All Saint’s Cathedral


We welcome you in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. This Cathedral is for you. Feel free to be part of the life of this church. At All Saints’ Cathedral, we blend the old and new in a rich order of service that seeks to meet everyone’s needs. We have the following elements in our worship: Singing, clapping of hands, lifting up of hands, dancing, praying and kneeling. We also pay adequate attention to the sacraments. For example we celebrate the Holy Communion every day. There are many groups in the Cathedral. some of them are: Choir and band, Mission Team, Anglican Youth Fellowship, Welfare Team, Hospital and Prisons, Singles Fellowship, Anglican Boys Association, Girls’ Guild, Young Anglican Crusaders, Women’s Groups, Men’s Groups, Sides persons, Victory Voices, Victory Hour, Women’s prayer and Spirituality unit, Aaron and Hur prayer Team, Revelation intercessors Team, Burden bearers Team, Anglican Children’s Ministry, Youths Aglow.

BRIEF HISTORY / PROFILE The foundation stone of this Cathedral was laid on 9th November, 1949 by His Excellency, Sir John Stewart Macpherson, Governor General of Nigeria. The Cathedral was built in phases. The Lady Chapel was dedicated in 1952 by the Rt. Rev. A.M. Gelsthorpe, the Bishop in Sudan. The glass windows on either side of the sanctuary were dedicated by the Most Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury on 25th September, 1960 and on 9th January, 1965. The sanctuary, High Altar and the Transeptal Tower were consecrated by the Most Rev. Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury. The Cathedral structure stood up sturdily to the pounding of the Nigerian civil war but the furniture was affected. Between 1972 and 1973, attention was devoted to various needed repairs. This was during the time of Rt. Rev Lucius Madubuko Uzodike. The Most Rev Dr. J.A. Onyemelukwe started his ministry as the Bishop on the Niger in 1975 with the challenge to complete the Cathedral. By 1982, the auxiliary offices were in use and considerable progress has been made over the Chapter House. The foundation stone of the Bell Tower was laid in 1991 and the remaining part of the same was completed in November 1992. On 1st November, 1992, the completed Cathedral was dedicated for worship by the Archbishop of Church of Nigeria, His Grace, the Most Rev. Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye assisted by the Most Rev. Dr. J.A. Onyemelukwe and other bishops of the Church of Nigeria.

ADMINISTRATION / OFFICES The Cathedral comprises the following offices: • Dean • Provost • Team ministers • Provost’s warden • People’s warden • The vergers • The Cathedral Committee oversees the material aspects, maintenance and development of the Cathedral

VISION STATEMENT • To raise a spiritually vibrant church through well articulated programmes • To raise mature disciples of Christ who will exercise their gifts both in the church and mission fields

MISSION STATEMENT We exist to proclaim the gospel of Christ to inhabitants of the City of Onitsha from all works of life; sharing God’s love with them; helping them to continue their lives to Jesus Christ and discipling them to maturity.

GOALS / STRATEGY • To fashion vibrant outreach programmes to facilitate the great commission • To raise a vibrant Church through a vibrant pulpit and prayer ministry • To grow spiritually mature Disciples of Christ through prayers, counseling seminars, conferences, Bible studies and other Bible based programmes. • To raise a caring and sharing congregation through teaching on giving and actual help initiatives like scholarships, grants and care for widows • To tackle emotional problems through a growing counseling ministry.

CONCLUSION • The Cathedral is indeed a place of worship. • A home of Music and praises. • A place where the word of God is supreme. • A place where God answers prayers. Join us to worship in the great Cathedral always.


1. Rt Rev Dr. Owen Nwokolo Dean

2. Ven Obiora Uzochukwu Subdean

3. Ven Emma Mbanugu Diocesan Accountant (Team Minister)

4. Rev Canon Dr. Samuel Uzodinma Canon of the Cathedral

5. Rev Bar. Emmanuel Ezeugo Team Minister

6. Rev Ifeanyi Akonobi Team Minister

7. Rev Dr. Chinedu Nnatuanya Team Minister

8. Rev Arc. Chibueze Orji Team Minister

9. Rev Chinedu Iwuamaeze Team Minister


All Saints’ Cathedral contacts are: P.O Box 14362, Onitsha E-mail Address: Website: Http//