The church and the society are at crossroad….., this partly derives from non-conformity of the youth who are present and future leaders, to inherited virtual norms and values of our church. We have often observed that of part of the cause is the non-provision or when available; proximity challenges enormous in accessing the penned traditions and precedents of the church.

Hence our mission is to aid the church to train and inculcate in youths the doctrine of Christianity aimed at attainment of the standard required of a true follower of Christ by making the youth useful to the church, the nation and community, striving daily to emulate the perfect man (Jesus).


“Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, or years draw near when thou shall say, I have no pleasure in them” Eccl 12:1, struck Most Rev’d Gordon Leslie Vining on day as he went to church that morning in November 1947 and saw a group of young boys playing football. He stopped, called them together and encouraged them to do so in the church compound. His intent was to create a forum that would effectively address the spiritual and social needs of the youth with a view to making them useful tools in the hands of God. Thus, the Lord through him establish the AYF, second to the Mothers’ union/ Women’s guild with the four cardinal aims and objectives of Worship, Service, Study and Recreation.

In response to Archbishop C.J Patterson’s request to Church of England for a clergy man to be sent to him to help mobilize the youths in the church for evangelism, the Rev’d W.R.G Willleth was sent in 1951 and posted to Nsukka for experimental work. Protocols did not allow the expected favor to be deployed in actualizing this dream. In 1956 on return from the training programme organized by the Christian council of Nigeria at Amanwanyi Akwa, the Rev’d Jonathan .A. Onyemelukwe (Now Late Archbishop) started off the youth fellowship at Christ Church Onitsha and Immanuel Church Onitsha and it spread from thence.


The Diocesan Council is at the apex of structure that includes Archdeaconry councils, Parish council and Units or Churches, these bodies meet at scheduled times and at designated venues with the President, Archdeaconries Leaders or Unit Leaders presiding respectively.


Our programs is encapsulated in the earlier stated Mission, impetus is provided by the Diocesan and the clergy. Being a dual sex organization, we are always  keen in ensuring that our programmes inpact primarily the youth and most importantly the church at large.


Bishop & Wife



Diocesan Chaplain



Diocesan Officers (President is Primus inter pares)

Diocesan Working Committee

Archdeaconry Executive Committee

Unit Executive Committee

Presently the Chaplain is Ven. Frank .M. Obi, Evangelist Charles Onyemelukwe is the President, while Onyinyechukwu Uche (KSC) Is the Secretary.



All correspondences can be addressed to

Diocese on the Niger

Anglican Youth Fellowship

Diocesan Secretariat

Ozalla Road



Support, aid and grant can also reach us through

Diocese on the Niger AYF


Akuchukwu Micro Finance Bank



The Anglican Youth Fellowship in her bid to actualize her aims and objectives devised the following strategies

  1. Worship: Ensure the provision of opportunity for the understanding of and progress in corporate worship and private prayer.
  2. Study: To enable young people to learn individually and collectively the meaning and importance of the Christian faith and it’s relevance to their life and to practice same in their everyday life.
  3. Service: To lead young people to offer themselves to the service of God as true members of his church and humanity, through dutiful and honest at every instance.
  4. Recreation: To give due recognition to the importance of physical fitness of the body and stability of the mind. To ensure the provision of varied from of recreation in all youth organization and groups.


The council for effective administrative service has other arms like the

  1. The Sister’s forum
  2. The Sports department
  3. The Evangelism department
  4. The Voice AYF
  5. The Drama team
  6. The Almanac and literature.