Ogidi Archdeaconry



When Ogidi (St Philip’s) district was excised from Onitsha in 1913, it came away with almost all the Churches in all the surrounding communities. As late as 1967 all seven districts that earlier constituted Ogidi district has started breaking away from St Philip’s district into separate and independent districts.

They included:

  1. St Philip’s district 1913
  2. Holy Trinity district Abatete 1968
  3. Ebenezer district Ogidi 1970
  4. St Michael’s dictrict Umudioka 1983
  5. St John’s district carved out of Abatete district in 1987
  6. St Paul’s district Ogidi 1989
  7. Immanuel district Umunachi carved out of Abatete district in 1991.

Each of these districts was independent, managing it’s own affair and dealing directly with the Onitsha Archdeaconry headquarters of Christ Church Onitsha. When Awka Diocese was carved out of the Diocese on the Niger in 1987, it took away with two of the four Archdeaconries that made up the Diocese on the Niger. What was left of the Diocese then was, in the language of the then Bishop on the Niger, Rt. Rev. Dr J.A. Onyemelukwe “like a four-wheel coach standing outwardly on two”. This was the position of things till December 12th 1991, when Bishop Onyemelukwe announced to the Diocesan Board the creation of six new Archdeaconries in the Diocese on the Niger to bring the number to a comfortable and balance of eight. Ogidi Archdeaconry was one of the new Archdeaconries. Its area covered the Churches in town of Ogidi, Abatete, Eziowelle, Abacha, Umunnachi and Umudioka , with seven established districts (now parishes) namely:

  1. St Philip’s Church Ogidi
  2. Holy Trinity Church Abatete
  3. Ebenezer Church Ogidi
  4. St Paul’s Church Ogidi
  5. St Michael’s Church Umudioka
  6. St John’s Church Eziowelle
  7. Immanuel Church Umunnachi


  1. Venerable Christian Muoghalu – Pioneer Archdeacon,  Collated and installed on February 1st 1992 when the Archdeaconry was officially inaugurated.
  2. Andrew I. Ibeh – 1994 – 1999
  3. Dr Emmanuel E. Meoba – (January 1999 – January2001)
  4. Dr Isaac I. Ikele – Feb. 2001
  5. Jeremiah O. Iloeje from – 2009.
  6. Dr Emmanuel Ejianya – 2009 – 2010
  7. Obi Ubaka – 2011 – 2014)
  8. Samuel N. Adoro who was collated and installed on 8th March 2015.



ST PHILIP’S PARISH OGIDI         –  Ven Sam Adoro – Archdeacon

Rev Chris Onyeche – Team Minister

Rev Innocent Ohaeri – Principal/Team Minister

All Saints Church Ogidi                     –   Rev Dan Nze

Church of the Pentecost Ogidi  – C/T

St Philip’s Extention Church Odida Ogidi  – C/T


EBENEZER PARISH OGIDI          –   Rev Canon Goddy Iloka

St Andrew’s Church Ogidi     –   Rev Gabriel Nwabuobi

St Gabriel’s Church Ogidi      –  C/T

Immuanuel Church Ogidi                   –   C/T

St Georges Church Ogidi                   –   C/T


ST PAUL’S PARISH OGIDI            –   Rev Canon Sunday Okafor

Rev Matthias Ekwosi          – Team Minister

Rev Alex Onukaegbe – Team Minister


St Micheal’s and all Angels Church Ogidi –  Rev Emma Ibezim

St John’s Church Ogidi                      –    Rev Ikechukwu Agbo

St John’s Church Extention Ogidi  –   C/T



Christ Church Umudioka                                –    Rev Kenechukwu Okafor


IMMANUEL PARISH UMUNNACHI       –    Rev Canon Innocent Onwuemeri

Rev Canon Chris Amaku – Team Minister

ST PETER’S PARISH OGIDI          –         Rev Damian Abonyi


ST PETER’S PARISH UMUDIOKA  –        Rev Tochukwu Odiliora


ST MARK’S PARISH UMUNNACHI  –     Rev Innocent Opara


ST PAUL’S PARISH UMUNNACHI   –      Rev Nonso Okeke


Chapel of Divine Compassion Iyi-Enu              –        Rev Josiah Esomonu





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