Audit Office

Internal auditing according to Institute of Internal Auditing (IIA) is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activates of designed to add value and improve the operations of the Diocese. It helps the Diocese to accomplish its objectives by bringing systematic, discipline approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance process.

Internal auditing is designed for improving Diocesan governance, risk management and management control by providing insight and recommendations based on analyses and assessment of data and church processes.

With commitment to integrity and accountability, internal auditing provides values to the Diocesan and Senior Management as an objective source of independent advice.

Internal Audit is the eyes and the ears of the Diocese. It is like a police man who sees that laws and order are maintained. Internal Auditors have courage of their own conviction and never to be influenced by any persons.

Audit Department is a unit within the Diocese on the Niger that is responsible for overseeing the procedures and accuracies of record keeping and accounting functions within the Churches/Schools in the Diocese.

The duties of Diocesan Internal Auditors:

The Internal Auditors are given access to all the Financial Books of the Churches, Parishes and Mission Schools within the Diocese. The Internal Auditors perform the following duties:

  1. They shall ensure that the financial documentation and recordings of the churches are done in line with the financial and Works Regulations of the Diocese.
  2. They shall try as much as possible to see that every church and school in the Diocese is audited every ear and Audit Reports submitted to the appropriate authorities.
  3. They shall ensure that all the legitimate revenue and expenditure of the church and school at all levels are properly recorded.
  4. They shall vet the church expenses to ascertain compliance with the approved budget.
  5. They shall assist in the installation of effective internal control for the purpose of achieving proper accountability in churches and schools within the Diocese.
  6. They shall carry out special investigation assignments at any level as may be assigned by the Bishop, Diocesan Accountant and Head of Audit.


  1. Ensuring that Internal Audit resources are sufficient to achieve the risk – based internal audit plan.
  2. Ensuring that audit committee receives all of the information and documentations necessary to fulfill its responsibilities.
  3. Ensuring that management action plans that adequately addresses the recommendations and findings arising from internal audit engagement are prepared and implemented.
  4. Ensuring that completed internal audit reports including management action plans are issued in a timely manner.
  5. Ensuring that the Diocesan Bishop is briefed periodically on significant matters arising from the work of internal audit.
  6. Informing the head of Audit/Audit Committee without delay of any issue of risk, control or management practices that may be of significance to the Church/Diocese.
  7. For the purpose of carrying our assigned responsibilities, there should be provision of full access to Church records, employees and right to obtain information and explanation from the church workers.
  8. Follow-up audit of Churches/Schools to ensure that auditors’ recommendations and implemented.

In a nutshell, internal auditors have some degree of independent. Although, they are employee of the Diocese and therefore cannot be independent of it, the internal audit department should be able to plan and carry out their wishes and work and should have access to the highest level of management. The department should be free of any operating responsibility which may conflict with their duties.


Our noble department is located at the Niger Diocesan Secretariat Complex Ozalla Road, Onitsha.


Diocese on the Niger

Diocesan Secretariat

Internal Audit Department (First Floor)

Ozalla Road


Phone No: 08035523712



The Internal Audit Department is made up of 18 staff. These staffs are divided into 5 groups/team. Each team comprises of 3 Auditors with an audit leader.

We have 3 Audit Secretaries whose responsibilities are typing and filing. We all are under the supervision of our Audit Head who is the Head of Internal Audit Department of Diocese on the Niger.

For further enquiries contact

Rev. Ifeanyi J. Okpala

Head of Audit

Diocese on the Niger


Ms. Kamuche Ngozi                08037771313       –        Audit Staff

Mr. Madkuakor Fred               08036445191       –              “

Mrs. Nwadukwe Veronica       08033188589       –              “

Mrs. Ojionwie Grace               08064098594       –        secretary