Anglican Student Movement Diocese on the Niger as one family in fellowship with the trinity firmly stands for the purpose of promoting spiritual dedication and unpliftment, academic and service discipline, better understanding of Bible and doctrines of the church for the purpose of enhancing co-operation among student and for better purpose of enhancing co-operation among student and better youth/church commitment, and to be in unity and harmony as body.


  1. Organizes Academic Quiz
  2. Seminars
  3. Workshop
  4. Leadership Training
  5. Holiday Lesson
  6. Summer Conference
  7. Solemn Assembly
  8. Skill acquisitions
  9. Carrier Professional Guardian & Counseling
  10. Other Spiritual enhancing programme.


The registered office of the movement is situated at Diocesan Secretariat of the Diocese on the Niger along Ozalla Road, Onitsha Anambra state Nigeria. 08037071874 & 08039444969.


The organizational structure of the movement is comprises of the three (3) level to wit:

  1. Diocese Level
  2. Archdeaconry Level
  3. Unit Level


The Excos is consist of the officers as provided hereunder

  1. The Diocesan Chaplain (Special Officer)
  2. The Diocesan President
  3. The Diocesan Vice President
  4. The Diocesan General Secretary
  5. The Diocesan Assistant Secretary
  6. The Diocesan Tresurer
  7. The Diocesan Financial Secretary
  8. Brothers’ Coordinator
  9. Diocesan Sisters’ Coordinator
  10. The Diocesan Assistant Sisters’ Coordinator
  11. The Diocesan PRO 1
  12. The Diocesan PRO 11
  13. The Diocesan Legal Adviser (Special Officer)


  1. Every member of the movement shall make effort to set good examples he/she will be proud others will appreciate and follow.
  2. Every member of the organization must choose to show respect to and obey their leaders in all levels of leadership and endeavour to maintain law and order in fellowship meeting and programmes.
  3. No members of the movement shall be known to belong to any cult group anywhere or associate with any group questionable inclination.
  4. Any member whose conducts of life and beliefs is found to be inconsistent with the beliefs and teachings of the Anglican Communion shall be sanctioned.
  5. Any member who is discovered to be living an immoral life or to be conducting himself/ herself in such a capable causing image problem to the organization shall be suspended.
  6. Any member who abuses his/her office responsibility and trustfulness shall be seen as incompetent for his office and shall be suspended.
  7. ASM meetings and activities are compulsory that affected members must attend their respective meetings or activities regularly and punctually.
  8. Any other code that will be communicated by the Diocesan council/ Disciplinary committee.