Calvary Chapel


Bishop Owen with cross-section of calvary voices together with Pastors warden and people’s warden at Calvary Chapel.

The Calvary Chapel is born out of passion and commitment for the great sacrifice paid by Jesus Christ on the cross for the redemption of mankind. It was the brain child of the sixth Episcopacy of the Sea on the Niger, which by God’s predetermined counsel, wisdom, mercy and favour chose The Rt. Rev. Dr. Owen Chiedozie Nwokolo to be the Bishop.

By God’s providence, the Calvary Chapel was dedicated to the glory of God and expansion of His kingdom by His Grace, The Most Rev Nicholas Okoh, The Primate of All Nigerians and Metropolitan Bishop of Nigeria on Thursday 3rd May, 2012. He was assisted by His Grace, The Most Rev Christian Efobi, The Archbishop, Province of the Niger and in the presence of His Lordship, The Rt Rev Dr. Owen Chiedozie Nwokolo, The Bishop on the Niger among many other Bishops and priests present.

After the dedication, the Chapel had her first maiden service on Tuesday 17th July, 2012 at 4pm. This service was a sacramental service of baptism celebrated by His Grace, The Most Rev Emmanuel Egbunu, The Archbishop of Ecclesiastical Province of Lokoja and Bishop of Lokoja Diocese assisted by His Lordship, The Rt. Rev Owen Nwokolo. The first child that was privileged to be baptized is Jewel Obiananma Odita ( The Daughter of Rev Canon Israel & Dr (Mrs) Amala Odita now Venerable) while 34 people were in attendance. It is important to note that the celebrant also sponsored the said child in baptism.

Also, on Friday, 20th July, 2012, His Lordship The Rt Rev Owen Nwokolo performed the first Baptism at 4:30pm to David Chukwubuikem Chukwudum Anwusi while 27 people were in attendance. It is worthy to note that the first twins that were baptized in this Chapel were Kenechukwu Oschar Ejeckam & Kamsiyochukwu Osward Ejeckam (The Children of Rev Edozie & Mrs. Nneka Ejeckam). They were baptised on 16th November, 2012 at 5pm with 36 people in attendance. Throughout, 2012 the Calvary Chapel was conducting only baptismal service and to the glory of God, 10 infants were baptized in 2012.

It had her maiden Sunday service on 27th January, 2013 being Septuagesima Sunday at 7: 30am with 71 people in attendance. This martin service was officiated by His Lordship, The Rt. Rev Owen Nwokolo who also preached the first Sunday sermon in the Chapel from Mathew 5: 1 – 11. This no doubt marked the spiritual turning point in the Ninth Episcopacy.

More so, the Chapel hosted the retreat of three bishops who were consecrated on 26th April, 2015 at All Saints Cathedral, Onitsha. The retreat started in the Chapel on 20th – 25th April, 2015 before the consecration service that took place on 26th April, 2015. The Chapel had her maiden wedding service on 23rd November, 2013 officiated by The Most Rev Caleb .A Maduoma, the Archbishop of Ecclesiastical Province of Owerri and Bishop of Diocese of Ideato.

It is worthy to mention that the Chapel runs a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) known as Calvary Care and Mission Foundation which motto is to alleviate the suffering of some indigent people in our society. The foundation also gives scholarship to intelligent students who performed exceptionally well in their secondary school examination.  As it stands now, the foundation has 20 students in their scholarship scheme in the various Tertiary institutions in the country.

MISSION STATEMENT: To be the foremost caring Church and imparting life.


The Chapel does not worship on Sunday rather it holds midweek Eucharistic service every Wednesday between 7am – 8am. Calvary Chapels also performs Baptismal and Wedding services. Notwithstanding, the Chapel door is open to everyone who wants to worship and experience the power and love of God. It is more of a family fellowship in the Calvary Chapel also knows as Center for Excellence in everything about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. You can book online infant baptism and even send your prayer request and testimonies via our contact.

Inside view of the Calvary Chapel, Episcopal House Onitsha.

The bishop celebrating Holy Eucharist in the Chapel

Bishop Owen with his Chaplain and Clerical Secretary during one the Eucharistic service in the chapel

Bishop Owen baptizing of the Calvary Ambassadors in the Chapel

The bishop saying ‘peace’ during one of the sacramental service of baptism

Bishop Owen the Calvary Ambassador to her God’s parents after the baptism

The bishop giving gift to the parents of the Calvary Ambassadors

Calvary worshippers dancing to the alter for Thanksgiving

Calvary voices and Bishop Owen in front of the Chapel

Front View of the Calvary Chapel