Becoming A Faithful Lamb

Becoming A Faithful Lamb

Text: John 10:14-15; 25-29.


  1. To help us understand the importance of faithfulness to God.
  2. To help us understand how much God expects us to be and remain faithful to Him in all ramifications.


A lamb in this context does not suggest the lamb used to portray character of meekness but in this context, a lamb is a believer who is among the sheepfold/fellowship. A faithful lamb is the lamb that hears the voice of the shepherd, follow and obey the shepherd (John 10:27). What a shepherd desire of any lamb is to “be” and “remain” faithful. No one can serve two masters at a time (Matt. 6:24). No shepherd will be happy seeing his lamb among another sheepfold.

As we continue in this study, may the heart desires of our Shepherd be revealed the more to us in Jesus name.


  1. The lamb here refers to whom?
  2. Who then is a faithful lamb?
  3. From the following passages, state areas God expect our faithfulness. Matt. 25:15-29; John 10:16
  4. State the characteristics of a faithful lamb.
  5. What are the disparities between sheep (lamb) and the goat that brought about the statement in Matt. 25:32-33.
  6. What are the benefits of being a faithful lamb?


Faithfulness is an unfailing loyalty that is repeatedly demonstrated. It is based on trust and requires a deep abiding love. God is faithful to us 100% of the time which provides great comfort to us.

God is always faithful to us and waits for us to trust and love Him forever.


My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me (NKJV)