Diocese on the Niger inaugurates New Archdeaconry


Today, on the 25th of February 2024, history unfolded with a remarkable event that resonated deeply within the hearts of the faithful. In this momentous occasion, the Ugwuagba Archdeaconry emerged, carved out of the Awada Archdeaconry, marking a significant milestone in the ecclesiastical landscape.

With solemnity and reverence, His Lordship, the Rt Rev Dr. Owen Nwokolo, Bishop on the Niger, graced the occasion, presiding over the ecclesiastical constitution and episcopal inauguration of the newly formed Ugwuagba Archdeaconry. The air was charged with anticipation and reverence as clergy, dignitaries, and the faithful gathered to witness this historic moment.

On arrival, the bishop was welcomed by a wonderful Brigade guard display and a cheering crowd of faithful whose joy knew no bounds. The inauguration service, which was Spirit filled and liturgically exceptional, began at 9:30am and saw an excellent display of the church’s heritage and traditions.

In his sermon, the Bishop on the Niger, charged all present to seek for souls as it is God’s utmost desire and the mandate of the Church. He concluded his words of admonition with a prayer to quicken all to love God more and have compassion for unbelievers and backslidden members.

The deed of inauguration, which traced the history of Ugwuagba Archdeaconry from the arrival of Church Missionary Society Missionaries to Onitsha in 1857 and the formation cum episcopal succession of the Diocese since 1864 to date, was read by the Deputy Chancellor of the Diocese, Barr. Sir Ben Uzuegbu, following the formal inauguration appeal to the Bishop by the representatives of Parishes within the proposed Archdeaconry.

This was then followed by the inauguration of the Archdeaconry, institution and induction of Ven. Dr. Azubuike Chibuzor Okudo by the Bishop as the pioneer Archdeacon haven declared his willingness and commitment to serve as the bond servant for the propagation on the gospel in the area.

The service ended with an Episcopal benediction and blessings on the new Archdeaconry, all of which were presented by the Bishop

Surely the church is marching on!!



  1. Ojukwu chidera
    25 Feb 2024 22:18:44 Reply

    Congratulations to Ven Azubuike Okudo, more grace to his ministry

  2. EmmaChuks Ufele
    26 Feb 2024 05:58:36 Reply

    Congratulations to Eze mmụọ @Ven. Dr. Azubuike and the good people of Ugwuagba Archdeaconry.

    All Glory to God Almighty!

  3. Joshua Somtochukwu
    27 Feb 2024 22:26:14 Reply

    Congratulations to ven. Dr Azubuike okudo and entire ugwuagba Archdeaconry Faithfuls

  4. Ogalagu Joshua ogalagu
    28 Feb 2024 08:04:32 Reply

    Congratulations to Diocese on the Niger. Congratulations to the Bishop on the Niger and to the newly inducted and instituted archdeacon of Ugwu agba archdeaconry. May Christ be glorified. Amen.

  5. Rev. Canon Ifeanyi.C . Akonobi
    09 Mar 2024 01:25:16 Reply

    What a great milestone. The gospel has been brought to the grassroots. Thanks to bishop owen and the entire workforce who worked hard to make this day to be a reality through the grace of God. We pray for more Grace to carry on the work of God in this newest archdeaconry. Kudos to Ven. Dr. Azubike okudo the pioneer archdeacon. Luxfiat!!!!

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