Characters Of A Worthless/False Shepherd

Characters Of A Worthless/False Shepherd

Text: John 10:12-13, Ezekiel 34:2-3


  1. To explain who a worthless/false shepherd is, and the characters that distinguishes him.
  2. To discuss the antiques of worthless/ false shepherds in the church today and its effects.
  3. To be enlightened on the ways of resisting the antiques of false shepherds.


Throughout the history of God’s dealings with His people, true and false shepherds coexisted, the false shepherds whom Jesus described as hirelings only vied for the sheep’s loyalty for ulterior and selfish motives. They do not care for the flock but like ravening wolves feed on them instead. Just as there were false shepherds in the Ancient Israel during the time of Ezekiel, Elijah and Isaiah, there are existences of purported and ungodly shepherds in the church today who deceive, exploit and even hypnotize multitudes of people who remain ignorant, confused, or indifferent concerning the type of teachers, pastors, or religious leaders, under whose care they should be. In this study we will look at the characters of a false shepherd drawing upon examples and references as found in the Scripture.


  1. Who is a Worthless/False shepherd? Read Ezekiel 34:2-3, Matt. 24:24, 2 Peter 2:1-2, Jer. 23:1-3
  2. What are the characters of a false shepherd? Mat. 7:15, Lam. 2:14 , Isaiah 56:11
  3. Illustrate with typical examples, the antiques of false shepherds today and its effects to the church and the society. Jer. 50:6, Jer. 23:1-3, Matt 24:5,11, Ezekiel 22:27
  4. How can one resist the antiques of false shepherds? Matt 7:15-16, Jeremiah 23:16


False/Worthless shepherds are characterized for feeding on, instead of feeding the lambs. They are  blind, ignorant, asleep, greedy, without understanding and who turns to their own way each seeking personal gains (Isaiah 56:11)  It is never God’s intention for his sheep to be hungry, abused, deceived or exposed to danger. Christians should therefore beware of false shepherds who appear to be harmless outwardly but inwardly are wolfs. As Christ’s sheep, we should hearken to His voice, follow Him and resist the voice of false shepherds. Desist from sitting under a ministry or minister that is feeding on you instead of feeding you.


Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks? (NKJV)