he Anglican Bishop on the Niger, Rt Rev. Dr Owen C. Nwokolo today extends his philanthropical magnanimity to the Umbrella body of those living with sickle cell, Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder (APLSCD), by giving out palliatives to them at the Bishop’s Court. The Association with a total number of 180 persons in adherence to social distancing, sent 60 persons to collect the packages on behalf of the body.

Bishop Nwokolo in his remark charge them to always work by faith, not by sight. According to him, “An eye of faith looks at elephant and calls it a grasshopper”.

He reiterated that God cares for them irrespective of their situations, and their condition isn’t there fault, as it’s a societal problem that God always looks at them with the eyes of favour.

He equally appreciated the National Coordinator of the Association, Aisha Edwards for her consistency in notifying the Diocese of her role in cathering for the sickle cell persons.

In her thank – you speech, the Coordinator extended her heartfelt appreciation to the Bishop for his large heart to the body. She equally thanked the Bishop’s Wife, Dr. Mrs Elsie Nwokolo for her motherly care and support to the Association. She reminded the Bishop of the need to allow the Association access the Diocesan Iyi-enu Hospital for medical attention.

The Bishop in his quick response assured them that the Diocese will always reach out to them in time of need.

The Diocesan Chaplain of the Association, Ven Joel Akunazobi in his vote of thanks warmly appreciated the Bishop for his listening ears and support towards the Association.

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