancient Anglican tradition of holding the Holy Communion Service everyday throughout the year. Many more members are participating in the early morning service. The Holy Communion is also administered in all the early morning services. The 1pm service is Youth Service popularly called Youth Aglow Service.

Different groups and organizations take turns to conduct Evensong. They arrange for special talks on topics of interest. Some groups even provide refreshment after the service, for all members of the congregation

The Cathedral organizes other weekly activities like Business breakthrough every Monday from 7:00am — 8:00am, Word Feast from 5pm — 6:30pm every Thursday, Men’s and Women’s group meetings and other organizations meet every week.


We believe:

  • That the Bible is totally inspired by God. That there is but one living and true God, everlasting, invisible, omnipotent, having wisdom and goodness; the maker and preserver-of all things, both seen and unseen. That there are Three Persons in the Godhead, of one substance,, power and eternity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • In the Virgin birth of Jesus, that He was tempted as we are yet without sin, and gave Himself as a sacrifice for our sins. That Jesus is the only way to God.
  • That God created man in His image; that man sinned; that man cannot save himself but must, receive forgiveness through Jesus Christ and become a new person in Christ.
  • In Heaven and hell. Those who believe in Jesus will go to heaven. Those who reject Jesus will be cursed forever in hell.
  • That God can heal both the body and mind and this is for all believers.
  • That the Lord Jesus Christ should be the Lord in every area of our lives.
  • That Jesus is coming again to take the true Church back to heaven with Him.
  • That Jesus will judge the world at the end of time.
  • That God controls all the events of this world, and that one day all knees will bow to Him.


Praise and Worship are modern ways through which we worship, honour and serve God. It is also a very efficient resource to enable us live and walk in victory in our personal relationship with Christ. However, we are also proud of our Liturgical heritage. So at All Saints’ Cathedral, we blend the old and the new in a rich order of service that seeks to meet everyone’s needs. We have the following elements in our worship.


“Oh come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us make a joyful noise to the Rock of our salvation” Psalm


Clapping of Hands:

“O clap your hands all you people! Shout to God with the voice of triumph” Psalm 47:1.

Lifting up of Hands:

“I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer…” 1 Tim. 2:8.


“Let them praise His name with dancing…” Psalm 149:3.


“Pray without ceasing…” 1 Thess. 5: 12


“When he had said this, he knelt down with all of them and prayed …” Acts 20:3


We believe in Baptism for anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. This represents the burying of our old ways of life in Christ. This identifies us with Christ’s death and resurrection.


We celebrate the Communion – The Holy Eucharist. The wine represents Christ’s blood, which is an acceptable sacrifice to the Father for our sins, and the bread represents the body of Christ which was broken and bruised for us. This is open to all who have been Confirmed.


This rite is a solemn public confession of faith. In the presence of the Bishop who administers the rite, the candidates confirm and ratify the promise made for them at baptism, and re-dedicate themselves to God. At the laying on of hands of the Bishop, the candidates receive God’s blessing and anointing through the Holy Spirit, live for Christ, and win other souls for the Lord.


  1. Prof. Okay Ikpeze                    –         Chairman
  2. Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo        –         Secretary
  3. Dr. lady Uju Ikegwuani
  4. Dr. Lady Jessie Obicheta
  5. Lady Nkechi Otubelu
  6. Mrs. Rose Umeh
  7. Lady Njideka Onyekwelu
  8. Miss Chinyere Okonkwo
  9. Nonso Stanley Anene
  10. Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi


  1. Okpalakunne Victor Onyekachukwu – Fed. Univ of Petroleum Resources, Delta State

      (Science Lab Tech)

  • Ogechukwu Henry Nwosa           – Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

                                                  (English Language & Literary Studies)

  • Nwugo Mercy Chinyere             – Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe

  (Home Econs Education)

  • Odurukwe Destiny Chijioke        – Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (Building Engineering/Tech)
  • Ekanem Edidiong Mfon             – University of Uyo, Uyo Akwa Ibom State (Philosophy)
  • Anene Blessing E.                    – Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe (Econs/ Maths)
  • Okafor Faith Nmasichukwu        – Federal Polytechnic Oko (Mass Communication)
  • Ifeanyichukwu Chiamaka Angela – National Open University (Environmental Health)
  • Okorie Francis Sunday              – Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

  (History & International Studies)

  1. Ezeonyebuchi Kosiso Franklin     – Michael Okpala University Umudike Abia State

  (Computer Science)

  1. Udoye Ebube Nnamdi               – Michael Okpara University, Umudike Abia State (Economics)


  1. Chukwujekwu Chinecherem  – Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (Food Science & Tech.)
  2. Ofoegbu Somto                 – Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (Agriculture)
  3. Chukwubueze PraiseGod     – Paul University, Awka (Computer Science)
  4. Okeke Kosiso                    – Federal Polytechnic, Oko (Electrical Engineering)
  5. Okpagu Chukwuebuka Kosiso – Federal Polytechnic, Oko (Mass Communication)


  1. Prof. Okay & Prof. Lady Ogugua Ikpeze
  2. Sir Okey & Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo
  3. Hon. Cyril Egwuatu
  4. Prof. Ifeoma Egbuonu
  5. Sir Emeka & Lady Jessie Obicheta
  6. Maduka Ugochukwu Godson
  7. The Morning Prayer Group
  8. Dr. Lady Ify Obiegbu
  9. Mr. & Mrs. Rob Emeka Eze
  10. Pharm. Chinedu & Mrs. Chinyere Nwankwo
  11. Mr. & Mrs. Onyedika Obiesie
  12. Rev. Canon Dr. Emma & Dr. Mrs. Nneka Ezeugo
  13. Hon. Barr. Chugbo Enwezor
  14. J. J. Hez Construction Company Limited
  15. Dr. Davey Osoka
  16. Sir & Lady Chris Ukachukwu
  17. Sir & Lady G. U. Okeke
  18. Lady Ada Nweke
  19. Mrs. Cynthia Okoli
  20. Dr. Ukwe Uzoamaka


  1. Prof. Okay Ikpeze                    –         Chairman
  2. Barr. Chinwe Ilondu                 –         Secretary
  3. Sir A. A. Onyeji
  4. Arc. Emma Ndefo
  5. Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo
  6. Engr. Sir Steve Ezenwa


  1. Mr. Felix Ani                           –         1966
  2. Mr. Basil E. Uzochukwu             –         1966 – 2013 (Retired)
  3. Mr. Nnaemeka Eze (Sexton 1)    –         2013 – date
  4. Mr. Sunday Okorie (Sexton 2)     –         2013 – date
  5. Mr. Thomas Ebem (Sexton 3       –         2015 – date


There are Service Groups in the Cathedral that you can join and serve God conveniently. Below are the groups:

  1. FIRST TIMERS TEAM: They welcome and attend to those who visit and attend services in the Cathedral for the first time.
  2. TRAFFIC CONTROL TEAM: They help to control traffic and vehicles as they enter the Cathedral on Sunday in either 7am or 10am Services and on special events.
  3. SERVICE PREPARATION TEAM: They come every Saturday to help clean / arrange the seats, envelopes and to get the Cathedral ready for Sunday Service.
  4. CATHEDRAL VOLUNTEER CLEANING TEAM: They come every Saturday morning to join the group that will clean the church to clean and cobweb the Cathedral.
  5. CATHEDRAL SECURITY TEAM: They join in providing security for the lives and property of the people during services.
  6. CATHEDRAL VISITATION TEAM: They meet on Sunday by 2pm to visit members that are sick, backslidden and those that needs to be visited.
  7. CATHEDRAL HOSPITAL VISITATION TEAM: They meet on Sunday by 2pm to visit and pray for those who are in the hospital.
  8. CATHEDRAL SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS: They are people that will only come on Sunday evening by 4pm to teach Catechism, Anglicanism and Bible to children in the Cathedral or other A. C. M. centers. They are to choose centers of their choice.
  9. CHILDREN A .C. M. TEACHERS: They are the people that join in teaching in our A. C. M. centers 5pm daily.
  10. SUNDAY SERVICE TEACHERS: They are the people that join in teaching our children every Sunday. You can join 7am team or 10am team.
  11. SUNDAY FOLLOW UP TEACHERS: They meet on Sunday by 4pm to teach the Bible to people.
  12. CATHEDRAL EVENSONG WORKERS: They come every Sunday by 5pm to help arrange seats, envelopes and to get the Cathedral ready for Evensong.
  13. CATHEDRAL MISSION TEAM: They go on evangelism, spreading the gospel in and outside the Cathedral area.


  • Sides’ persons
  • Cathedral Choir
  • Cathedral Band
  • Sub-Committees
  • Moral Instruction
  • Victory Hour
  • Confirmation Class
  • Sanitation / General Duties
  • Council of Laity
  • Mission / Follow — up
  • Word Feast Hour
  • Security
  • Hospital / Prison Visit
  • General Visitations
  • Counselling
  • Burial / Condolence
  • AYF
  • EFAC
  • ABF/ Training
  • YAC
  • Girl’s Guild
  • Women Ministries
  • Men’s Christian Fellowship
  • Singles’ Fellowship
  • Children’s Service / ACM
  • Brigade
  • Knights of St. Christopher
  • Youth Aglow
  • Sports Committee
  • Health Post
  • Couples Fellowship
  • Media & Technical Department
  • Monday Breakthrough Fellowship
  • Bulletin supervisor
  • Baptism Counselling
  • Wedding & Counselling Matters
  • Jesus Antenatal
  • Admission into Anglican Counselling
  • General Hospital Visit
  • Cathedral Boys Choir
  • Children Service Choir
  • Cathedral Volunteer Crowther Squad
  • Cathedral Welfare Ministries


Auditorium Building Committee Constituted in 2002

  1. Pharm. Uche Apakama    –         Chairman
  2. Sir Jerry Onyeagbaram    –         Dep. Chairman
  3. Mr. Chinedu Adimorah     –         Secretary
  4. Mr. Harrison D. Ejiogu
  5. Sir IK Ubachukwu
  6. Mr. Uche Nwosu
  7. Engr. Austin Ilonze
  8. Engr. Uzo
  9. Barr. Obi Ulasi
  10. Mr. P.O. Ojekwe
  11. Sir A. A. Onyeji
  12. Engr. Nweke
  13. Engr. Omemgboji

Members of the Auditorium Building Committee Reconstituted on 20th August 2008

  1. Pharm. Uche Apakama – Chairman
  2. Arc. Sir Emma Ndefo – Deputy Chairman
  3. Sir Emeka Nwose – Secretary
  4. Barr. Sir Tagbo Anieto
  5. Engr. Sir D. C. Nweke
  6. Godwin Ezeanochie, Esq
  7. Prof. Sir Law Onyekwe
  8. Sir Obiora Oranu
  9. Mr. Alphonsus Chukwubuike
  10. Lady Joy Emegakor
  11. Mr. Chris Omeili
  12. Mr. Ken Okeke
  13. Lady Uju Ezenekwe
  14. Sir A. A. Onyeji
  15. Dr. Sir A. C. Ofoche
  16. Pharm Chris Ukachukwu (Sub-Dean’s Warden)
  17. Mr. Paul Ojekwe (Cathedral Treasurer)
  18. Mr. Charles Nsofor (People’s Warden)
  19. Engr. Rowland Omemgboji (Site supervisor)
  20. Arc. Chiemela Uzoije (Consultant)
  21. Arc. Geoffrey Njoku (Consultant)

Members of the Auditorium Building Committee that joined in 2015 and 2016

  1. Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu            –         Sub-dean
  2. Ven. Emma Mbanugo
  3. Rev. Samuel Ezewudo
  4. Rev. Mike Okoh
  5. Rev. Bar Emma Ezeugo
  6. Rev. Ifeanyi Akonobi
  7. Rev. Dr. Chinedu Nnatuanya
  8. Rev. Chibueze Orji
  9. Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo        –         Secretary
  10. Mr. Anene Nonso                    –         Asst. Secretary
  11. Sir Obiora Oranu                     –         People’s warden
  12. Sir Chika Aghasili                     –         Subdean’s warden
  13. Mr. Ndubisi Udemezue              –         Treasurer
  14. Dr. Lady Uju Ikegwuani
  15. Sir Eugene Obiokoye
  16. Comrade Willy Anika
  17. Mrs. Edith Okeke
  18. Mrs. Rose Umeh
  19. Mr. lnno Nwokolo
  20. Mr. Maxwell Olisa
  21. Rev. Johnson Iwuamaeze
  22. Rev. Dr. Canon Samuel Uzodinma
  23. Surv. Obiora Onuselogu
  24. Barr Sunday Udemezue
  25. Dr. Lady Jessie Obicheta
  26. Evang. Christy Okpagu
  27. Sir Onochie Ikegwuani
  28. Engr. Steve Ezenwa
  29. Arc. Dubem Olisa
  30. English Mbachi


  1. Lady Pat Okeke             –         Chairman
  2. Lady Ify Uzochukwu       –         Secretary
  3. Lady Uju Ikegwuani        –         Member
  4. Lady Nkechi Otubelu       –         Member


  1. Micah Ifezue
  2. Samuel Ezeugbana
  3. Samson Okoye
  4. Hezekiah Ugwunze
  5. Sir Benson C. Okeke Ifeagwu
  6. Obi Uzoma Okoye
  7. Sir Christian C. Onuora


  1. Lady Nkechi Otubelu
  2. Lady Joy Ulasi
  3. Lady Maureen Nkemena
  4. Lady Pat Okeke
  5. Lady Nonye Udegbunam
  6. Lady Pam Onyekwelu
  7. Lady Azuka Nwosa
  8. Lady Stella Chukwuma
  9. Agatha Azolike
  10. Nkamnebe Chinyere
  11. Dame Ngozi Ezedum
  12. Lady Uzoma Anyachebelu
  13. Lady Chinwe Anyachebelu
  14. Dame Dr. Vivian Onwuekwe
  15. Lady Vivian Anaka
  16. Lady Chinwe Dibiaezue
  17. Dame Barr. Chinwe Ilondu
  18. Lady Ify Okafor
  19. Laby Barr. Ify Okonkwo
  20. Lady Stella Chukwuma
  21. Patty Apakama
  22. Lady Linda Chiedu
  23. Lady Dr. Uju Ikegwuani


  1. Mr. Dabrinze
  2. Mr. Arnold Nwafia
  3. Mr. Onyechi Nwakalor
  4. Sir Joel Ezeukwu
  5. Sir G. N. Ihuaku
  6. Sir S. I. Iwuoha
  7. Sir Okey Agbasimalo
  8. Sir Emma Maduekwe
  9. Mr. Adiele
  10. Hon. Ohanugo
  11. Sir Eric Ndu
  12. Mr. Sunday Etele
  13. Prince Dr. Sir Emeka Eze
  14. Sir Ik Ubachukwu
  15. Justice Emma Araka
  16. Sir Jerry Onyeagbaram
  17. Sir Ralph Ekpeh
  18. Barr. Emma Enemuo
  19. Mr. O. C. Nnaochie
  20. Major R. O. N. Nnaji
  21. Dr. Sir W. C. Eze
  22. Mr. Anthony Emordi
  23. Chief Sir A. A. Onyeji
  24. Prof. Humphrey Oguagbaka
  25. Mr. Okwu Obi


  1. Engr. Sir Ndubuisi Onyekwelu    –         Coordinator
  2. Sir Obiora Oranu                      –         Peoples’ Warden.
  3. Sir Chika Aghasili                     –         Sub-Dean’s Warden.
  4. Mr. Christian Emelumadu
  5. Dr. Sir. Nduka Ochuba
  6. Sir. Reuben Mba
  7. Dr. Lady Uju lkegwuani
  8. Bar. Lady Joy Okonkwo
  9. Sir. P. U. Ejianya
  10. Sir. Alex Okenwa
  11. Lady Uzoma Anyachebelu
  12. Dr (Mrs) Dame Vivian Onwuekwe
  13. Lady Stella Chukwuma
  14. Barr. (Mrs) Dame Chinwe Ilondu
  15. Hon. Justice Anyachebelu KSC
  16. Sir Chris Ukachukwu
  17. Sir. Ndubuisi Udemezue
  18. Mr. lzuchukwu Ulasi
  19. Mag. Oby Erinne
  20. Mr C. Ezimo
  21. Pharm. Uche Apakama
  22. Mr Emeka N. Okeke (Children Ministry)
  23. Lady Joy Anezu
  24. Sir S. M. Okonkwo
  25. Lady Patricia Apakama
  26. Mr Nnadozie Chukwuma
  27. Sir Ogoo Ikeme
  28. Lady Nonye Udegbunarn
  29. Mr. Chiedu Adimora
  30. Mr. Afam Chikodili
  31. Lady Azuka Nwose
  32. Lady Pat Okeke
  33. Lady Nkiru Chiedu
  34. Sir Onyechi Ifezue
  35. Sir Christian Ayolugbe
  36. Sir Joe llonze
  37. Prof. Dr. Okay Ikpeze
  38. Dr Sir A. A. Onyeji
  39. Prof. H. C. Oguagbaka
  40. Dr. Sir A. C. Ofoche
  41. Barr. Emeka Udemezue
  42. Mr. Chijioke lkechukwu
  43. Mr. Nonso Stanley Anene
  44. Lady Joy Okafor
  45. Mr. lfeanyi Ofoche
  46. Sir Martin Okoye-Asugo
  47. Mr. Dan Anichukwu
  48. Mr. Timothy Nweke
  49. Barr. Sir C. O. I. Agwuna
  50. Evang. Sam Ebede
  51. Mr. Harrison Ejiogu
  52. Engr. Uche Nwosu
  53. Dr. Sir B. C. Ogbuagu
  54. Dr. Sir Chuba Ofoche
  55. Mr Anayo Chukwude
  56. Lady Ify Okafor
  57. Lady Maureen Nkemena
  58. Mr. George Umeobi
  59. Lady Vivian Anaka
  60. Mr. F. O. Okoye
  61. Barr. Sir Andy Obianwu
  62. Mr. Charles Nsofor
  63. Mr. Obiora Okonkwo
  64. Mr. lfeanyi T. Ejikeme
  65. Sir Ebenezar Akabogu
  66. Mr. Emeka G, Okeke
  67. Miss Chinyere Nkamnebe
  68. Barr. P. U. Onwuakpa
  69. Dame Ngozi Ezedum
  70. Lady Jane Offor
  71. Sir Victor Ndu
  72. Mr. Vin. Nnoli
  73. Sir Rob Nnoli
  74. Dr. Sir C. Nwudo-Odenigbo
  75. Lady Nkechi Otubelu
  76. Mr. Godspower Obiedum
  77. Lady Chinwe Dibiezue
  78. Mr. A. C. Achu
  79. Lady Chinwe Anyachebelu
  80. Dr. Sir Davy Osoka
  81. Sir. Ik Akubeze
  82. Sir Emma Okpagu
  83. Lady Uju Ezenekwe
  84. Barr. Edward Ogugua lbegbu
  85. Mr. Emeka Obinna Onyeme
  86. Lady Ugonwa Aghasili
  87. Mr Willy Anika
  88. Barr. Sir Obiora lgwedibia
  89. Mrs. Agatha Azolike
  90. Lady Joy Ulasi


  1. Okenwa Emeka
  2. Tim Okeke
  3. Okekeozor Ifeyinwa
  4. Anyanwu Ijeoma Lilian
  5. Uchechukwu Ijeoma
  6. Chekwube Anieto
  7. Chisom Anieto
  8. Ifeanyi Okoye
  9. Egwuatu Hyacinth
  10. Lady Pat Nnoli
  11. Onyechu Victoria .N.
  12. Ituodo Simeon
  13. Eze Nkiru Loveth
  14. Anieto Ogochukwu
  15. Uzoma Sabastine
  16. Lady Okafor Ifeyinwa
  17. Ngozi Okereke
  18. Ijeoma Emenike
  19. Mrs. Comfort Nweke
  20. Mrs. Uju Ojiaku
  21. Mrs. Faith O. Ukwu
  22. Mr. Isreal Asugo


  1. Barr. Sir Tagbo Anieto               –         Chairman
  2. Bar Dame Chinwe Ilondu           –         Secretary/Chairperson Finance Subcommittee 
  3. Dr Sir Nduka Ochuba                –         Deputy Chairman
  4. Sir Chris Ukachukwu                –         Deputy Chairman
  5. Sir Edwin Okpalaibekwe            –         Deputy Chairman
  6. Dr. Lady Ifeyinwa Obiegbu        –         Deputy Chairperson Welfare Subcommittee
  7. Hon. Bar. Sir Chuba Oranusi       –         Motivator
  8. Sir Obiora Oranu                     –         Peoples’ Warden / Deputy Chairman
  9. Dr. Sir G. U. Okeke                  –         Motivator
  10. Dr Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo         –         Chairperson, Mobilisation Subcommittee
  11. Lady Uju Ikegwuani, Ph.D         –         Chairman, Mobilization
  12. Sir Ndubuisi Udemezue             –         Treasurer
  13. Sir Chika Aghasili                     –         Sub-dean’s Warden
  14. Lady Ifeanyichukwu Oranusi      –         Deputy Chairman, Finance Subcommittee
  15. Mr Mon Ekanem                      –         Ag. Chairman, Publicity subcommittee
  16. Mrs Ify Odife                          –         Chairperson, Welfare subcommittee
  17. Barr. Udemezue S. C.
  18. Mrs. Charity C.Obiako
  19. Onekamma Amaka
  20. Anemene Chike Light
  21. Offor Beatrice Nwakaego
  22. Mrs. Juliet Mornike
  23. Ndubuisi Ejibendu
  24. Udenwa Uchechi
  25. Chidozie Obidike Divine
  26. Anene Blessing
  27. Mrs. Ogor Mbachi
  28. Mrs. Anuli Etele
  29. Lady Felly Ijezie
  30. Lady Njide Nebolisa
  31. Dr. Lady Jessie Obicheta
  32. Nwachukwu Onyekwelu
  33. Ebenezer Enemuo
  34. Emeka Adimorah
  35. Lady Nkiru Achu
  36. Lady Oluchi Ugwumadu
  37. Mrs. Ngozi Njoku
  38. Oraegbunam Arinze
  39. Emeka Ezechukwu
  40. Mrs. Chioma Obi
  41. Anene Nonso Stanley
  42. Jonah Chizoba
  43. Chigozie Ezeanochie (GON)
  44. Stanley Okpala
  45. Okey Avusioke
  46. Mrs. Onyinye Okafor
  47. Engr. Kenneth Chinweze
  48. Samuel Emerebe
  49. Barr. Emeka Obinna Onyema
  50. Evang. Ifeanyichukwu Olisaeke
  51. Barr. Ikenna Okwudili
  52. Aghanwa Ogoo
  53. Ndibe Kenechukwu C.
  54. Mrs. Ngozi Kanu
  55. Simon M. A. Ezeh
  56. Mrs. Rose Umeh
  57. Onyeme Ebele Blessing
  58. Ilojiole Uzochukwu
  59. Mr. Wilfred Ugochukwu Anika
  60. Tochukwu Atummadu
  61. Mr. Ejeagbasi Hillary
  62. Mrs. Osakwe-Ogo Gloria I.
  63. Ejimofor Austine O.


  1. Chukwuemeka Chukwu
  2. Asuzu Chisom
  3. Uchegbu Soludo
  4. Chibuzor Chukwu
  5. Obi Makuachukwu
  6. Uzochukwu Kenechukwu
  7. Okpalaezeokoli Chisimdi
  8. Nweke Warren
  9. Onuorah Chimbuoyim
  10. Okeke Chidiebere
  11. Obi Precious
  12. Onuorah Chimkasi
  13. Sunday Chibuikem
  14. Chukwudi Christian
  15. Ezike Obinna
  16. Aghasili Kamsiyochukwu
  17. Chukwuma Precious
  18. Nweke Chidera
  19. Shawn Nweke
  20. Ezeonyeche Chinechetam


  1. Lady Chika Nduka
  2. Mrs. Grace Ezennabuike
  3. Mr. Robert Nkwazema
  4. Lady Ebere Ifeakandu
  5. Mrs. Nneka Uzoh
  6. Mrs. Love Ejiogu
  7. Mrs. Beatrice Offor
  8. Mrs. Jane Okoye
  9. Mrs. Oby Anieto
  10. Mrs. Jacinta Ugwu
  11. Mrs. Stella Morah
  12. Lady Judith Nnadiri
  13. Mrs. Rose Nnabugwu
  14. Mr. Amobi Ekwueme
  15. Lady Chinelo Oranu
  16. Mrs. Onyinye Okafor
  17. Mr. Chidiebere Nwokolo
  18. Mrs. Onyedika Nzekwesiri
  19. Mr. Emeka Okeke
  20. Mr. Samuel Usulor
  21. Mr. Love Chukwudube
  22. Sis Ifeacho Ogoo
  23. Mrs. Blessing Omokhudu
  24. Mr. Umumba Sunday
  25. Sis Ikedimma Chiagoziem
  26. Sis Ezeonyebuchi Cynthia
  27. Mrs. Okafor Uju
  28. Mrs. Anthonia O. Okonkwo
  29. Mr. Emeka Adimorah
  30. Mrs. Uche Kate
  31. Mrs. Ogechukwu Ezeibe
  32. Sis Agbata Chiamaka
  33. Onunkwo Chinonyelum


Co-ordinator:  Emeka Nwankwo

Team 1:        Agatha Azolike & Co.

Team 2:        Solomon Okafor & Co.

Team 3:        Rose Umeh & Co.

Team 4:        Josephine Igbonwa & Co.

Team 5:        Udeano Chukwujekwu & Co.

Team 6:        Rose lgboanuzue & Co.

Team 7:        Godwin Uzowulu & Co

Team 8:        Nonso Kanu & Co

Team 9:        Judith Nnadiri & Co.

Team 10:       Juliaa Akaborgu & Co.



  1. Sir Amamchukwu Okafor           –         Chairman
    1. Barr. Sunday C. Udemezue        –         Secretary
    1. Sir Ndubuisi Onyekwelu             –         Member
    1. Sir Obiora Oranu
    1. Sir Chika Aghasili
    1. Sir Ndubuisi Udemezue
    1. Sir Innocent Nwokolo
    1. Sir Ogochukwu Ikeme
    1. Mr. Uche Okeru
    1. Mr. Nonso Anene
  • The Committee was inaugurated by the Subdean, All Saints’ Cathedral Onitsha, Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu on 13/02/2015 at the Subdean’s Office.
  • The Committee commenced work on 17/3/2015, and completed the junior staff quarters building before dedication by the primate.
  • The same members of the Committee for Junior Staff Quarters were retained by the Subdean to continue as Committee for Senior Staff Quarters Twin Duplex at All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha.
  • Work commenced on the Senior Staff Quarters (otherwise called “PRIESTS’ HOUSE”) about 29th September, 2016 and was completed before dedication by the primate.
  • The Junior Staff Quarters and the Priests’ House were both commissioned by the Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, His Grace, Rt. Rev. Nicholas D. Oko on the 23k’ day of September, 2017.


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  7. All Saints’ Cathedral Report to 2017 Diocesan Synod by Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu
  8. History of Archbishop C. J. Patterson International Auditorium Complex.
  9. An address presented to the 2015 Men’s Christian Fellowship Conference, All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha by Ven. Obiora Uzochukwu (Sub-dean).
  10. Oral interviews
  11. Miscellaneous